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  1. 67,910 downloads
    bootswatch-rails (3.2.3) Bootswatches converted to SCSS ready to use in Rails 3 asset pipeline.
  2. 1,780 downloads
    bootswatch-theme-rails (1.0.7) assets for bootswatch themes
  3. 5,153 downloads
    bootswitch (0.1.3) For multi-theme sites, Bootswitch allows a site to configure the Bootswatch theme based on a meth...
  4. 27,745 downloads
    bootsy (2.0.10) A beautiful WYSIWYG editor with image uploads for Rails.
  5. 4,521 downloads
    bootsy-mongoid (0.2.0) Mongoid support for Bootsy
  6. 408 downloads
    bootsy-rails3 ( A beautiful WYSIWYG editor with image uploads for Rails (backported to Rails 3).
  7. 4,432 downloads
    bootsy-simple_form (0.2.0) SimpleForm support for Bootsy
  8. 4,647 downloads
    bootup ( Helps create a new rails app quickly
  9. 3,717 downloads
    booty (0.1.1) Bring 'er alongside. Tis be eh Ruby gem that converts english t' pirate speak. Arrr.
  10. 2,010 downloads
    booty-call (0.0.5) Callbacks for your Ruby
  11. 1,006 downloads
    boourns-memcached (1.4.6) An interface to the libmemcached C client.
  12. 7,406 downloads
    boourns-unicorn (4.4.9) \Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve fast clients on low-laten...
  13. 4,369 downloads
    booyah (0.1.02) Booyah is a software suite that allows you share JSON-coded podcasts with a massive online commun...
  14. 1,087 downloads
    bop (0.0.1) Blocks on Pages. Very simple, very lovely html5 CMS designed from the ground up as a rails engine.
  15. 1,701 downloads
    boqwij (0.1.0) This is a series of methods and extensions I've written or collected from various sources over ti...
  16. 231 downloads
    bor (0.0.1) A backbone generator for your Rails models
  17. 17,404 downloads
    borda (0.0.16) Simple forum for a testing purpose
  18. 961 downloads
    border (0.0.0) TBA
  19. 47,618 downloads
    border_patrol (0.2.1) Check if points are inside or outside the region polygons in an imported KML file.
  20. 5,019 downloads
    border-patrol (0.1.7) Prevents your rails server from running and/or starting, while there are any pending DB migrations.
  21. 829 downloads
    border_patrol-sgonyea (0.2.0) Lets you import a KML file and then check if points are inside or outside region polygons defined...
  22. 1,365 downloads
    borealis (0.0.2) Finds most prominent colors in a given image.
  23. 10,531 downloads
    borel (0.3.4) Borel sets are made of enumerable union and intersection of intervals. Borel performs regular ope...
  24. 4,306 downloads
    borg (0.0.8) A distributed Test Suite runner for Rails, using Eventmachine and Redis
  25. 5,550 downloads
    borg-rb (0.1.5) Ruby-based software provisioning and deployment framework
  26. 166 downloads
    boring (0.1.0) Shake free the shackles of color; resist the tyranny of fun! Easily strips ANSI escape sequences.
  27. 2,308 downloads
    boris (1.0.3) Boris: A networked-device scanning library. Boris allows you to write programs for logging into a...
  28. 966 downloads
    borium (0.0.3) Borium is a distributed super-queue engine, capable of storing many different kinds of queues (fi...
  29. 1,122 downloads
    bork (0.1.0) Bork is my attempt at server bootstrapping.
  30. 1,190 downloads
    borneo (0.0.2) Borneo hacks-and-slashes through the complexity of Google's APIs