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  1. 1,713 downloads
    boqwij (0.1.0) This is a series of methods and extensions I've written or collected from various sources over ti...
  2. 245 downloads
    bor (0.0.1) A backbone generator for your Rails models
  3. 17,599 downloads
    borda (0.0.16) Simple forum for a testing purpose
  4. 977 downloads
    border (0.0.0) TBA
  5. 47,847 downloads
    border_patrol (0.2.1) Check if points are inside or outside the region polygons in an imported KML file.
  6. 5,317 downloads
    border-patrol (0.1.8) Prevents your rails server from running and/or starting, while there are any pending DB migrations.
  7. 847 downloads
    border_patrol-sgonyea (0.2.0) Lets you import a KML file and then check if points are inside or outside region polygons defined...
  8. 1,398 downloads
    borealis (0.0.2) Finds most prominent colors in a given image.
  9. 10,662 downloads
    borel (0.3.4) Borel sets are made of enumerable union and intersection of intervals. Borel performs regular ope...
  10. 4,351 downloads
    borg (0.0.8) A distributed Test Suite runner for Rails, using Eventmachine and Redis
  11. 5,664 downloads
    borg-rb (0.1.5) Ruby-based software provisioning and deployment framework
  12. 181 downloads
    boring (0.1.0) Shake free the shackles of color; resist the tyranny of fun! Easily strips ANSI escape sequences.
  13. 2,356 downloads
    boris (1.0.3) Boris: A networked-device scanning library. Boris allows you to write programs for logging into a...
  14. 1,029 downloads
    borium (0.0.3) Borium is a distributed super-queue engine, capable of storing many different kinds of queues (fi...
  15. 1,137 downloads
    bork (0.1.0) Bork is my attempt at server bootstrapping.
  16. 1,218 downloads
    borneo (0.0.2) Borneo hacks-and-slashes through the complexity of Google's APIs
  17. 827 downloads
    bornin (3.0.5) gem to detect where a method was born
  18. 8,494 downloads
    borrower (0.8.1) For borrowing little snippets of the web, or files, or really any snippet of string.
  19. 3,329 downloads
    bors (0.0.3) Wrapper for the Vowpal Wabbit library
  20. 1,531 downloads
    bort (0.0.1) Bort makes BART API available in ruby.
  21. 427 downloads
    borx (0.0.1.alpha1) This plugin parses a piece of ruby code with ripper, rewrites it a bit and converts it back to ru...
  22. 16,256 downloads
    bosdk (1.2.1-java) A JRuby wrapper for the Business Objects Java SDK
  23. 5,055 downloads
    bosdk_designer (0.2.0) This library gives you access to the Business Objects Universe Designer through the Ruby WIN32 API.
  24. 5,327 downloads
    bosh4r (0.0.6) BOSH ruby client
  25. 39,256 downloads
    bosh_agent (1.2652.0) This agent listens for instructions from the bosh director on each server that bosh manages. 43d2e8
  26. 67,494 downloads
    bosh_aws_cpi (1.2710.0) BOSH AWS CPI eb54a8
  27. 7,104 downloads
    bosh_aws_registry (0.2.3) BOSH AWS registry
  28. 21,035 downloads
    bosh-bootstrap (0.13.2) Bootstrap a micro bosh universe from one CLI
  29. 102,003 downloads
    bosh_cli (1.2710.0) BOSH CLI eb54a8
  30. 1,122 downloads
    bosh_client (0.0.1) An XMPP BOSH client for Ruby.