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  1. 2,303 downloads
    Classy_Name (0.1.1) Do you like non-standard camel-case strings? (e.g. Camel_Case_Me)
  2. 1,909 downloads
    classy_resources (0.3.1) Instant ActiveResource compatible resources for sinatra.
  3. 20,416 downloads
    classy_struct (0.3.2) A better-performing alternative to OpenStruct
  4. 1,746 downloads
    claudiob-lastfm (0.0.1) A ruby interface for web services version 2.0
  5. 1,079 downloads
    claudiob-radiotagmap (0.0.7) Radiotagmap reads from the songs that are currently playing in FM radios, then extracts t...
  6. 760 downloads
    claudiob-yesradio (0.1.2) YesRadio makes available as a ruby gem the method exposed by API to retrieve songs broadc...
  7. 669 downloads
    claudius (0.0.3) Write a gem description
  8. 3,433 downloads
    claus (0.3.0) simple hash / array based rule matching engine
  9. 11,186 downloads
    clause_extractor (0.1.4) English verbal clause extractor
  10. 9,241 downloads
    clavem (2.1.0) A local callback server for oAuth web-flow.
  11. 3,821 downloads
    claws (1.2.1) A command line tool that provides a configurable report on the status of all of your EC2 hosts an...
  12. 18,690 downloads
    clay (1.7.6) A lightweight CMS to form a static website with layouts, files and text snippets.
  13. 1,549 downloads
    clayoven (0.2) clayoven is a modern website generator with a traditional design
  14. 95,074 downloads
    clbustos-rtf (0.5.0) The RTF library provides a pure Ruby set of functionality that can be used to programmatically cr...
  15. 74 downloads
    clc-cheffish (0.8.clc) A library to manipulate Chef in Chef.
  16. 9,908 downloads
    clc-chef-metal-vsphere (0.3.53) Provisioner for creating vSphere VM instances in Chef Metal.
  17. 1,629 downloads
    clc-fork-chef-metal (0.14.alpha.3) A library for creating machines and infrastructures idempotently in Chef.
  18. 3,488 downloads
    cl-console (0.2.0) This is a little helper to query CouchDB-Lucene indices from an IRB session. It is meant to be us...
  19. 643 downloads
    clc-promote (0.2.1) Provides versioning and promotion logic for chef artifacts.
  20. 33,426 downloads
    cld (0.7.0) Compact Language Detection for Ruby
  21. 3,456 downloads
    cld2 (1.0.3) Compact Language Detection for Ruby
  22. 6,168 downloads
    cldr (0.1.7) Ruby/CLDR a library which provides locale informations based on Common Locale Data R...
  23. 1,491 downloads
    cldr-languages (0.0.4) Localization of languages to a given language or its own language. All languages can be queried o...
  24. 607 downloads
    cldwalker-alias (0.2.1) Creates aliases for class methods, instance methods, constants, delegated methods and more. Alias...
  25. 614 downloads
    cldwalker-bond (0.1.4) Bond is on a mission to make custom autocompletion easy in irb and other console/readline-like en...
  26. 163 downloads
    cldwalker-console_update (0.1.1) A rails plugin which allows you to edit your database records via the console and your favorite e...
  27. 317 downloads
    cldwalker-core (0.1.0) My extensions to core ruby classes, similar to the facets gem.
  28. 321 downloads
    cldwalker-gem_grep (0.1.1) Enhances search command by displaying results in an ascii table and providing options to search (...
  29. 615 downloads
    cldwalker-has_machine_tags (0.1.5) A rails tagging plugin implementing flickr's machine tags + maybe more (semantic tags)
  30. 1,510 downloads
    cldwalker-hirb (0.2.6) Hirb currently provides a mini view framework for console applications, designed to improve irb's...