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  1. 1,909 downloads
    clitt (0.1.0) Track your time locally, offline, using this simple tool.
  2. 458 downloads
    cli_ui (0.0.1) With CliUI you can create Cli UI in an easy and clean way. It includes 2 greats gems ( for which ...
  3. 11,461 downloads
    cliutils (2.2.6) A library of functionality designed to alleviate common tasks and headaches when developing comma...
  4. 963 downloads
    cli_utils (0.0.2) generate CLIs and CLI wrappers quickly
  5. 32,511 downloads
    clive (1.2.0) Clive provides a DSL for building command line interfaces. It allows you to define comma...
  6. 133 downloads
    clivecrous-ramaze ( Ramaze is a simple and modular web framework
  7. 759,742 downloads
    cliver (0.3.2) Assertions for command-line dependencies
  8. 261 downloads
    clivers (1.0.0.dev1) Command line tool versions manager
  9. 258 downloads
    cli_yo (0.0.3) You can Yo anyone, while writing your magnificent code. The best part, you don't need to do anyth...
  10. 1,330 downloads
    cli-yui-compressor (0.3) Compresses Javascript & CSS files on the command line interface with yui-compressor. Run `cl...
  11. 44,204 downloads
    clj ( Like json, but with clojure sexps.
  12. 1,113 downloads
    cljdotrb (0.0.1) clj.rb parses Clojure data into its Ruby equivalents.
  13. 1,405 downloads
    cl_linkedin (0.2.3) Ruby wrapper for the LinkedIn API
  14. 331 downloads
    cl-mina (0.1.1) Designed for use in a fairly specific context, so probably not that versatile.
  15. 1,366 downloads
    cloak (0.0.1) Cloak is a simple encrypted password storage system which uses crypt
  16. 666 downloads
    cloak_id (0.1.1) The cloak id gem allows developers to easily hide the actual (database) id of resources through o...
  17. 3,859 downloads
    cloby (0.0.3-java) Clojure-based transactional semantics for Ruby instance variables
  18. 1,917 downloads
    cloc (0.9.0) Locates Ruby methods in C source files.
  19. 2,375 downloads
    c_location (0.2) Allows you to find the source location of methods written in C
  20. 130 downloads
    clochard (0.0.0.pre.alpha) Clojure data structures for JRuby
  21. 38,891 downloads
    clock (0.2.5) Works exactly like Ruby's standard Time object, but in test mode adds some nice methods for setti...
  22. 6,371 downloads
    clockblock (0.0.6) Enables easy and DRY code timing capabilities.
  23. 6,670 downloads
    clockout (0.6) Sort of an extension to Git to support clocking hours worked on a project.
  24. 4,705 downloads
    clockpunch (0.1.7) Calculate durations from text input
  25. 232 downloads
    clockwise (0.0.1) Integer class extension with methods to help with time manipulation.
  26. 463,113 downloads
    clockwork (0.7.7) A scheduler process to replace cron, using a more flexible Ruby syntax running as a single long-r...
  27. 332 downloads
    clockworkcomicpdf (0.0.1) A Simple(ish) Ruby System for creating print and web ready PDF files.
  28. 1,946 downloads
    clockworkd (0.2.5) A scheduler process to replace cron, using a more flexible Ruby syntax running as a single long-r...
  29. 9,501 downloads
    clockwork_mango (0.1.7) An(other) implementation of Temporal Expressions in Ruby. Describe recurrence in plain en...
  30. 538 downloads
    clockwork-multiple-nodes (0.0.2) Clockwork plugin to support multiple simultaneous hot-standby nodes