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  1. 2,090 downloads
    cleverua-client_timezone_detection (1.0.0) The gem gets timezone information from user browser, saves it in a cookie and then applies the TZ...
  2. 5,356 downloads
    cleverua-lockfile (1.1.0) This Ruby gem helps to manage processes in your application so that new process won’t start while...
  3. 1,737 downloads
    cleverua-ui_templates (0.0.1) Sets up a decent UI template for your rails3 project in a minut
  4. 20,902 downloads
    clevic (0.14.4) SQL table GUI with Qt / Java Swing and Sequel.
  5. 30,653 downloads
    cli (1.3.1) Command Line Interface gem allows you to quickly specify command argument parser that will automa...
  6. 49,010 downloads
    cliaws (1.7.7) A command-line suite of tools to access Amazon Web Services, using the RightAws gems.
  7. 3,638 downloads
    cliblog (0.1.6) cliblog is a command-line blog client. It loops waiting for command-line input, and if 'edit' or ...
  8. 709 downloads
    cliche (0.0.1) It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.
  9. 3,207 downloads
    click (0.2.0) A tool to help track down the source of an object leak in a Ruby process
  10. 2,242 downloads
    click2mail (1.0.1) The Ruby wrapper for the Click2Mail REST API
  11. 1,125 downloads
    clickable_link (0.0.2) clickable_link substitute string with link of html in text. Its link referred to as being <a> tag...
  12. 11,837 downloads
    click_and_send (0.2.5) Ruby adapter for Australia Post's ClickAndSend API
  13. 90,155 downloads
    clickatell (0.8.2) Ruby interface to the Clickatell SMS gateway service.
  14. 1,950 downloads
    clickatell-ruby19 (0.7.1) Ruby interface to the Clickatell SMS gateway service.
  15. 3,586 downloads
    clickclient (0.0.2) CLICK Securities Web Service Client For Ruby.
  16. 10,315 downloads
    clickclient_scrap (0.1.12) click securities client library for ruby.
  17. 357 downloads
    click_heat_map ( Determine where your users click with simple click heatmaps.
  18. 2,115 downloads
    clickity (0.0.5) Gem containing ruby bindings for the mail testing api.
  19. 686 downloads
    clickjackable (0.0.2) ONLY Checks for X-FRAME_OPTIONS in HTTP HEADERS
  20. 423 downloads
    clickmap (0.0.2) Simple clickmap for html content. This gem assumes that you are passing valid HTML content and an...
  21. 679 downloads
    clickonchris-facebooker2 (0.0.7.x1) Facebook Connect integration library for ruby and rails
  22. 312 downloads
    clicksend (0.0.3) Rubygem to interact with ClickSend api
  23. 1,873 downloads
    ClickSpotter (0.1.1) Real-Time webserver usage monitor with IP Geolocation
  24. 921 downloads
    clickstream (0.3.1) A Ruby client library for ClickStream: a Customer Experience Management tool
  25. 5,369 downloads
    clicktale (1.1.0) Use ClickTale ( analytics service with rails sites that require session...
  26. 1,434 downloads
    clicky_me (0.0.1) Use the API to shorten URLs
  27. 987 downloads
    clicoder (0.0.3) Make it easy to deal with online programming contests from the command line
  28. 8,290 downloads
    cli-colorize (2.0.0) The cli-colorize gem is a command-line interface colorization library.
  29. 3,994 downloads
    cli-console (0.1.4) Basic library for making interactive command-line applications much easier
  30. 4,566 downloads
    client (0.1.0) Client gives you the possibility to hit rest endpoints in an elegant way