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  1. 1,406 downloads
    cloak (0.0.1) Cloak is a simple encrypted password storage system which uses crypt
  2. 749 downloads
    cloak_id (0.1.1) The cloak id gem allows developers to easily hide the actual (database) id of resources through o...
  3. 3,966 downloads
    cloby (0.0.3-java) Clojure-based transactional semantics for Ruby instance variables
  4. 1,963 downloads
    cloc (0.9.0) Locates Ruby methods in C source files.
  5. 2,455 downloads
    c_location (0.2) Allows you to find the source location of methods written in C
  6. 138 downloads
    clochard (0.0.0.pre.alpha) Clojure data structures for JRuby
  7. 39,793 downloads
    clock (0.2.5) Works exactly like Ruby's standard Time object, but in test mode adds some nice methods for setti...
  8. 6,616 downloads
    clockblock (0.0.6) Enables easy and DRY code timing capabilities.
  9. 7,209 downloads
    clockout (0.6) Sort of an extension to Git to support clocking hours worked on a project.
  10. 5,030 downloads
    clockpunch (0.1.7) Calculate durations from text input
  11. 335 downloads
    clockwise (0.0.1) Integer class extension with methods to help with time manipulation.
  12. 509,834 downloads
    clockwork (1.0.0) A scheduler process to replace cron, using a more flexible Ruby syntax running as a single long-r...
  13. 369 downloads
    clockworkcomicpdf (0.0.1) A Simple(ish) Ruby System for creating print and web ready PDF files.
  14. 2,040 downloads
    clockworkd (0.2.5) A scheduler process to replace cron, using a more flexible Ruby syntax running as a single long-r...
  15. 9,731 downloads
    clockwork_mango (0.1.7) An(other) implementation of Temporal Expressions in Ruby. Describe recurrence in plain en...
  16. 581 downloads
    clockwork-multiple-nodes (0.0.2) Clockwork plugin to support multiple simultaneous hot-standby nodes
  17. 3,236 downloads
    clockworksms (1.2.0) Ruby Gem for the Clockwork API. Send text messages with the easy to use SMS API from Mediaburst.
  18. 17,083 downloads
    clog (1.0.0) Little rails debugging gem for writing colorized output to log file.
  19. 50,195 downloads
    clogger (2.0.0) clogger is Rack middleware for logging HTTP requests. The log format is customizable so you can ...
  20. 12,352 downloads
    clogger_ext (0.0.7) dummy package to facilitate migration to the unified "clogger" gem
  21. 587 downloads
    clojr ( Ease your Clojure integration into JRuby, and vice versa. Include this gem, and follow a few simp...
  22. 1,987 downloads
    clojure (1.0.0) A JavaGem-ized version of Clojure
  23. 307 downloads
    clojure_jar (1.6.0) The Clojure jar - nicely packaged as a Ruby gem.
  24. 254 downloads
    clone (1.0.0.beta2) File system based sample cloner. You can build new projects with it, or merge,reuse parts from o...
  25. 1,534 downloads
    clone-af-cli-plugin ( Clones applications between infras
  26. 1,061 downloads
    cloner (0.3.0) Easily clone your production Mongoid database and files for local development
  27. 825 downloads
    clone_remote_db (0.0.2) Helper script to dump, download, and remote a remote PostgreSQL database
  28. 662 downloads
    cloopen (0.1.3) call yuntongxun Api to send short message.
  29. 3,368 downloads
    cloopen_rest (0.1.5) the ruby wrapper of cloopen rest
  30. 1,824 downloads
    clop (0.0.1) A package for handling command line options