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  1. 18,152 downloads
    cloud66-bluepill (0.0.63) Bluepill keeps your daemons up while taking up as little resources as possible. After all you pro...
  2. 2,250 downloads
    cloudability (0.1.1) Ruby wrapper for the Cloudability API
  3. 2,021 downloads
    cloudalign-cli (0.1.2) Cloudalign brings the power of the cloud straight to your lab
  4. 2,016 downloads
    cloudant_backup (0.0.3) Makes a backup of a cloudant db
  5. 30,321 downloads
    cloudapp (2.1.0) Experience all the pleasures of sharing with CloudApp now in your Ruby code and terminal.
  6. 20,820 downloads
    cloudapp_api (0.4.0) A simple Ruby wrapper for the CloudApp API. Uses HTTParty with a simple ActiveResource-like inter...
  7. 2,047 downloads
    cloudapp-cli (1.0.0.beta.7) Experience all the pleasures of sharing with CloudApp now in your terminal.
  8. 1,546 downloads
    cloudapp-power-cli (1.0.1) A powerful CLI for CloudApp that makes the complete CloudApp API available on command line and wo...
  9. 313 downloads
    cloudapp-service (1.0.0.beta.1) CloudApp API Client
  10. 3,890 downloads
    cloudassault (0.0.3) CloudAssault API client for ruby
  11. 15,700 downloads
    cloud_assets (0.0.16) This gem is in use in some production sites to provide backing for a Rails app using con...
  12. 616 downloads
    cloud_backup (1.0.2) Backup files and database dumps to Cloud.
  13. 3,410 downloads
    cloud-backup (0.0.2) Backup to different clouds or create a driver and extend functionality!
  14. 9,218 downloads
    cloudbees (0.1.7) Cloudbees Helper
  15. 14,753 downloads
    cloudblocks (0.0.18) See for more info
  16. 3,761 downloads
    cloudboot (0.1.0) cloudboot is the missing glue between your bare bone ec2 instance and a configuration management ...
  17. 598 downloads
    cloudbox-server (0.0.1) A tool suite allowing the management a Cloudbox server.
  18. 8,698 downloads
    cloudbridge (0.9.5) CloudBridge is a self-healing minimal-configuration bridge between front-end and backend web serv...
  19. 2,357 downloads
    cloudbuilder (0.1.6) the peanut butter to puppet or chef's jelly
  20. 3,462 downloads
    cloud_builder (0.0.13) Generate JSON config for AWS CloudFormation using a Ruby based DSL
  21. 12,774 downloads
    cloud_cache (1.3.1) Client library for Quetzall's CloudCache service.
  22. 2,781 downloads
    cloudcli (0.0.2) A simple CLI tool for accessing Deltacloud API
  23. 7,503 downloads
    cloudclone (0.1.2) This gem enable you to easily utilize free Heroku apps to build your own web load testing servers.
  24. 449 downloads
    cloudconfig (0.4.0) Cloudconfig is an application that manages configurations for resources in Cloudstack.
  25. 5,278 downloads
    cloud_connect (3.0.3) Simple wrapper for the CloudConnect v3 API
  26. 3,918 downloads
    cloudcontrol-rails (0.0.6) Use credentials set in ENV vars if database.yml credentials are empty. Supports MySQL and Elephan...
  27. 1,521 downloads
    cloudconvert (0.0.5) Ruby wrapper for Cloud Convert
  28. 3,224 downloads
    cloud_cost_tracker (0.1.2) Periodically polls one or more cloud computing accounts using the fog gem, and generates ActiveRe...
  29. 2,049 downloads
    cloud_crooner (0.0.4) Manage assets on Sinatra apps with Sprockets and S3
  30. 42,115 downloads
    cloud-crowd (0.7.3) The crowd, suddenly there where there was nothing before, is a mysterious and universal p...