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  1. 15,613 downloads
    cloud_assets (0.0.16) This gem is in use in some production sites to provide backing for a Rails app using con...
  2. 597 downloads
    cloud_backup (1.0.2) Backup files and database dumps to Cloud.
  3. 3,400 downloads
    cloud-backup (0.0.2) Backup to different clouds or create a driver and extend functionality!
  4. 9,188 downloads
    cloudbees (0.1.7) Cloudbees Helper
  5. 14,691 downloads
    cloudblocks (0.0.18) See for more info
  6. 3,750 downloads
    cloudboot (0.1.0) cloudboot is the missing glue between your bare bone ec2 instance and a configuration management ...
  7. 590 downloads
    cloudbox-server (0.0.1) A tool suite allowing the management a Cloudbox server.
  8. 8,672 downloads
    cloudbridge (0.9.5) CloudBridge is a self-healing minimal-configuration bridge between front-end and backend web serv...
  9. 2,345 downloads
    cloudbuilder (0.1.6) the peanut butter to puppet or chef's jelly
  10. 3,415 downloads
    cloud_builder (0.0.13) Generate JSON config for AWS CloudFormation using a Ruby based DSL
  11. 12,742 downloads
    cloud_cache (1.3.1) Client library for Quetzall's CloudCache service.
  12. 2,770 downloads
    cloudcli (0.0.2) A simple CLI tool for accessing Deltacloud API
  13. 7,472 downloads
    cloudclone (0.1.2) This gem enable you to easily utilize free Heroku apps to build your own web load testing servers.
  14. 433 downloads
    cloudconfig (0.4.0) Cloudconfig is an application that manages configurations for resources in Cloudstack.
  15. 5,240 downloads
    cloud_connect (3.0.3) Simple wrapper for the CloudConnect v3 API
  16. 3,899 downloads
    cloudcontrol-rails (0.0.6) Use credentials set in ENV vars if database.yml credentials are empty. Supports MySQL and Elephan...
  17. 1,507 downloads
    cloudconvert (0.0.5) Ruby wrapper for Cloud Convert
  18. 3,207 downloads
    cloud_cost_tracker (0.1.2) Periodically polls one or more cloud computing accounts using the fog gem, and generates ActiveRe...
  19. 2,025 downloads
    cloud_crooner (0.0.4) Manage assets on Sinatra apps with Sprockets and S3
  20. 41,968 downloads
    cloud-crowd (0.7.3) The crowd, suddenly there where there was nothing before, is a mysterious and universal p...
  21. 14,256 downloads
    cloudcrypt (0.0.9) You can't encrypt a file bigger than the private key. You first have to generate a random key and...
  22. 2,042 downloads
    clouddb (0.0.2) A Ruby API to manage the Rackspace Cloud Databases product
  23. 4,087 downloads
    clouddns (0.0.3) A DSL for managing DNS through cloud services
  24. 560 downloads
    cloud_door (0.0.3) This gem can access different cloud storage through same interface. This gem supports Dropbox, Go...
  25. 532 downloads
    cloud-dyndns (0.0.1) update DNS entries on cloud providers (Route 53 et al) based on your current external IP address...
  26. 2,103 downloads
    cloud_elements (0.3.1) Cloud Elements Connector. Allows you to interact with the Elements API. More info on the API at c...
  27. 1,190 downloads
    cloud_elements_connector (0.4.3) Cloud Elements Connector. Allows you to interact with the Cloud Elements API. More info on the AP...
  28. 3,216 downloads
    cloudelete (0.0.3) AR3 soft deletion
  29. 8,293 downloads
    cloud_encrypted_sync (0.3.5) Encrypted sync of folder contents to/from cloud storage with user controlled encryption keys.
  30. 940 downloads
    cloud_encrypted_sync_filesystem_adapter (0.1.0) Filesystem adapter plugin for CloudEncryptedSync gem.