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  1. 9,757,664 downloads
    coderay (1.1.0) Fast and easy syntax highlighting for selected languages, written in Ruby. Comes with RedCloth in...
  2. 19,115 downloads
    coderay_bash (1.0.5) Bash highlighting for coderay. This gem was tested with coderay 1.0 and won't work with coderay <...
  3. 1,794 downloads
    coderay-beta (0.9.1) CodeRay is a Ruby library for syntax highlighting. I try to make CodeRay easy to use and intu...
  4. 512 downloads
    coderay_erlang (0.0.1) A erlang highlighter for coderay
  5. 3,273 downloads
    coderbits (1.0.0) Simple wrapper for the Coderbits API
  6. 1,465 downloads
    code_reaper (0.0.3) Remove evil tags from your code
  7. 130 downloads
    coderetreat (0.0.0) Automatically run your tests, and connect to the Code Retreat Game of Life server to be part of t...
  8. 7,335 downloads
    code_rippa (1.0.1) Converts source code into a (bookmarked, themed, and syntax highlighted!) PDF.
  9. 6,125 downloads
    coderjoe-sc2ranks (0.1.3) A Ruby gem for accessing supporting fetching SC2 Base characters, team info, and mas...
  10. 1,372 downloads
    coderrr-bluepill (0.0.44) Bluepill keeps your daemons up while taking up as little resources as possible. After all you pro...
  11. 138,995 downloads
    codersdojo (1.5.15) Client executes tests in an endless loop and logs source code and test result for later uplaod.
  12. 49,791 downloads
    coderunner (0.14.21) CodeRunner is a framework for the automated running and analysis of simulations. It automatically...
  13. 1,816 downloads
    coderwall (0.0.2) Coderwall CLI
  14. 1,076 downloads
    coderwall_api ( An API wrapper for the
  15. 1,168 downloads
    coderwall-api (0.0.1) A gem to access the Coderwall api
  16. 3,256 downloads
    coderwaller (0.0.3) coderwaller is API Library. Get User Achievement.
  17. 781 downloads
    coderwall_ruby (0.1.0) Simple wrapper around Coderwall User API
  18. 3,986 downloads
    coderwall-ruby-api (0.0.4) Simple Coderwall API Interface for Ruby
  19. 1,712 downloads
    codesake (0.15.1) codesake is the source code scanning engine for
  20. 3,491 downloads
    codesake_commons (0.70.0) is an application security startup providing code review and penetration test servic...
  21. 8,956 downloads
    codesake-commons (1.0.0) is an application security startup providing code review and penetration test servic...
  22. 11,237 downloads
    codesake-dawn (1.2.0) Codesake::Dawn is a security source code scanner for ruby powered code. It is especially designed...
  23. 478 downloads
    codesake-dusk (0.0.1) codesake-dusk will be a web application penetration test tool and eventually part of
  24. 438 downloads
    codesake-gengiscan (0.0.1) codesake-gengiscan is part of the project. It leverages the information gathering st...
  25. 1,331 downloads
    codesake_links (0.71) During the first stage of a security test, it's useful to enumerate website urls without making t...
  26. 462 downloads
    codesake-squilla (0.0.1) Codesake::Dusk::Squilla is a SQL Injection *detection* engine.
  27. 767 downloads
    codesake_ssh (0.0.1) Codesake::SSH includes all security checks we apply to ssh service for codesake application secur...
  28. 3,745 downloads
    codeschool (0.3.0) A gem to grab badges for a given user
  29. 907 downloads
    code_school_course (2.1.7) Code School course framework
  30. 642 downloads
    codeship (0.0.1) easily interact with