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  1. 1,355 downloads
    clouds (0.1.6) A layer of syntax sugar around the AWS Cloudformation API that allows you to handle Cloudformatio...
  2. 115 downloads
    cloudscale-benchmark (0.0.2) A Benchmarking Client for Cloud Infrastructure provided by
  3. 85 downloads
    cloudscale-monitor (0.0.1) A Monitoring Client for Cloud Infrastructure provided by
  4. 926 downloads
    cloudscopes (0.8.6) Ruby gem to report system statistics to web based monitoring services such as CloudWatch
  5. 19,190 downloads
    cloud_search (0.2.0) A wraper to Amazon CloudSearch's API
  6. 1,823 downloads
    cloudsearchable (0.0.3) ActiveRecord-like query interface for AWS Cloud Search
  7. 2,342 downloads
    cloud_search_rails (0.0.2) Rails integration for CloudSearch
  8. 4,192 downloads
    cloudseed (0.1.2) CloudSeed is a Rack-based utility to manage backend delivery of CloudFront custom origins.
  9. 38,940 downloads
    cloudservers (0.4.3) A Ruby API to version 1.0 of the Rackspace Cloud Servers product.
  10. 1,701 downloads
    cloud_service (0.0.0) A Rails engine to create a cloud service.
  11. 1,820 downloads
    cloud_shaped (0.1.2) CloudShaped makes it easier to generate CloudFormation templates, using a Builder-like DSL.
  12. 408 downloads
    cloudshare-sdk (0.1.0) An SDK for developing applications in Ruby to connect to the CloudShare service using the CloudSh...
  13. 2,865 downloads
    cloudsheet (0.3.0) Pull google drive spreadsheets with your column names and datatypes
  14. 1,392 downloads
    cloudspace_chat_service (0.0.1) Extendable chat service for cloudspace
  15. 2,495 downloads
    cloud_spokes_api_model (0.1.2) Models for interacting with the CloudSpokes API
  16. 18,394 downloads
    cloudsponge (0.9.12) CloudSponge is the tool that you need to go viral. Create an account at
  17. 267 downloads
    cloudstack_api (1.0.1) cloudstack library allows you to call api commands of CloudStack api platform
  18. 25,219 downloads
    cloudstack-cli (0.11.0) cloudstack-cli is a CloudStack API command line client written in Ruby.
  19. 1,603 downloads
    cloud_stack_client (0.0.2) CloudStack API client to execute any command against a CloudStack Infrastructure. Also contains a...
  20. 10,069 downloads
    cloudstack_client (0.7.1) CloudStack API client written in Ruby
  21. 6,954 downloads
    cloudstack_helper (0.5) cloudstack_helper is a simple ruby library that helps making request to CloudStack API easier. Wi...
  22. 17,239 downloads
    cloudstack-nagios (0.16.3) cloudstack-nagios generates nagios configuration and checks for monitoring CloudStack with nagios.
  23. 1,179 downloads
    cloudstack_rightimage_uploader (0.0.1) A simple gem for uploading a RightScale RightImage (with a fingerprint) to CloudStack.
  24. 9,210 downloads
    cloudstack_ruby_client (1.0.1) A Ruby client for CloudStack's API, including a simple CLI.
  25. 29,204 downloads
    cloudster (2.20.0) Cloudster is a Ruby gem that was born to cut the learning curve involved in writing your own...
  26. 1,701 downloads
    cloudstorage (0.0.6) CloudStorage is a wrapper around the Google api client ruby gem designed to make interacting with...
  27. 1,389 downloads
    cloud_storage_sync (0.0.2) Sync your assets hosts to Amazon & Rackspace services
  28. 10,999 downloads
    cloudstrg (0.0.13) Base API for cloud storage drivers.
  29. 1,216 downloads
    cloudswizzle (0.0.1) Cloudswizzle REST API lib for Ruby
  30. 24,329 downloads
    cloudsync (2.4.0) Sync files between various clouds or sftp servers. Available backends are S3, CloudFiles, and SFT...