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  1. 524 downloads
    cocoapods-testing (0.0.2) Run tests for any pod from the command line without any prior knowledge.
  2. 168,335 downloads
    cocoapods-trunk (0.1.4) Interact with
  3. 248,414 downloads
    cocoapods-try (0.3.0) CocoaPods plugin which allows to quickly try the demo project of a Pod.
  4. 150,823 downloads
    cocoapods-try-release-fix (0.1.2) CocoaPods plugin which allows to quickly try the demo project of a Pod.
  5. 302 downloads
    cocoapods-watch (0.1.0) CocoaPods plugin that watches your Podfile and installs pods
  6. 3,555 downloads
    cocoa-xml (0.4.5) Cocoa-xml provides a more ruby like interface to Cocoa's NSXMLDocument and classes that inherit f...
  7. 3,310 downloads
    coconut (0.2.0) A coconfiguration tool for your Ruby applications
  8. 301,292 downloads
    cocoon (1.2.6) Unobtrusive nested forms handling, using jQuery. Use this and discover cocoon-heaven.
  9. 1,804 downloads
    cocoon_limiter (0.1.0) Extends the cocoon, adding the possibility of limiting the number of records added.
  10. 1,299 downloads
    coco-rails (0.1.0) Coco adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.
  11. 746 downloads
    cocoslicer (0.1.0) Slicer the packed cocos2d resources(with tool TexturePacker) into the original ones. Don't suppor...
  12. 1,025 downloads
    cocot (1.0.1) Skeleton builder of a new proyect which will be developed with BDD. This application build the fo...
  13. 171 downloads
    cocproxy (1.0.0) Proxy which can stub certain URL to local file.
  14. 5,120 downloads
    cocu (0.1.0) This adds another formater to cucumber which only shows you the features name and passing scenari...
  15. 1,828 downloads
    cocupu (0.0.2) Cocupu is a platform for collecting, curating and publishing your data. This client allows you t...
  16. 12,617 downloads
    cod (0.5.0) Really simple IPC. Pipes, TCP sockets, beanstalkd, ...
  17. 3,766 downloads
    coda (0.0.2) Open files with Coda from the command line.
  18. 5,262 downloads
    codders-aws-s3 ( Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API
  19. 1,046 downloads
    codders-curb (0.8.0) Curb (probably CUrl-RuBy or something) provides Ruby-language bindings for the libcurl(3), a full...
  20. 1,398 downloads
    codders-dataset ( A simple API for creating and finding sets of data in your database, built on ActiveRecord.
  21. 273 downloads
    codders-feedzirra (0.2.0.rc2) A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it domin...
  22. 1,390 downloads
    codders-SystemTimer ( Set a Timeout based on signals, which are more reliable than Timeout. Timeout is based on green t...
  23. 1,976 downloads
    codders-trie (0.0.4) Implemention of a trie data structure
  24. 6,327 downloads
    code2gist (0.0.5) Parse text files (markdown/textile/whatever) for code blocks and gist them
  25. 1,794 downloads
    code2html (0.0.1) Code2Html utility.
  26. 11,145 downloads
    code2pdf (0.3.0) Convert your source code to PDF
  27. 4,732 downloads
    code2rubylearning (0.1.8) command line tool that formats, given source code files, making them ready for pasting to the rub...
  28. 3,333 downloads
    code42 (0.2.6) Provides a Ruby interface to the Code42 API
  29. 168 downloads
    code42_api_rails (0.0.3) Gem to make rails projects conform to the Code42 API Spec
  30. 431,271 downloads
    code_analyzer (0.4.5) a code analyzer tool which extracted from rails_best_practices, it helps you easily build your ow...