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  1. 1,901 downloads
    coal-mine-canary (0.0.2) A gem to pen test against gem install hacks
  2. 824 downloads
    coa-op-scraper (0.2.2) A scraper for intermediate appellate opinions
  3. 818 downloads
    coap (0.0.16) Ruby Gem for RFC 7252 - Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) The Constrained Application Proto...
  4. 980 downloads
    coaping (0.0.1) coaping: check whether your CoAP server is still there.
  5. 8,263 downloads
    coast (1.0.0) A small mixin for Rails controllers that provides restful behavior.
  6. 712 downloads
    coati (0.1.0) A simple utility that hides instance variables inside Ruby objects
  7. 1,709 downloads
    coauth (0.0.5) Log in with multiple social media providers
  8. 3,226 downloads
    cobalt (0.1.1) Colored, Nesting, Multiple logging management.
  9. 892 downloads
    coban (0.0.3) Parser for Coban trackers
  10. 7,042 downloads
    cobble (0.1.3) cobble was developed by: markbates
  11. 2,355 downloads
    cobbler (2.0.2) Provides Ruby bindings to interact with a Cobbler server.
  12. 8,763 downloads
    cobot_client (1.1.0) Client for the Cobot API plus helpers
  13. 2,592 downloads
    cobplexity (0.1.1) Generates CSV files that can be consumed by Microsoft Treemapper from COBOL source modules
  14. 1,909 downloads
    cobra (1.0) A battleship player
  15. 410 downloads
    cobradeps (0.1.1) Component-based Ruby/Rails applications use local 'path' gem references to structure an applicati...
  16. 1,242 downloads
    cobranding (1.2.2) Provides Rails view layouts from an HTTP service.
  17. 291 downloads
    cobratest (0.1.1) A test runner that optimizes the tests it runs based on the recent changes of your application. M...
  18. 25,735 downloads
    cobravsmongoose (0.0.2) Translates XML to and from Ruby Hash objects, following the BadgerFish convention.
  19. 9,957 downloads
    cobregratis (0.4.3) Ruby Wrapper around Cobre GrĂ¡tis API. More info at:
  20. 83,706 downloads
    cobweb (1.0.20) Cobweb is a web crawler that can use resque to cluster crawls to quickly crawl extremely large si...
  21. 655 downloads
    coca (0.1.0) Coca is a chainable, devise-based scheme for delegation of authentication. It works through a sta...
  22. 5,504,152 downloads
    cocaine (0.5.4) A small library for doing (command) lines
  23. 263 downloads
    cocaine-framework (0.12.0.pre.rc8) Cocaine Framework is a framework for simplifying development both server-side and client-side app...
  24. 463 downloads
    cocaine-framework-ruby (0.11.2) Cocaine Framework is a framework for simplifying development both server-side and client-side app...
  25. 3,305 downloads
    cocainum (0.15) Extend for Cocaine Framework
  26. 1,498 downloads
    CoC-Calc (1.2.5) Calculate your troop training cost and time for Clash of Clans! Written in Ruby (runns on Mac, Wi...
  27. 3,445 downloads
    cockatoo (0.1) Cockatoo is a simple chat server coded with EventMachine and using the Long Polling technique
  28. 21,825 downloads
    cockpit ( Super DRY Configuration for Ruby, Rails, and Sinatra Apps. With Pluggable NoSQL/SQL backends usi...
  29. 982 downloads
    cockroach (0.0.0) In order to simplify the life of the Artirix developers, this gem was build. It allows to gener...
  30. 2,802 downloads
    cocks_env (0.0.1) loads stuff from env, can work similar to envdir