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  1. 25,855 downloads
    codefumes (0.4.1) []( is a service intended to help people who are interested in ...
  2. 13,562 downloads
    codefumes_harvester (0.1.8) CodeFumesHarvester provides a set of high-level tools for gathering history and common metrics fr...
  3. 763 downloads
    codefusion (0.2.1) Run the fusion command line executable to start a live coding session that can be watched by anyo...
  4. 4,171 downloads
    codegears (0.0.2) Client library and CLI to manage apps on CodeGears
  5. 4,941 downloads
    codegen (0.0.9) A gem for making Java POJOs out of ActiveRecord models
  6. 3,176 downloads
    code_generator (0.0.4) An alpha-numeric code generator for rails
  7. 19,332 downloads
    codegraph (0.7.21) Display functional dependencies in source code (C, Fortran, PHP, Perl).
  8. 1,225 downloads
    codehog-google-checkout (1) Experimental library for working with GoogleCheckout. Currently in use for payment at http://peep...
  9. 1,036 downloads
    code_holder (0.0.4) Enumerated attributes with I18n
  10. 6,063 downloads
    code_hunter (0.1.7) Hunt out weak spots in your rails application
  11. 4,014 downloads
    codeigniter-scaffold (2.0) Simple codeigniter scaffolder (crud creator).
  12. 6,824 downloads
    codeigniter_vender (0.0.6) CodeigniterVender is a Ruby gem for php coder who love CodeIgniter.This is for rubyist who also l...
  13. 4,957 downloads
    codeine (0.0.4) A really simple, partitionable, ruby-flavored dependency injector
  14. 1,388 downloads
    codejam (0.1.0) Runner library for Google's Codejam
  15. 1,441 downloads
    codeleaf (0.0.3) Recurring functionality for websites
  16. 1,510 downloads
    codelines (0.3.1) Count the number of lines of code contained in one or more repositories hosted on GitHub, Bitbuck...
  17. 4,686 downloads
    code_lister (0.2.2) List/filter files similar to 'find then grep' command in Linux/Unix based system
  18. 11,464 downloads
    codemerger (0.3.2) This gem is used to help writing technical posts for wordpress. \ The output is copied and paste...
  19. 88,421 downloads
    code_metrics (0.1.3) rake stats is great for looking at statistics on your code, displaying things like KLOCs (thousan...
  20. 136,406 downloads
    codemirror-rails (4.5) This gem provides CodeMirror assets for your Rails application.
  21. 2,145 downloads
    codemodels (0.2.7-java) Library to build models of code of different languages in a uniform way.
  22. 1,476 downloads
    codemodels-html (0.1.3-java) CodeModels for HTML
  23. 1,624 downloads
    codemodels-java (0.2.3-java) Plugin of codemodels to build models from Ruby code. See
  24. 400 downloads
    codemodels-javaparserwrapper (0.0.1-java) Code to wrap parsers written in Java and produce models suitable to be used in CodeModels
  25. 1,138 downloads
    codemodels-js (0.1.0) Building codemodels of Javascript files
  26. 408 downloads
    codemodels-properties (0.0.1-java) CodeModels plugin for properties files.
  27. 892 downloads
    codemodels-ruby (0.1.6-java) Plugin of codemodels to build models from Ruby code. See
  28. 404 downloads
    codemodels-xml (0.1.2-java) CodeModels plugin for XML files.
  29. 242 downloads
    CodeMonkeySteve-assert_valid_content (0.2) Provides test assertions for the validity of various content types (i.e. HTML, XML CSS, etc).
  30. 253 downloads
    CodeMonkeySteve-fast_xor (1.0.1) Provides a C-optimized method for in-place XORing of two strings