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  1. 1,343 downloads
    color_percent (0.1.0) Uses ImageMagick to analyze images to further determine ratio of basic color composition in them.
  2. 2,058 downloads
    colorpicker (0.0.5) A HTML5 color picker
  3. 876 downloads
    color_picker (0.1.4) a tool to get a color based on color palette, also have a method to export to html all the color ...
  4. 463 downloads
    color_porter (0.0.1) Color Porter does the heavy lifting when working Hex & RGB in Ruby
  5. 137 downloads
    color_print (0.0.1) Put colored strings with ease and safe.
  6. 1,856 downloads
    colorputs (0.2.3) Enables to use puts and p standard methods with a easy color interface
  7. 3,888 downloads
    color_routes (1.0.0) Colorize rake routes output for rails.
  8. 6,700 downloads
    colors (0.0.7) Extensions for String highliting. It uses ANSI escape sequences to produce colorful strings.
  9. 1,483 downloads
    colorscheme (0.0.2) Create colorschemes from known values
  10. 51,273 downloads
    color-schemer (0.2.8) Create color schemes with ease.
  11. 6,479 downloads
    colorscore (0.0.4) Finds the dominant colors in an image and scores them against a user-defined palette, using the C...
  12. 709 downloads
    color_sort (1.1.0) Sorts colors perceptually
  13. 340 downloads
    colors-rails (0.0.4) Color palette for the web
  14. 321 downloads
    colors-sass (0.0.1) Color palette for the web for rails
  15. 0 downloads
    color_string (0.0.2) Color your shell strings
  16. 14,464 downloads
    colortail (0.1.7) Tail a file and color lines based on regular expressions within that line. By setting up multiple...
  17. 752 downloads
    color-tail (0.1.0) Use it like tail -f to watch a group of files, but with added color codes
  18. 3,155 downloads
    color_text (0.0.3) Make your terminal output colored text with ease.
  19. 90,453 downloads
    color-tools (1.3.0) color-tools is a Ruby library to provide RGB, CMYK, and other colourspace support to applications...
  20. 1,598 downloads
    coloryze (2.0.0) Generates colors based on schemes.
  21. 1,241 downloads
    colorz (0.0.1) Colors in the CLI like rainbow in the sky.
  22. 5,929 downloads
    colos (1.0.0) Convert Ruby string to color
  23. 929 downloads
    coloss-rails (0.0.1) A gem, which injects Coloss CSS framework functionality into Ruby on Rails application
  24. 9,757 downloads
    colour (0.4) A library to convert between various representation of colour (RGB, CMYK and HSV), as well as gen...
  25. 487 downloads
    colourer (0.0.1) Just another Ruby String class extension. Adds methods to set text color
  26. 3,412 downloads
    colouringcode-passenger (0.2) Passenger is an Apache module for Ruby on Rails support, custom error template support
  27. 1,270 downloads
    colourlovers (0.0.1) A simple gem to use to make it easy to use the COLOURlovers API ...
  28. 5,653 downloads
    colours (0.0.19) Colour-related toolset. This library is called colours. It allows you to use ansi-col...
  29. 1,766 downloads
    colread (0.0.2) download a list of text on a page
  30. 569 downloads
    cols (0.0.1) Write quick grid-based layouts without having to wade through a bunch of table-based row/col divs.