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  1. 1,556 downloads
    CoC-Calc (1.2.5) Calculate your troop training cost and time for Clash of Clans! Written in Ruby (runns on Mac, Wi...
  2. 3,456 downloads
    cockatoo (0.1) Cockatoo is a simple chat server coded with EventMachine and using the Long Polling technique
  3. 21,886 downloads
    cockpit ( Super DRY Configuration for Ruby, Rails, and Sinatra Apps. With Pluggable NoSQL/SQL backends usi...
  4. 988 downloads
    cockroach (0.0.0) In order to simplify the life of the Artirix developers, this gem was build. It allows to gener...
  5. 2,815 downloads
    cocks_env (0.0.1) loads stuff from env, can work similar to envdir
  6. 3,330 downloads
    cocktail (0.2.1) Cocktail is a ruby gem that allows you to use parametric mixins in Ruby
  7. 11,954 downloads
    coco (0.12.0) "Code coverage tool for ruby 1.9.3 to 2.1. Use it by "require 'coco'" from rspec or unit/test. It...
  8. 2,465 downloads
    cocoa (0.1.6) Ruby FFI bindings for the OSX Cocoa API
  9. 388 downloads
    cocoachip (1.0.0) A simple hello world gem
  10. 9,958 downloads
    cocoadex (1.6) CLI for Cocoa documentation reference
  11. 7,103 downloads
    cocoafish (0.1.7) A Ruby client for Cocoafish. For more information about Cocoafish, see
  12. 361 downloads
    cocoa-hookup (0.0.3) Simplify the Cocoapods dance that occurs when switching between branches
  13. 300 downloads
    CocoaKucha (0.0.1) A gem made for CocoaKucha events
  14. 1,108 downloads
    cocoaout (0.0.3) Auto build and release tool for Cocoa projects.
  15. 967,398 downloads
    cocoapods (0.34.4) CocoaPods manages library dependencies for your Xcode project. You specify the dependencies for ...
  16. 831 downloads
    cocoapods-ack_filter (0.1.0) Filter out licenses with pattern from Pods-acknowledgements.plist
  17. 110 downloads
    cocoapods-appledoc (0.1.0) CocoaPods plugin to build documentation for a pod.
  18. 409 downloads
    cocoapods-archive (0.0.2) "A CocoaPods plugin that enables you to archive your Pod as a static library"
  19. 3,101 downloads
    cocoapods-browser (0.1.4) CocoaPods plugin to open the homepage of a pod in the browser.
  20. 765 downloads
    cocoapods-check_latest (0.1.0) A CocoaPods plugin that checks if the latest version of a pod is up to date
  21. 833,193 downloads
    cocoapods-core (0.34.4) The CocoaPods-Core gem provides support to work with the models of CocoaPods. It is intended to...
  22. 445 downloads
    cocoapods-coverage (0.0.4) Generate code coverage statistics for Pods.
  23. 417 downloads
    cocoapods-default-install (0.1.1) Makes `pod` defaults to `pod install` when `Podfile` detected.
  24. 174 downloads
    cocoapods-deintegrate (0.1.1) A CocoaPods plugin to remove and de-intergrate CocoaPods from your project.
  25. 875 downloads
    cocoapods-dependencies (0.3.1) Shows a project's CocoaPods dependency graph.
  26. 787 downloads
    cocoapods-docs (0.2.0) Simple gem which offers convenient access to the documentation of a Pod via
  27. 652 downloads
    cocoapods-docstats (0.0.3) CocoaPods plugin for showing documentation metrics of Pods.
  28. 772,112 downloads
    cocoapods-downloader (0.7.2) A small library for downloading files from remotes in a folder.
  29. 588 downloads
    cocoapods-icemobile-plugin (0.0.8) IceMobile Plugin for CocoaPods (Used within IceMobile for internal projects.
  30. 588 downloads
    cocoapods-keys (0.6.2) A key value store for environment settings in Cocoa Apps.