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  1. 1,734 downloads
    codelines (0.3.1) Count the number of lines of code contained in one or more repositories hosted on GitHub, Bitbuck...
  2. 5,866 downloads
    code_lister (0.2.4) List/filter files similar to 'find then grep' command in Linux/Unix based system
  3. 11,819 downloads
    codemerger (0.3.2) This gem is used to help writing technical posts for wordpress. \ The output is copied and paste...
  4. 101,856 downloads
    code_metrics (0.1.3) rake stats is great for looking at statistics on your code, displaying things like KLOCs (thousan...
  5. 149,140 downloads
    codemirror-rails (4.5) This gem provides CodeMirror assets for your Rails application.
  6. 2,358 downloads
    codemodels (0.2.7-java) Library to build models of code of different languages in a uniform way.
  7. 1,644 downloads
    codemodels-html (0.1.3-java) CodeModels for HTML
  8. 1,807 downloads
    codemodels-java (0.2.3-java) Plugin of codemodels to build models from Ruby code. See
  9. 448 downloads
    codemodels-javaparserwrapper (0.0.1-java) Code to wrap parsers written in Java and produce models suitable to be used in CodeModels
  10. 1,270 downloads
    codemodels-js (0.1.0) Building codemodels of Javascript files
  11. 453 downloads
    codemodels-properties (0.0.1-java) CodeModels plugin for properties files.
  12. 983 downloads
    codemodels-ruby (0.1.6-java) Plugin of codemodels to build models from Ruby code. See
  13. 451 downloads
    codemodels-xml (0.1.2-java) CodeModels plugin for XML files.
  14. 372 downloads
    CodeMonkeySteve-assert_valid_content (0.2) Provides test assertions for the validity of various content types (i.e. HTML, XML CSS, etc).
  15. 382 downloads
    CodeMonkeySteve-fast_xor (1.0.1) Provides a C-optimized method for in-place XORing of two strings
  16. 378 downloads
    CodeMonkeySteve-graticule (0.2.12) Graticule is a geocoding API that provides a common interface to all the popular services, includ...
  17. 196 downloads
    CodeMonkeySteve-mustard (0.1) An efficient unit testing framework inspired by Shoulda
  18. 2,684 downloads
    codename (1.1.0) Codename gem randomly generate codename based on list of names. Supported names: * stars ...
  19. 996 downloads
    codenjoy-ruby-client (0.0.2) Simple ruby codenjoy client.
  20. 6,060 downloads
    code_node (0.1.4) Create Class and Module graphs for Ruby projects
  21. 567 downloads
    code_notes (0.0.1) code notes task extracted from Rails
  22. 368 downloads
    codeodor-with (0.0.2) I sometimes get a little descriptive with my variable names, so when you're doing a lot of work ...
  23. 747 downloads
    CodeOfficer-rack-options-request (3.0.0) TODO
  24. 999 downloads
    code_output (0.0.1) Inject a script output into the source file as comments.
  25. 4,111 downloads
    codepath (0.0.3) This gem is provides the tiny class used by the plugin codepath.vim. Please take a look at http:/...
  26. 9,738 downloads
    codependency (2.3.2) A pure ruby, comment-based dependency graph
  27. 9,269 downloads
    codeplane (0.1.5) Client library and CLI to handle Git repositories on Codeplane.
  28. 1,392 downloads
    code_poetry (0.2.0) Analyzes the code of your Rails app and generates a straightforward HTML report.
  29. 1,392 downloads
    code_poetry-html (0.2.0) Default HTML formatter for CodePoetry
  30. 1,417 downloads
    codeprimate-cancan (1.6.5) Simple authorization solution for Rails which is decoupled from user roles. All permissions are s...