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  1. 1,311 downloads
    coffeescript-router (0.0.1) Standalone CoffeeScript Router w/ Rails style named parameters
  2. 18,679,162 downloads
    coffee-script-source (1.8.0) CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript. Underneath all of those ...
  3. 7,096 downloads
    coffeeshop (1.0.2) coffeeshop is a quick and dirty Sinatra app that serves up any CoffeeScript in a directory as Jav...
  4. 1,332 downloads
    coffee_short_get (0.2.0) coffee_short_get
  5. 2,999 downloads
    coffee_table (0.1.3) rails cache gem to fragment cache with smart cache key management
  6. 21,960 downloads
    CoffeeTags (0.5.0) CoffeeTags generates ctags compatibile tags for CoffeeScript.
  7. 4,054 downloads
    coffee_trace (0.0.4) Add and remove trace logging to coffeescript
  8. 12,260 downloads
    coffee-views (0.2.0) Allows you to create views
  9. 472 downloads
    coffer (0.0.2) Cryptocurrency wallet manager
  10. 6,234 downloads
    cofi_cost (0.0.9) Playground for collaborative filtering in Ruby using NArray and rb-gsl.
  11. 31,114 downloads
    cog (0.3.8) Command-line utility that makes it easy to organize a project which uses code generation
  12. 1,352 downloads
    cogbot (0.0.3) Irc bot based on Cinch
  13. 379 downloads
    cogent (0.0.1) Cogent is a framework that provides a way to describe your application in terms of activ...
  14. 4,593 downloads
    cogibara (0.0.9) A framework for combining natural speech processing tools with public APIs. Basic functions work ...
  15. 1,730 downloads
    coglius (0.0.2) Not ready for use.
  16. 185 downloads
    cognita-cognita-treetop (1.2.4) A Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL
  17. 183 downloads
    cognita-treetop (1.2.4) A Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL
  18. 334 downloads
    cognitive_distance (0.0.1.pre) A tool for measuring locality of Ruby source. No real features yet, wait for the non-pre version
  19. 2,573 downloads
    cognizant (0.0.3) Cognizant is a process management framework inspired from God and Bluepill. It supervises your pr...
  20. 2,242 downloads
    cogs (0.1.1) Coming soon!
  21. 4,082 downloads
    cogsworth (1.0.2) A simple natural language time parser for Ruby
  22. 960 downloads
    cohabit (0.0.2) Handle application scoping for multi-tenant applications with table scopes.
  23. 414 downloads
    coherence (0.0.1) Coherent Spec is a framework that supports the creation and execution of test specificat...
  24. 33,527 downloads
    coherent (0.6.11) Tools for building Coherent application or modules.
  25. 7,463 downloads
    cohesion (1.0.3) Gem to test the cohesion of links within a rails site. The gem crawls the site and checks that e...
  26. 1,846 downloads
    cohi (0.0.1) Cohi is a tiny library for aiding functional programming.
  27. 531 downloads
    cohitre-caculo (0.0.7) Caculo lets you simulate interaction with a browser via Ruby. It has the option to load a Javascr...
  28. 879 downloads
    cohitre-perro (0.9.2) Perro is a light server built on top of mongrel that helps at least one developer be happy. If i...
  29. 190 downloads
    cohitre-relaxdb (0.2.2) RelaxDB provides a simple interface to CouchDB
  30. 5,711 downloads
    cohort_analysis (1.0.3) Lets you do cohort analysis based on two strategies: "big", which discards characteristics for th...