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  1. 1,150 downloads
    campfire-say (0.0.1) Post to Campfire from the command line
  2. 3,556 downloads
    campfiyah (0.0.6) A simple faraday based Campfire API
  3. 1,883 downloads
    campgrounds (0.0.2) Provide a wrapper for the Active Network campground API
  4. 437 downloads
    campi (0.0.2) The all-new Basecamp has an all-new API. It is not compatible with the Basecamp Classic API.
  5. 55,262 downloads
    camping (2.1.532) minature rails for stay-at-home moms
  6. 7,341 downloads
    camping-abingo (1.0.8) This is an ABingo plugin for the Ruby Camping framework, inspired by Patrick McKenzie's ABingo A/...
  7. 3,890 downloads
    camping_generator (0.2.0) Parasite is currently at version 0.2. The Parasite package is composed of two gems: parasite and ...
  8. 1,267 downloads
    camping-kirbybase (0.0.1) Easily use KirbyBase with Camping!
  9. 1,881 downloads
    camping-oauth (1.0.0) This is an OAuth plugin for the Ruby Camping framework, inspired by Pelle Braendgaard's OAuth gem...
  10. 9,477 downloads
    camping-omnibus (2.1.523) the camping meta-package for updating ActiveRecord, Mongrel and SQLite3 bindings
  11. 3,167 downloads
    campline (0.2.0) A tiny Campfire client for command line
  12. 8,766 downloads
    campo (0.11.0) Form builder for Haml
  13. 7,011 downloads
    camptweet (0.8.4) A simple daemon that polls for updated Twitter statuses, Summize search results, and RSS/Atom fe...
  14. 1,478 downloads
    campusbooks (0.2.0) A Ruby library for accessing the API
  15. 32,452 downloads
    campy (1.0.0) Tiny Campfire Ruby client so you can get on with it.
  16. 1,695 downloads
    campystrano (0.0.3) Adds before and after deploy hooks that announce a deploy's start and success in a Campfire room.
  17. 180 downloads
    camt (0.0.1) A gem for parsing CAMT.053 files
  18. 220 downloads
    camtasy (0.0.3) no kidding... i'm just messing around with webcams.
  19. 775 downloads
    can963 (969.1.0) You can check can963 out in detail.
  20. 28,993 downloads
    canable (0.3.0) Simple permissions that I have used on my last several projects so I figured it was time to abstr...
  21. 1,643 downloads
    canada (0.0.3) Adds support for Canadian programming conventions to the Ruby language
  22. 132 downloads
    canadaduane-rubydoctest (1.0.2) Ruby version of Python's doctest tool, but a bit different.
  23. 131 downloads
    canada_eh (0.0.1) Giving you the ability to drill down from top level geographic regions like provinces all the way...
  24. 832 downloads
    canadapost (0.0.2) A basic gem to interface with the Canada POST REST API
  25. 3,622 downloads
    canada_post (0.1.2) A Simple Ruby Class that communicates with Canada Post Server and provides a shipping estimate.
  26. 26,265 downloads
    canard (0.4.1) Wraps CanCan and RoleModel up to make role based authorisation really easy in Rails 3.x.
  27. 8,138 downloads
    canary (0.0.8) demo
  28. 37,943 downloads
    canary_notifier (0.0.31) Exception notification to Canary for Rails apps
  29. 2,606 downloads
    canator (0.1.5) Adds authorization to your application
  30. 4,020 downloads
    can_be (0.4.0) CanBe allows you to track the type of your ActiveRecord model in a consistent simple manner. Wit...