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  1. 4,782 downloads
    collegiatelink (0.3.0) CollegiateLink Client Gem
  2. 5,525 downloads
    CollegiateLink (0.0.3) Old, deprecated gem. Use the lowercased gem "collegiatelink" instead!
  3. 1,737 downloads
    collimator (0.0.3) Collimator
  4. 1,044 downloads
    collin-fold (0.0.8) Toolkit for creating whitespace active mini-languages. Inspired by Haml. Feature light.
  5. 693 downloads
    collin-google_ajax_feed_api (0.0.4) Light wrapper for Google Ajax Feed API
  6. 188 downloads
    collin-lucky7 (0.0.1) A Ruby/Javascript web toolkit.
  7. 3,166 downloads
    collins_auth (0.1.2) This is a library to make it easy to obtain an authenticated collins_client object. It attempts t...
  8. 15,467 downloads
    collins_client (0.2.11) Provides ruby support for interacting with the Collins API
  9. 4,171 downloads
    collins_notify (0.0.4) Send notifications via hipchat, IRC and email
  10. 5,891 downloads
    collins_shell (0.2.21) Provides basic CLI for interacting with Collins API
  11. 4,403 downloads
    collins_state (0.2.12) Provides basic framework for managing stateful processes with collins
  12. 1,772 downloads
    collmex-ruby (0.2.0) A lib written in ruby that talks to the german accounting software collmex.
  13. 212 downloads
    colloquy (1.0.0) Colloquy is an evented framework for building fast and efficient USSD applications in Ruby.
  14. 9,384 downloads
    colloquy_log_to_text (1.2.1) A simple gem to convert Colloquy's awful XML logs into plain text.
  15. 2,691 downloads
    cologger (0.1.3) Simple log util that adds some colors to your logs. For more information, please visit 'http...
  16. 2,616 downloads
    colombo (0.0.6) A simple ruby client for Digital Ocean API
  17. 1,712 downloads
    colombus (0.1.1) Generate a simple text
  18. 906 downloads
    colonel (0.1.4) Gem for managing cron jobs with web GUI
  19. 762 downloads
    colonize (0.2.1) Colonize is a simple provisioning tool for Vagrant. Since shell scripts can get difficult and Col...
  20. 82,342 downloads
    colony (0.2.49) An alien is a web scraper with a DSL description. A colony is a collection with a bunch of alie...
  21. 552,557 downloads
    color (1.7.1) Color is a Ruby library to provide basic RGB, CMYK, HSL, and other colourspace manipulation suppo...
  22. 10,731 downloads
    colorable (0.2.0) A simple color handler which provide a conversion between colorname, RGB, HSB and HEX
  23. 180 downloads
    color_adjuster (0.0.1) Drop this module in a model that has a color attribute and be able to adjust the color.
  24. 98 downloads
    coloral (0.0.1) A library to manipulate colors. If you have ever worked with colors before in Sass or a photo-edi...
  25. 6,254 downloads
    colorant (0.1.4) Easily extract the colors of any image file!
  26. 702 downloads
    colorart (0.0.1) Renders a nice HTML page from the cover art of a song
  27. 16,892 downloads
    coloration (0.3.3) Color scheme converters for vim, textmate, kate/kwrite, jedit
  28. 510,045 downloads
    colorator (0.1) Colorize your text in the terminal.
  29. 15,975 downloads
    colorb (0.0.9) Colorify strings in your terminal, 256 colors supported.
  30. 4,336 downloads
    colorblind (1.0.1) Colorblind extends ActiveSupport logger with trendy colorschemes from the 90's!