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  1. 910 downloads
    command_feedback (0.0.1) An API and commandline tool for
  2. 5,442 downloads
    commandify (0.0.8) Commandify your rails app!
  3. 6,868 downloads
    commandline (0.7.10) Tools to facilitate creation of command line applications and flexible parsing of command line op...
  4. 5,139 downloads
    CommandLine (0.7.1) Tools to facilitate creation of command line applications and flexible parsing of command line op...
  5. 2,595 downloads
    commandline2 (0.7.3) Tools to facilitate creation of command line applications and flexible parsing of command line op...
  6. 4,823 downloads
    command_line_email (0.0.7) Send email from the Linux or Mac command line
  7. 513 downloads
    command-line-favs (0.1.0) Commands are stored as a Command Name to Command map within your ~/.favs file and can be organize...
  8. 892 downloads
    commandlineflunky (0.1.0) A library for quickly creating a command line program. Quickly create commands, options and a bui...
  9. 452 downloads
    command-line-flunky (1.0.1) A framework for quickly creating a command line tool and manual. Coherently and simply links a Ru...
  10. 2,009 downloads
    command_line_helper (0.0.2) Helper for CLI apps.
  11. 150 downloads
    command_line_launcher (0.0.0) A program to launch apps from the command-line
  12. 21,626 downloads
    command_line_reporter (3.3.2) This gem makes it easy to provide a report while your ruby script is executing
  13. 7,100 downloads
    command-line-utils (0.0.7) This is a command line utilites.
  14. 2,089 downloads
    command_model (1.1.0) CommandModel - when update_attributes isn't enough.
  15. 1,737 downloads
    command-monkey (0.1) Command Monkey runs an interactive command-line program such as irb in the background, and provid...
  16. 5,228 downloads
    commando (0.0.2) Tools for command line interfacing
  17. 3,025 downloads
    command_post (0.0.6) CommandPost
  18. 1,284 downloads
    command_recorder (0.0.1) let's you record actions on a stub and play them back on a real object later (or on a different...
  19. 5,490 downloads
    command-runner (0.9.1) Runs a command or two in the shell with arguments that can be interpolated with the interpola...
  20. 26,381 downloads
    commands (0.2.1) Run Rake/Rails commands through the console
  21. 19,843 downloads
    command-set (0.10.4) CommandSet is a user interface framework. Its focus is a DSL for defining commands, much like Ra...
  22. 161 downloads
    commandsy (0.0.1) Official Ruby client for the Commandsy Server API.
  23. 161 downloads
    commandsy-dev (0.0.1) Tasks and helpers for developing Commandsy.
  24. 156 downloads
    commandsy-plugin (0.0.1) Plugin framework for Ruby-based Commandsy Agent plugins.
  25. 9,277 downloads
    command-t (1.11) Command-T provides a fast, intuitive mechanism for opening files with a minimal number of...
  26. 1,699 downloads
    command_test (0.0.1) Test your ruby programs run commands exactly the way you expect.
  27. 10,662 downloads
    command_timer (0.1.2) Simple tool to execute commands on schedule. Designed for maintain web applications.
  28. 168 downloads
    command_translate (0.0.2) It uses Google Translate to translate words directly into the terminal.
  29. 861 downloads
    command-t-standalone (0.0.2) CommandT finder as standalone gem
  30. 2,051 downloads
    command-unit (0.0.3) ALPHA: Test runner for one-shot command line tools. This was built to support writing git hooks o...