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  1. 8,520 downloads
    colorful_tables (0.5.1) Print colorful tables
  2. 927 downloads
    color_fun (1.0.0) A little gem for playing with colors in Ruby
  3. 5,007 downloads
    color-generator (0.0.4) Randomly generate distinct colors with consistent lightness and saturation
  4. 1,528 downloads
    color-hacker (1.0.0) Color Hacker is a Compass plugin which uses Sass color functions to find find the relationships b...
  5. 7,797 downloads
    colorific (1.0.2) Run your tests (Minitest) with lots of color!
  6. 4,802 downloads
    coloring (0.1.2) Adds methods for coloring and styling text for class String. Supports 256 colors.
  7. 10,553 downloads
    colorist (0.0.2) Colorist is a library built to handle the easy conversion and manipulation of colors with a speci...
  8. 4,490 downloads
    colorit (0.3.4) colorit colors your console outputs using regular expressions to emphasize special words in e.g. ...
  9. 2,267,610 downloads
    colorize (0.7.3) Ruby String class extension. Adds methods to set text color, background color and, text effects o...
  10. 1,768 downloads
    colorized (0.0.0) Cross application color theme generator inspired by Solarized.
  11. 2,570 downloads
    colorizer (0.0.2) Colorization of text output, modular capabilities with out of the box support for terminal colori...
  12. 3,665 downloads
    colorize_unpermitted_parameters (0.0.2) Colorize unpermitted parameters
  13. 2,304 downloads
    color-japanese (1.0.0) color-japanese defines RGB value for Japanese color names. Supported color names are: * Japanese...
  14. 699 downloads
    color-js-rails (1.0.1) color-js for Ruby on Rails asset pipeline
  15. 1,923 downloads
    colorkit (0.4.7) Built on Compass and Sass Colorkit provides a sensible default color library along additional fun...
  16. 342 downloads
    colorlib (0.0.1) Allows to easily colorize strings for all kinds of usages
  17. 3,919 downloads
    colorlog (0.0.4) colorlog allow you to read a file with some lines colored based on regexp three different regexp
  18. 8,821 downloads
    color-logger (0.0.4) Colorized ruby logger
  19. 192 downloads
    color-maker (0.0.1) Color generator
  20. 13,838 downloads
    colormath (0.1.2) Colour manipulation library for Ruby
  21. 5,214 downloads
    colorme (0.1.2) A very simple helper for outputting strings in color. For exmaple, simply require 'colorme' and ...
  22. 555 downloads
    colormeshop (0.0.1) Wrapper for ColorMeShop API
  23. 6,694 downloads
    color_namer (0.1.0) ColorNamer is a gem that allows you to name color from RGB value or from HTML hash. It will find ...
  24. 340 downloads
    color-output (0.0.3) Generate colorized console output
  25. 170 downloads
    color_palette (0.0.1) This gem aims to be as simple as possible helping you to create palettes dynamically. No more har...
  26. 408 downloads
    color-palette (0.0.2) A simple color gem that returns you with a palette of colors which are web friendly and easy to use.
  27. 2,266 downloads
    color_parser (1.0.0) Finds colors on a given webpage
  28. 1,410 downloads
    color_percent (0.1.0) Uses ImageMagick to analyze images to further determine ratio of basic color composition in them.
  29. 2,485 downloads
    colorpicker (0.0.5) A HTML5 color picker
  30. 1,780 downloads
    color_picker (0.1.4) a tool to get a color based on color palette, also have a method to export to html all the color ...