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  1. 908 downloads
    commandlineflunky (0.1.0) A library for quickly creating a command line program. Quickly create commands, options and a bui...
  2. 483 downloads
    command-line-flunky (1.0.1) A framework for quickly creating a command line tool and manual. Coherently and simply links a Ru...
  3. 2,034 downloads
    command_line_helper (0.0.2) Helper for CLI apps.
  4. 164 downloads
    command_line_launcher (0.0.0) A program to launch apps from the command-line
  5. 21,985 downloads
    command_line_reporter (3.3.2) This gem makes it easy to provide a report while your ruby script is executing
  6. 7,167 downloads
    command-line-utils (0.0.7) This is a command line utilites.
  7. 2,115 downloads
    command_model (1.1.0) CommandModel - when update_attributes isn't enough.
  8. 1,751 downloads
    command-monkey (0.1) Command Monkey runs an interactive command-line program such as irb in the background, and provid...
  9. 5,269 downloads
    commando (0.0.2) Tools for command line interfacing
  10. 3,093 downloads
    command_post (0.0.6) CommandPost
  11. 1,299 downloads
    command_recorder (0.0.1) let's you record actions on a stub and play them back on a real object later (or on a different...
  12. 5,612 downloads
    command-runner (0.9.1) Runs a command or two in the shell with arguments that can be interpolated with the interpola...
  13. 26,861 downloads
    commands (0.2.1) Run Rake/Rails commands through the console
  14. 19,996 downloads
    command-set (0.10.4) CommandSet is a user interface framework. Its focus is a DSL for defining commands, much like Ra...
  15. 177 downloads
    commandsy (0.0.1) Official Ruby client for the Commandsy Server API.
  16. 174 downloads
    commandsy-dev (0.0.1) Tasks and helpers for developing Commandsy.
  17. 170 downloads
    commandsy-plugin (0.0.1) Plugin framework for Ruby-based Commandsy Agent plugins.
  18. 9,587 downloads
    command-t (1.11.2) Command-T provides a fast, intuitive mechanism for opening files with a minimal number of...
  19. 1,717 downloads
    command_test (0.0.1) Test your ruby programs run commands exactly the way you expect.
  20. 10,808 downloads
    command_timer (0.1.2) Simple tool to execute commands on schedule. Designed for maintain web applications.
  21. 180 downloads
    command_translate (0.0.2) It uses Google Translate to translate words directly into the terminal.
  22. 875 downloads
    command-t-standalone (0.0.2) CommandT finder as standalone gem
  23. 2,106 downloads
    command-unit (0.0.3) ALPHA: Test runner for one-shot command line tools. This was built to support writing git hooks o...
  24. 12,555 downloads
    command_wrap (0.6.2) A set of utility classes to extract meta data from different file types
  25. 3,935 downloads
    CommandWrap (0.3) A set of utility classes to extract meta data from different file types
  26. 2,978 downloads
    commandz (0.1.2) ⌘Z add commands history support to your web app
  27. 1,068 downloads
    commaparty (0.0.2) A ruby implementation of Clojure's Hiccup markup generation library.
  28. 2,062 downloads
    comma_separated_storage (0.0.3) Create utility methods to access an attribute as a list but store it as a comma-separated string
  29. 1,759 downloads
    Commatose (0.0.1) Commatose makes it easy to split your numbers by commas.
  30. 2,645 downloads
    commendo (1.0.0) A Jaccard-similarity recommender using Redis sets