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  1. 0 downloads
    color_string (0.0.2) Color your shell strings
  2. 15,055 downloads
    colortail (0.1.7) Tail a file and color lines based on regular expressions within that line. By setting up multiple...
  3. 818 downloads
    color-tail (0.1.0) Use it like tail -f to watch a group of files, but with added color codes
  4. 3,387 downloads
    color_text (0.0.3) Make your terminal output colored text with ease.
  5. 99,611 downloads
    color-tools (1.3.0) color-tools is a Ruby library to provide RGB, CMYK, and other colourspace support to applications...
  6. 1,667 downloads
    coloryze (2.0.0) Generates colors based on schemes.
  7. 1,313 downloads
    colorz (0.0.1) Colors in the CLI like rainbow in the sky.
  8. 6,404 downloads
    colos (1.0.0) Convert Ruby string to color
  9. 997 downloads
    coloss-rails (0.0.1) A gem, which injects Coloss CSS framework functionality into Ruby on Rails application
  10. 10,137 downloads
    colour (0.4) A library to convert between various representation of colour (RGB, CMYK and HSV), as well as gen...
  11. 561 downloads
    colourer (0.0.1) Just another Ruby String class extension. Adds methods to set text color
  12. 3,549 downloads
    colouringcode-passenger (0.2) Passenger is an Apache module for Ruby on Rails support, custom error template support
  13. 1,342 downloads
    colourlovers (0.0.1) A simple gem to use to make it easy to use the COLOURlovers API ...
  14. 6,737 downloads
    colours (0.0.19) Colour-related toolset. This library is called colours. It allows you to use ansi-col...
  15. 1,953 downloads
    colread (0.0.2) download a list of text on a page
  16. 640 downloads
    cols (0.0.1) Write quick grid-based layouts without having to wade through a bunch of table-based row/col divs.
  17. 872 downloads
    colszowka-cucumber_table_formatter (0.2.4) Simple command line utility for formatting Cucumber tables properly, either from file or piped input
  18. 364 downloads
    colszowka-jeweler-test (0.0.2) TODO
  19. 526 downloads
    colszowka-window_resizer (0.1.0) Grit is a Ruby library for extracting information from a git repository in an object oriented man...
  20. 2,817 downloads
    columbia-printers (0.1.1) A gem to install Columbia printers on Mac OS 10.6 >=
  21. 5,721 downloads
    columbo (0.2.2) A Ruby client library for Columbo: a Customer Experience Management tool
  22. 7,185 downloads
    columbus (0.1.2) Autodiscovers feeds from urls
  23. 988 downloads
    column_cryptor (0.1.0) Encrypt data in your database and unencrypt it on the fly.
  24. 1,386 downloads
    column_info_reset (0.0.1) Reset ActiveRecord column info when unknown column exception occurs
  25. 6,063,606 downloads
    columnize (0.8.9) In showing a long lists, sometimes one would prefer to see the value arranged aligned in columns...
  26. 5,628 downloads
    columnizer (0.0.4) Put multi-dimensional arrays into neat columns
  27. 1,057 downloads
    column_prefix (0.0.1) Extends ActiveResource with column prefix option, handy for legacy databases
  28. 1,395 downloads
    column_queries (0.0.1) faster select_values implementation for ActiveRecord with PostgreSQL pg gem
  29. 938 downloads
    columns (0.2.0) Annotates activerecord models using `db/schema.rb`.
  30. 1,902 downloads
    columns_for (0.0.1) Easy interface to split a collection into columns, ideal as a view helper.