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  1. 3,528 downloads
    commons (0.0.3) Ruby Wrapper for the Civic Commons MarketPlace API -
  2. 508 downloads
    commons-dbcp-jars (1.4-java) Install this gem `require 'commons/dbcp'` and invoke `Commons::DBCP.load_jar` within JRuby to loa...
  3. 1,829 downloads
    commonservicelocator ( commonservicelocator is a DI abstract container for .NET
  4. 3,012 downloads
    commons-io-jars (2.3.0-java) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  5. 510 downloads
    commons-pool_dbcp-jars (1.0.0-java) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  6. 503 downloads
    commons-pool-jars (1.6-java) Install this gem `require 'commons/pool'` and invoke `Commons::Pool.load_jar` within JRuby to loa...
  7. 2,062 downloads
    common_styles (0.0.1) Sass stylesheets.
  8. 27,096 downloads
    commontator (4.7.2) A Rails engine for comments.
  9. 247 downloads
    commonthread-clickatell (0.5.2) Ruby interface to the Clickatell SMS Gateway API
  10. 760 downloads
    commonthread-common_recipes (0.1.5) Provides common capistrano recipes that are useful in all rails apps
  11. 136 downloads
    commonthread-common_recipies (0.1.0) Provides common capistrano recipies that are useful in all rails apps
  12. 635 downloads
    commonthread-flickr_fu (0.3.0) Provides a ruby interface to flickr via the REST api
  13. 389 downloads
    commonthread-fluffy (0.1.0) Makes writing to S3 tranparent using File
  14. 23,318 downloads
    commonthread-rails (0.4.1) commonthread-rails is a collection of things that make rails development better for us. It includ...
  15. 6,736 downloads
    common_validators (1.1.1) Common validators for Rails applications
  16. 11,097 downloads
    common_view_helpers (0.3.4) Common view helpers used by Gemini in most of our applications
  17. 323,663 downloads
    commonwatir (4.0.0) This library is included so older versions of commonwatir are not activated
  18. 123 downloads
    communard (0.0.1) Adds some conventions from ActiveRecord to Sequel.
  19. 24,014 downloads
    communicator (0.2.3) Data push/pull between apps with local inbound/outbound queue and easy publish/process interface
  20. 4,341 downloads
    communist (0.3.0) Library for mocking CLI calls to external APIs
  21. 8,530 downloads
    community_engine (2.3.2) CommunityEngine is a free, open-source social network platform for Ruby on Rails applications. Dr...
  22. 122 downloads
    community_service (0.0.1) A support library for a simple service architecture. Handles service discovery using SRV DNS reco...
  23. 2,870 downloads
    community-zero (2.0.1) Self-contained, easy-setup, fast-start in-memory Chef Community Site for testing.
  24. 11,646 downloads
    commutateurs (0.2.4) Library for accessing commutateurs
  25. 2,936 downloads
    commute (0.1.2) Handling the HTTP commute like a boss
  26. 3,854 downloads
    commuter (0.0.6) Gives you google maps travel times between two addresses.
  27. 2,159 downloads
    como (0.1.3) Como provides low manifest command line option parsing and deployment. The command line options a...
  28. 1,215 downloads
    comode (0.0.2) An attempt to create DSL for 3D modeling in Ruby (still unusable, please check here for update.)
  29. 288 downloads
    comodule (0.0.4) It is a library of the functions to be common by the Rails projects that we developed.
  30. 6,877 downloads
    compaa (0.2.0) Command line tool to compare screenshots outputted from our screenshot_comparison gem