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  1. 12,693 downloads
    comic_vine (0.1.3) Simple api interface to Comic Vine. Allows for searches and returning specific information on re...
  2. 1,682 downloads
    comic_walker (0.3.0) Client library for ComicWalker
  3. 470 downloads
    comike_catalog_parser (0.0.3) comic market catalog rom data csv and circle cut parser
  4. 2,955 downloads
    comix_scraper (2.0.0) Scrapes and parses to get details of upcoming comic book releases + merchan...
  5. 183,673 downloads
    comma (3.2.1) Ruby Comma Seperated Values generation library
  6. 26,796 downloads
    comma-heaven (0.8.4) CommaHeaven permits easy exports of Rails models to CSV
  7. 2,586 downloads
    command (1.0.0) Command provides a simple object-oriented interface for running shell commands from Ruby.
  8. 8,781 downloads
    commandable (0.3.2) The easiest way to add command line control to your Ruby app. You can add a single line above an ...
  9. 6,889 downloads
    commandant (0.2.3) A simple library for writing commands with subcommands (like git)
  10. 3,360 downloads
    command_builder (0.0.7) Description
  11. 51,806 downloads
    command-builder (0.3.1) Builds command runnable from shell by simple and elegant way. Allows both synchronous executing o...
  12. 586 downloads
    command_builder_generator (0.0.1) Description
  13. 730 downloads
    command_bus (0.1.0) Execute a command and the command bus will look up the proper handler class automatically and exe...
  14. 317 downloads
    command-designer (0.9.0) Build command text based on multiple filters
  15. 414 downloads
    command-dispatcher (0.1.0) Help with dispatching specific functionality to other ruby scripts. mybinscript init would call ...
  16. 208 downloads
    commandear (0.0.0) Commandear is a gem that makes it easy for your projects to "listen" for commands in GitHub's pul...
  17. 3,843 downloads
    commandeer (0.1.1) Class-based CLI utility
  18. 839,125 downloads
    commander (4.2.1) The complete solution for Ruby command-line executables. Commander bridges the gap between other ...
  19. 7,190 downloads
    command_exec (0.2.0) This adds bells and whistles to ease shell command execution
  20. 960 downloads
    command_feedback (0.0.1) An API and commandline tool for
  21. 5,757 downloads
    commandify (0.0.8) Commandify your rails app!
  22. 7,025 downloads
    commandline (0.7.10) Tools to facilitate creation of command line applications and flexible parsing of command line op...
  23. 5,298 downloads
    CommandLine (0.7.1) Tools to facilitate creation of command line applications and flexible parsing of command line op...
  24. 2,700 downloads
    commandline2 (0.7.3) Tools to facilitate creation of command line applications and flexible parsing of command line op...
  25. 5,181 downloads
    command_line_email (0.0.7) Send email from the Linux or Mac command line
  26. 622 downloads
    command-line-favs (0.1.0) Commands are stored as a Command Name to Command map within your ~/.favs file and can be organize...
  27. 951 downloads
    commandlineflunky (0.1.0) A library for quickly creating a command line program. Quickly create commands, options and a bui...
  28. 573 downloads
    command-line-flunky (1.0.1) A framework for quickly creating a command line tool and manual. Coherently and simply links a Ru...
  29. 2,117 downloads
    command_line_helper (0.0.2) Helper for CLI apps.
  30. 207 downloads
    command_line_launcher (0.0.0) A program to launch apps from the command-line