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  1. 869 downloads
    compass-helium (0.0.1) Helium is a frontend responsive web framework for rapid prototyping and production-ready developm...
  2. 2,377 downloads
    compass-holmes (0.1.1) An implementation of the Holmes Markup Detective for use with Compass
  3. 4,471 downloads
    compass-html5 (0.0.2) A compass extension of common html5 mixins extracted from html5-boilerplate.
  4. 3,186 downloads
    compass_icon_fonts (0.0.6) Simple helpers for common icon font sets.
  5. 3,666 downloads
    compass-img-delivery (0.0.4) Compass plugin for managing and delivering sharp vector images to all devices and browsers. I'm n...
  6. 976 downloads
    compass-import_once (0.1.3) Monkey patches compass to make `sass-import_once` work while this issue is not solved: ...
  7. 360,867 downloads
    compass-import-once (1.0.5) Changes the behavior of Sass's @import directive to only import a file once.
  8. 683 downloads
    compass-inline-gradient (0.0.1) Sass/Compass extension to convert css3 gradient to base64
  9. 18,490 downloads
    compass-inuit (5.0.2) Compass extension for the inuit.css framework.
  10. 1,764 downloads
    compass-iphone-style-checkboxes (0.0.0) Compass plugin for the iPhone-style checkboxes
  11. 3,508 downloads
    compass-jquery-mobile-plugin (0.1.1) Simplified installation of jQuery Mobile for Compass users
  12. 63,295 downloads
    compass-jquery-plugin ( This plugin integrates jQuery-Rails, jQuery, jQuery UI and Themes, jqGrid and more into the Compa...
  13. 1,485 downloads
    compass-jquery-ui (0.1.0) a jquery-ui integration compass
  14. 1,689 downloads
    compassjs (0.1.1) Compass.js allow you to get compass heading in JavaScript by PhoneGap, iOS API or GPS hack.
  15. 4,299 downloads
    compass-jsbundle (0.1.1) JSBundle is simply a collection of popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries, nothing more, not...
  16. 1,812 downloads
    compass-layouts (1.0.0) Do not try and bend the grid. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth: There ...
  17. 1,974 downloads
    compass-leacocks (0.0.2) A Compass plugin for the creation of Leacock's-branded websites.
  18. 10,322 downloads
    compass-less-plugin (1.0) Less Framework is a cross-device CSS grid system based on using inline media queries.
  19. 618 downloads
    compass-list-helpers (0.1.0) List Helpers is a Compass extension providing useful list helper functions like: map, filter, red...
  20. 397 downloads
    compass-ls (0.0.0) A Compass plugin for listing the content of a directory
  21. 10,587 downloads
    compass-lucid-grid (0.5.1) A Compass/SASS grid that outputs lean, semantic stylesheets. Avoids CSS repetition on SASS compil...
  22. 10,556 downloads
    compass-magick (0.1.6) Dynamic image generation for Compass using ChunkyPNG/PhantomJS.
  23. 109,133 downloads
    compass-normalize (1.5) This simple plugin for Compass enables you to use normalize.css in your stylesheets without havin...
  24. 12,979 downloads
    compass-normalize-plugin (0.4.2) This is a normalize.css extension for the Compass framework.
  25. 2,159 downloads
    compass-notify (0.0.2) Add notifications (via Notification Center on Mac OS X) to compass
  26. 7,747 downloads
    compass-pattern-primer (0.4.5) A Compass extension to help create style guides
  27. 2,762 downloads
    compass-photoshop-drop-shadow (0.0.1) Compass mixin for using the Drop Shadow values that Photoshop uses to create CSS3 box-shadow. Ma...
  28. 4,008 downloads
    compass-photoshop-gradient-overlay (2.0.2) A compass extension to translate between Photoshop gradient overlays and CSS linear-gradients
  29. 3,538 downloads
    compass-placeholder (0.0.3) Style placeholder text
  30. 2,093 downloads
    compass-placeholders (1.1.1) @extendable %placeholders for common CSS3 code provided by Compass. For example use `@extend %hid...