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  1. 24,622 downloads
    communicator (0.2.3) Data push/pull between apps with local inbound/outbound queue and easy publish/process interface
  2. 4,460 downloads
    communist (0.3.0) Library for mocking CLI calls to external APIs
  3. 8,913 downloads
    community_engine (2.3.2) CommunityEngine is a free, open-source social network platform for Ruby on Rails applications. Dr...
  4. 187 downloads
    community_service (0.0.1) A support library for a simple service architecture. Handles service discovery using SRV DNS reco...
  5. 3,181 downloads
    community-zero (2.0.2) Self-contained, easy-setup, fast-start in-memory Chef Community Site for testing.
  6. 12,427 downloads
    commutateurs (0.2.4) Library for accessing commutateurs
  7. 3,021 downloads
    commute (0.1.2) Handling the HTTP commute like a boss
  8. 4,006 downloads
    commuter (0.0.6) Gives you google maps travel times between two addresses.
  9. 2,403 downloads
    como (0.1.3) Como provides low manifest command line option parsing and deployment. The command line options a...
  10. 1,295 downloads
    comode (0.0.2) An attempt to create DSL for 3D modeling in Ruby (still unusable, please check here for update.)
  11. 461 downloads
    comodule (0.1.0) It is a library of the functions to be common by the Rails projects that we developed.
  12. 7,196 downloads
    compaa (0.2.0) Command line tool to compare screenshots outputted from our screenshot_comparison gem
  13. 10,112 downloads
    compactor (0.5.0) Scrape Amazon Seller Central
  14. 2,963 downloads
    compact_time (0.6.0) Compact way of expressing time
  15. 1,838 downloads
    compages (0.4.0) Here are the main features/aims of the project: * A pleasant user interface * Drag-n-drop content...
  16. 17,388 downloads
    companies-house (0.1.0) Ruby API to UK Companies House XML Gateway.
  17. 3,980 downloads
    companies-house-gateway (0.3.10) Ruby wrapper for the Companies House XML Gateway
  18. 4,042 downloads
    companimation (0.2.0) A set of Compass mixins to make creating CSS Animations a breeze.
  19. 208 downloads
    comparability (1.0.0) Provides Comparator and declarative definition of comparison operator.
  20. 470 downloads
    compareArray (0.0.0) returns true if the given number is even, otherwise returns false.
  21. 522 downloads
    compare-sort (0.1.1) A way to compare how long sorting algorithms take on data that you provide
  22. 651 downloads
    compartment (0.0.0) Coming Soon
  23. 7,702,610 downloads
    compass (1.0.1) Compass is a Sass-based Stylesheet Framework that streamlines the creation and maintenance of CSS.
  24. 926 downloads
    compass-1024-plugin (0.2) The 1024 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly us...
  25. 3,190 downloads
    compass-52-plugin (0.2) 52 is an HTML5 and CSS3 grid cross-browser framework.
  26. 184,090 downloads
    compass-960-plugin (0.10.4) The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly use...
  27. 2,019 downloads
    compass-adaptive-grid-plugin (0.1.1) The Compass Adaptive Grid plugin aims to make it easier to quickly build and deploy fluid layouts...
  28. 4,848 downloads
    compass_ae (1.1.2) Full ERP stack with a CRM, CMS and mulitple ERP Modules based on Silverston data models
  29. 5,844 downloads
    compass_ae_console (2.0.0) Compass AE Console is an application that sits on top of the Compass AE framework that allows the...
  30. 3,763 downloads
    compass_ae_sencha (1.0.4) This gem provides the Sencha library for CompassAE.