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  1. 25,647 downloads
    corundum (0.3.6) A corundum is a synthetic gemstone - including synthetic rubies. Ergo: a tool for synthesizing...
  2. 1,195 downloads
    corus (0.1.0) Use this gem to define what is not nullable related to an ActiveRecord backed class
  3. 10,109 downloads
    corx (0.1.7) Handful set of extensions to core ruby classes. NOT TESTED. CONTAINS BUGS.
  4. 1,617 downloads
    coryodaniel-milton (0.3.7) Rails file and upload handling plugin built for extensibility. Supports Amazon S3 and resizes ima...
  5. 1,580 downloads
    coryodaniel-stories (0.1.4) Write Stories and User Acceptance Tests using Contest, the tiny add on to Test::Unit that provide...
  6. 1,022 downloads
    cosby (0.0.2) They listen to the rap music, which gives them the brain damage.
  7. 1,907 downloads
    cosell (0.0.2) Cosell is a minimal implementation of the 'Announcements' observer framework, originally introduc...
  8. 5,544 downloads
    cosm (0.0.7) Cosm CLI
  9. 740 downloads
    cosmicrawler (0.0.1) Cosmicrawler is crawler library for Ruby. It provides scalable asynchronous crawling by (http|fil...
  10. 3,050 downloads
    cosmo (0.2.0) Makes running things on multiple machines easy
  11. 5,886 downloads
    cosmos (0.0.6) A service-orientated approach to web applications.
  12. 2,958 downloads
    cosmos_authentication (0.0.3) A client for the cosmos authentication service.
  13. 20,261 downloads
    cosm-rb (0.2.09) A library for communicating with the Cosm REST API, parsing and rendering Cosm feed formats
  14. 477 downloads
    cospace_styles (0.0.1) Shared assets gem
  15. 16,221 downloads
    cossincalc (1.0.10) CosSinCalc is a web application able to calculate the variables of a triangle. The live site is l...
  16. 17,333 downloads
    costagent (0.2.4) costagent is a Ruby gem that provides lightweight access to the projects/timeslips part of the Fr...
  17. 575 downloads
    cot (0.1.1) Simplifies creating models for rest based resources
  18. 6,760 downloads
    cotendo (0.0.4) Wrapper for cotendo SOAP Api
  19. 1,599 downloads
    cotta (1.0.0) a lightweight, simple and sensible API to file operation and testing
  20. 807 downloads
    cotton (0.1.0-java) Cotton is a JRuby exclusive Web Application Framework. It takes the best of Ruby frameworks, lik...
  21. 8,359 downloads
    cottontail (0.1.5) Convenience wrapper around the AMQP Bunny gem to better handle routing_key specific messages
  22. 1,528 downloads
    cottus (0.3.0) HTTP client for making requests against a set of hosts
  23. 1,711 downloads
    cotweet-authlogic (2.1.6) A clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution.
  24. 1,492 downloads
    cotweet-bitly (0.5.2) Use the API to shorten or expand URLs
  25. 1,799 downloads
    cotweet-fakeweb (1.3.0) FakeWeb is a helper for faking web requests in Ruby. It works at a global level, without modifyin...
  26. 1,522 downloads
    cotweet_koala ( Koala is a lightweight, flexible Ruby SDK for Facebook. It allows read/write access to the socia...
  27. 1,738 downloads
    cotweet-nestful (0.0.3) Simple Ruby HTTP/REST client with a sane API
  28. 14,129 downloads
    couch (0.2.1) Depricated: this project went to rid.
  29. 5,083 downloads
    couchapp (0.1.7) CouchApp is a set of helpers and a jQuery plugin that conspire to get you up and running on Couch...
  30. 47,718 downloads
    couchbase (1.3.7) The official client library for use with Couchbase Server.