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  1. 121 downloads
    content_driven_sinatra (0.0.1pre) Sinatra integration for the Content Driven gem
  2. 1,133 downloads
    content-editing-movie-player (0.38.0) an EDL scene-skipper/bleeper that works with DVD's and files and online players like netflix instant
  3. 3,382 downloads
    content_engine (0.1.1) Extracted from shop2, site-rest
  4. 2,101 downloads
    contentflow (0.0.3) ContentFlow is a flexible CoverflowTM / ImageFlow like flow written in javascript, which can hand...
  5. 1,769 downloads
    content_focus (0.1.0) This is a little gem that allows you to input raw HTML and extract the most relevant piece of con...
  6. 8,857 downloads
    content_for_in_controllers (0.0.2) Enables use of content_for in controllers
  7. 2,186 downloads
    contentful (0.3.1) Ruby client for the Content Delivery API
  8. 260 downloads
    contentful_middleman (0.0.4) Load blog posts and other managed content into Middleman
  9. 16,744 downloads
    contentment (0.8.4) Rails Engine for simple content management. See readme on github for details.
  10. 4,252 downloads
    content-pipeline (1.1.1) A less restrictive version of html-pipeline for content.
  11. 1,862 downloads
    content-preview (0.1.1) A simple service for getting URL page informations
  12. 12,980 downloads
    content_scrapper (0.0.10) If you want to cut only the content of pages, without any other part (like the menu, header, foot...
  13. 3,516 downloads
    content-security-policy (0.1.3) Full-featured Content Security Policy as Rack middleware
  14. 12,550 downloads
    content_server (1.7.2) Monitor and Index a directory and back it up to backup server.
  15. 2,163 downloads
    content_skipper (0.0.8) Mark specific parts of your content to not be rendered
  16. 2,343 downloads
    content_spinning (0.0.2) To spin some text, mainly for SEO purpose. Spinning the string "Hi {there|you}! I'm {eff...
  17. 4,613 downloads
    content_truncate (1.0.1) smart truncate for content
  18. 18,007 downloads
    content_type (2.3.0) Provides ContentType#content_type, File#content_type, File::content_type and String#c...
  19. 333 downloads
    content-type (0.0.1) ContentType parser
  20. 4,864 downloads
    content_urls (0.1.10) Parses various file types (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ...) for URLs and provides methods for iteratin...
  21. 1,874 downloads
    contentz (0.2.1) Contentz (pronounced "content zee") is an ActiveRecord extension that uses Zlib to compress/uncom...
  22. 32,948 downloads
    conte_rails_template (0.1.11) Rails Theme Template for Conte
  23. 44,901 downloads
    contest (0.1.3) Write declarative tests using nested contexts without performance penalties. Contest is less than...
  24. 7,054 downloads
    contestify (2.1.0) Gem to prepare internal programming contests taking problems from the COCI contests.
  25. 3,832 downloads
    context (0.0.22) Context is a contextual UI framework. It is based on the Model View Presentor model. ...
  26. 6,446 downloads
    context_aware_scope (0.1.1) Allows to add a context to a named_scope that will be passed through the whole scope chain
  27. 3,214 downloads
    context_exposer (0.4.1) Exposes a ViewContext object to the View with all the data needed by the view
  28. 9,927 downloads
    context_help (0.0.9) ContextHelp is a gem that allows you to show inline or aside help about every input item found in...
  29. 306 downloads
    context_hub_vault (0.0.1) Ruby client for the ContextHUB Vault
  30. 13,453 downloads
    contextify (0.2.0) Contextify can load Ruby Objects containing methods and procs from Ruby files without having to u...