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  1. 2,165 downloads
    content_skipper (0.0.8) Mark specific parts of your content to not be rendered
  2. 2,346 downloads
    content_spinning (0.0.2) To spin some text, mainly for SEO purpose. Spinning the string "Hi {there|you}! I'm {eff...
  3. 4,625 downloads
    content_truncate (1.0.1) smart truncate for content
  4. 18,028 downloads
    content_type (2.3.0) Provides ContentType#content_type, File#content_type, File::content_type and String#c...
  5. 334 downloads
    content-type (0.0.1) ContentType parser
  6. 4,877 downloads
    content_urls (0.1.10) Parses various file types (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ...) for URLs and provides methods for iteratin...
  7. 1,875 downloads
    contentz (0.2.1) Contentz (pronounced "content zee") is an ActiveRecord extension that uses Zlib to compress/uncom...
  8. 33,020 downloads
    conte_rails_template (0.1.11) Rails Theme Template for Conte
  9. 44,953 downloads
    contest (0.1.3) Write declarative tests using nested contexts without performance penalties. Contest is less than...
  10. 7,064 downloads
    contestify (2.1.0) Gem to prepare internal programming contests taking problems from the COCI contests.
  11. 3,834 downloads
    context (0.0.22) Context is a contextual UI framework. It is based on the Model View Presentor model. ...
  12. 6,451 downloads
    context_aware_scope (0.1.1) Allows to add a context to a named_scope that will be passed through the whole scope chain
  13. 3,222 downloads
    context_exposer (0.4.1) Exposes a ViewContext object to the View with all the data needed by the view
  14. 9,941 downloads
    context_help (0.0.9) ContextHelp is a gem that allows you to show inline or aside help about every input item found in...
  15. 307 downloads
    context_hub_vault (0.0.1) Ruby client for the ContextHUB Vault
  16. 13,463 downloads
    contextify (0.2.0) Contextify can load Ruby Objects containing methods and procs from Ruby files without having to u...
  17. 19,406 downloads
    contextio (1.7.2) Provides Ruby interface to Context.IO
  18. 1,545 downloads
    context-io (0.0.1) Ruby wrapper for the API.
  19. 16,162 downloads
    contextr (1.0.3) The goal is to equip Ruby with an API to allow context-oriented programming.
  20. 1,737 downloads
    contextsetup (0.1) ConTeXt setup library is a helper library to use the cont-??.xml files for ConTeXt.
  21. 2,175 downloads
    contextual (0.0.2-java) Runtime contextual autoescaper
  22. 718 downloads
    contextual_exceptions (0.0.2) Provides an easy way to create and raise custom exceptions with the contextual information of pr...
  23. 8,519 downloads
    contextuality (1.0.4) Contextual global variables
  24. 3,800 downloads
    contextualize (0.2.0) Add and remove behaviors defined in modules depending on context an object operates in
  25. 3,908 downloads
    contextually (0.1) Contextually is a gem for running Rails controller tests under different user contexts in a conve...
  26. 845 downloads
    contextual_models (0.0.1) role-based contexts for active record models
  27. 5,195 downloads
    context_validations (0.2.0) Context based validations for ActiveRecord models
  28. 7,669 downloads
    continents (0.0.4) Mapping from Continents to Countries and viceversa.
  29. 1,270 downloads
    contineo (0.1.3) Connect rails app to multiple databases with ease, includes sqlite, mysql, oracle etc
  30. 3,046 downloads
    contingency (0.2.2) A framework agnostic controller exception catcher and custom error page router.