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  1. 41,632 downloads
    configurable_engine (0.4.4) Configurable is a Rails 3 engine that allows you to set up config variables in a config file, spe...
  2. 652 downloads
    configural (0.0.1) Easy configuration file management
  3. 34,233 downloads
    configurate (0.1.0) Configurate is a flexible configuration system that can read settings from multiple sources at th...
  4. 985,864 downloads
    configuration (1.3.4) ruby configuration for your ruby programs
  5. 936 downloads
    configuration-blocks (1.0.0) Easy way of adding configuration blocks to classes, modules and applications.
  6. 1,651 downloads
    configuration_dsl (0.2.0) Easily configure a class (or object) with a DSL.
  7. 1,874 downloads
    configuration_loader (1.0.0) Configuration files loader
  8. 732 downloads
    configuration_manager (0.2.0) Manage development configurations for themed apps
  9. 1,576 downloads
    configurations (1.4.0) Configurations provides a unified approach to do configurations with the flexibility to do everyt...
  10. 8,466 downloads
    configurator (1.2.0) Configurator add configuration behavior to Class
  11. 4,058 downloads
    configurator2 (0.1.3) A mixin to add a .config method and options with defaults to any library
  12. 748 downloads
    configuratrilla (0.0.1) Allows to set configuration files with ruby in free and easy style.
  13. 1,415 downloads
    configuratron (0.0.1) Configuration storage library for Ruby with metaprogramming magic. Allows for hash-like and metho...
  14. 4,400 downloads
    configure (0.3.0) It provides a single-method interface that receives a block and returns well-structured configura...
  15. 7,536 downloads
    configured (1.0.5) configured. Use your database.yaml in rails initters. For redis, redis-store and e.t.c.
  16. 13,112 downloads
    configure_me (0.6.1) Simple gem to assist with persisting configuration data.
  17. 12,755 downloads
    configurer (0.4.2) a new take on ruby cross-class configuration
  18. 23,838 downloads
    configure-s3-website (1.6.0) Configure your AWS S3 bucket to function as a web site
  19. 3,381 downloads
    configurethis (1.0.5) Clean up your configuration approach by using Configurethis. Configurethis allows you to access y...
  20. 3,487 downloads
    configurize (0.0.2) Configurize makes your Ruby class configurable by providing a read-write interface to a flat YAML...
  21. 285 downloads
    configuru (0.1.2) Provides convenient interface for managing configuration parameters for modules, classes and inst...
  22. 13,973 downloads
    configus (0.0.5) Configus helps you easily manage environment specific settings
  23. 1,036 downloads
    configusta (0.0.1) Gem that makes configuration magic
  24. 10,498 downloads
    configutron (0.4.1) simple app-wide settings for rails applications
  25. 25,757 downloads
    configvars_rails (0.6.1) This gem provides a model and simple controller for storing global application configuration ...
  26. 12,741 downloads
    configy (1.2.0) Simple yaml driven configuration gem
  27. 3,342 downloads
    config_yml (0.0.7) A very simple way of configure your ruby applications through yaml files.
  28. 175 downloads
    confing (0.0.1.beta) A thread safe settings solution that uses an ERB enabled YAML file.
  29. 1,428 downloads
    confinicky (0.2.2) A simple CLI to manage environment variables on your local machine. Perform basic CRUD for your e...
  30. 1,431 downloads
    confire (0.1.1) Setups the necessary classes and tests for a codejam solution.