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  1. 2,996 downloads
    corkboard (0.1.3) Dashboard composed of social network posts.
  2. 7,874 downloads
    corl (0.5.1) Framework that provides a simple foundation for growing organically in the cloud
  3. 10,064 downloads
    corn (0.5.7) Corn collects your application's profiling data by sampling_prof gem, and submits the result to C...
  4. 13,293 downloads
    cornell_ldap (1.4.4) Using ActiveLdap, this library provides an easy interface for communicating with the Cornell Univ...
  5. 3,918 downloads
    cornell_netid (1.1.0) Toolkit for handling Cornell University Net Ids. Extends the String class with several methods t...
  6. 2,497 downloads
    cornerstone (0.0.5) Cornerstone provides customer care capabilities to an existing application by adding things like ...
  7. 346 downloads
    corner_stones (0.0.1.beta1) This gem makes it easy to build PageObjects and make your acceptance tests more object oriented. ...
  8. 10,821 downloads
    cornerstone-source (0.1.14) Cornerstone provides a solid foundation for working with JavaScript. It aggressively shivs many o...
  9. 224 downloads
    cornerstore (0.6.2) This is a client for the Cornerstore e-commerce API
  10. 943 downloads
    cornfig (0.0.0) cornfig ======= specify and validate config files
  11. 941 downloads
    cornflake (0.0.2) This does the thing with the ID generation and all that
  12. 6,804 downloads
    cornflakeomnisocial ( Twitter and Facebook logins for your Rails application.
  13. 923 downloads
    cornify (0.1.0) And James said, "Let there be unicorns, and all was good."
  14. 25,867 downloads
    corn_js ( It's possible to use the generic popcorn and the app specific fat popcorn plugin
  15. 1,333 downloads
    corntrace-cancan (1.6.5) Simple authorization solution for Rails which is decoupled from user roles. All permissions are s...
  16. 1,657 downloads
    corntrace-fakeweb (1.2.9) FakeWeb is a helper for faking web requests in Ruby. It works at a global level, without modifyin...
  17. 3,283 downloads
    corntrace-nifty-generators (0.4.1) Forked from ryanb's nifty-generators .A collection of useful Rails generator scripts for scaffold...
  18. 6,364 downloads
    corntrace-rack-contrib ( Contributed Rack Middleware and Utilities
  19. 2,821 downloads
    corona (0.1.1) Threaded SNMP poll based network discovery. Devices are stored in SQL
  20. 2,495 downloads
    coronate (0.0.7) Corona project builder tools
  21. 2,180 downloads
    coronet (0.0.2) Coronet is a simple protocol adaption framework
  22. 2,072 downloads
    corosync ( An interface to the Corosync clustering services.
  23. 1,895 downloads
    corosync-commander ( Provides a simplified interface for issuing commands to nodes in a Corosync closed process group.
  24. 2,310 downloads
    corosync-ruby (0.0.4) A simple wrapper for corosync cmd tool 'crm'
  25. 1,990 downloads
    corpus (0.0.2) Corpus is a set of Rake tasks which downloads open source software projects and counts LOC.
  26. 1,877 downloads
    corpus-processor (0.3.0) Process linguistic corpus
  27. 1,637 downloads
    corrails (0.0.6) Gem utilizada para rastrear pedidos da Directlog ou dos Correios
  28. 5,911 downloads
    corral (0.1.2) Use Corral to disable certain features in your application.
  29. 6,076 downloads
    correct-horse-battery-staple (0.6.6) Generate a 4 word password from words of size 3-8 characters, with frequencies in the 30th-60th p...
  30. 1,565 downloads
    correct_link (0.0.1) Takes away from the line are unresolved symbols for the URL