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  1. 918 downloads
    couchdb_migrate_mastfish (0.0.1) Provides a set of helpful methods for async updates and fetches to couchdb. Not even slightly sta...
  2. 8,503 downloads
    couchdb-ruby (0.8.0) A Ruby version of the CouchDB query server. Allows you to write your map, reduce and other functi...
  3. 1,375 downloads
    couchdb-utils (0.0.1) couchdb utils for new database provisioning
  4. 2,368 downloads
    couchdiff (0.0.3) Diff/Merge utility to compare & synchronize two CouchDB databases
  5. 11,756 downloads
    couch_docs (1.3.2) Manage CouchDB views and documents.
  6. 1,338 downloads
    couched (0.0.0) Opinionated ruby abstractions for working with CouchDB
  7. 8,958 downloads
    couch_foo (0.8.7) CouchFoo provides an ActiveRecord API interface to CouchDB
  8. 14,521 downloads
    couch_i18n (0.3.0) couch_i18n is an in database storage for I18n translations, tested for rails, with online managem...
  9. 1,756 downloads
    couchio (0.1.0) Virtual filesystem support for a CouchDB database.
  10. 504 downloads
    couchkeeper (0.6.7) Doorkeeper is an OAuth 2 provider for Rails.
  11. 1,755 downloads
    couch_loafer (0.1.0) Bar
  12. 9,029 downloads
    couch-migrate (2.0.2) A simple migration system for CouchDB.
  13. 12,108 downloads
    couchmodel (0.1.5) CouchModel provides an interface to easly handle CouchDB documents. It also comes with a ActiveMo...
  14. 6,931 downloads
    couchobject (0.6.1) CouchObject is a library that maps ruby objects to CouchDb documents
  15. 5,030 downloads
    couchpack (0.2.2) Use this gem to pack your couchdb document by stripping out the "_id" and "_rev" fields, and putt...
  16. 15,213 downloads
    couch_photo (0.0.7) Manage an image and all of its variations and xmp metadata in a single document.
  17. 834 downloads
    couchpillow (0.3.4) CouchPillow is a light and comfortable Document wrapper for Couchbase Server.
  18. 3,158 downloads
    couchpop (0.1.1) Couchpop uploads a directory to CouchDB
  19. 3,382 downloads
    couchpopulator (0.2.0) The idea behind this tool is to provide a framework for populating your CouchDB instances with ge...
  20. 73,707 downloads
    couch_potato (1.2.0) Ruby persistence layer for CouchDB
  21. 11,259 downloads
    couch_potato-extensions (0.0.7) See summary, it says it all, trust me.
  22. 6,141 downloads
    couch_potato-rails2 (0.5.10) Ruby persistence layer for CouchDB
  23. 3,129 downloads
    couchproxy (0.2.0) CouchProxy is a simple proxy server that distributes reads and writes to a cluster of Apache Couc...
  24. 5,393 downloads
    couch_publish (0.0.3) Rides on top of the `memories` gem to add simple publishing functionality with rollback and previ...
  25. 14,501 downloads
    couch-quilt (0.5.1) Access CouchDB JSON documents from filesystem.
  26. 1,353 downloads
    couchr (0.0.0) Opinionated ruby abstractions for working with CouchDB
  27. 4,940 downloads
    couch-replicate (0.0.3) Command line and ruby interface for linking a set of CouchDB hosts for automatic replication. In...
  28. 1,208 downloads
    couch-replicate-helper (0.1.0) Trigger replication from source to dest, apply only if replication is not already running
  29. 312,267 downloads
    couchrest (1.2.0) CouchRest provides a simple interface on top of CouchDB's RESTful HTTP API, as well as including ...
  30. 13,282 downloads
    couch_rest_adapter (0.8.1) Extends couchrest document and adds simple views and document management.