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  1. 3,993 downloads
    canmoia (0.3.0) The core domain concerns for Orders (Work Orders and Purchase Orders).
  2. 2,284 downloads
    cannabis (0.2.0) Simple permissions that I have used on my last several projects so I figured it was time to abstr...
  3. 2,631 downloads
    canned (0.1.6) Profile based authorization for ruby on rails
  4. 355 downloads
    canner (0.1.0) No magic authorization for Rails
  5. 3,780 downloads
    cannery (0.1.1) Cannery helps you deploy better with JRuby.
  6. 5,351 downloads
    cannibal (0.5.2) Use this library in a Ruby application to provide permission declaration and querying capabilitie...
  7. 4,957 downloads
    cannie (0.2.2) Cannie is a gem for authorization/permissions checking on per-controller/per-action basis.
  8. 724 downloads
    cannikin-encosion (0.3.0) Ruby library for working with the Brightcove API
  9. 888 downloads
    cannikin-gattica (0.4.0) Gattica is a Ruby library for extracting data from the Google Analytics API.
  10. 710 downloads
    cannikin-postal (0.1.4) Lyris is an enterprise email service. Postal makes it easy for Ruby to talk to Lyris's API.
  11. 162 downloads
    canonball (0.1.3) Magic sauce ruby wrapper for canon EOS EDSDK.
  12. 2,282 downloads
    canonical_dude (2.0.0) canonical_dude is a Rails plugin to easily set your preferred version of a URL via the canonical tag
  13. 3,845 downloads
    canonical-email (1.0.1) canonical-email lets you substitute the To, CC, and/or BCC email destinations with one of many re...
  14. 22,818 downloads
    canonical-emails (0.1.0) Combine email validation and transformations to produce canonical email addresses.
  15. 825 downloads
    canonicalifier (0.0.2) Rails plugin to handle canonical urls
  16. 128,501 downloads
    canonical-rails (0.0.7) Configurable, but assumes a conservative strategy by default with a goal to solve many search eng...
  17. 2,446 downloads
    canonical_url (0.1.4) Canonical URL
  18. 5,434 downloads
    canonical-url (0.1.4) Canonical URL for Rails
  19. 2,656 downloads
    canonical_url-rails (0.2.1) URL canonicalization for Rails.
  20. 9,758 downloads
    canonicurl (0.0.8) A Canonical URL cache using Redis
  21. 131,151 downloads
    canonix (0.1.7) This is based on andrewferk's rewrite for Ruby 1.9 compatibility, but applies relevance's ...
  22. 8,217 downloads
    can_opener (0.0.5) Split up your CanCan Ability by allowing you to easily create abilities in separate classes which...
  23. 626 downloads
    canopy (0.0.1) AWS Cloud Services Orchestration Library
  24. 10,029 downloads
    cans (0.2.3) Interactive on-line source browser for rack applications
  25. 976 downloads
    can_self_do_it (0.0.2) Provide modules to work with sereveral permission policies
  26. 5,006 downloads
    cant (0.2.2) Use blocks to define what you cant do, define or reuse an existing fold function, and you are don...
  27. 33,519 downloads
    cantango ( Define your permission rules as role- or role group specific permits. Integrates well with multip...
  28. 6,633 downloads
    cantango-api (0.1.3) Ability, Can, Scope, Session, User, Account and more APIs for CanTango
  29. 16,825 downloads
    cantango-config (0.2.1) Configuration DSL for configuring CanTango
  30. 16,909 downloads
    cantango-core ( Define your permission rules as role- or role group specific permits. Integrates well with multip...