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  1. 2,358 downloads
    contact_sport (1.0.2) Simple importing of contacts from Outlook and vCard.
  2. 1,445 downloads
    contacts-rscheepmaker (1.2.5) A universal interface to grab contact list information from various providers including Yahoo, AO...
  3. 739 downloads
    contactually (0.0.1) Gem for Contactually application
  4. 430 downloads
    contactually-api (0.0.3) This is a simple wrapper for the contactually api. Try it!
  5. 1,564 downloads
    contactus (0.0.6) Contactus is a simple Ruby on Rails gem that generate a contact form for your site.
  6. 32,577 downloads
    contact_us (0.5.4) A Rails 3+ Engine providing a basic contact form. I used Formtastic to keep things simple, and t...
  7. 303 downloads
    contact_us_website (0.4.4.beta) Adding 'Website' field to the contact form.
  8. 7,883 downloads
    contador (2.0.0) This gem counts the numbers of words in a string. It returns each word and the multiplicity
  9. 3,957 downloads
    containerize_me (0.1.3) Containerize Me is intended to provide a cross distro linux means for easily defining charactieri...
  10. 1,518 downloads
    container_number_validator (0.0.3) This gems validates Sea Container Numbers. It adds a Rails validator for this to your project.
  11. 17,362 downloads
    contao (0.6.6) Contao Integration with Rails Asset Pipeline, Compass and Capistrano
  12. 1,850 downloads
    contemporary_words (0.0.4) A ruby gem that has the list of the most commonly used contemporary English words sorted by lengt...
  13. 2,378 downloads
    contender (0.2.0) Collection of utilities for managing concurrency
  14. 3,232 downloads
    contentable (0.3.1) Contentable allows rails developers to place chunks of content in "content_items" whcih store con...
  15. 3,509 downloads
    contentator (0.2.1) A lightweight cms that focuses on in place editing.
  16. 1,570 downloads
    content_block (0.0.5) Content blocks in Rails
  17. 6,258 downloads
    content_blocks (0.3.1) Content blocks are commonly used models representing editable page partials.
  18. 4,967 downloads
    contentbofu (1.3) TheBestSpinner, WordAI, integration with nested spinning
  19. 648 downloads
    content_caching (0.1.0) Library for help and speed up views render manipulation based on aws and local storage
  20. 6,309 downloads
    content_data (1.1.0) Data structure for an abstract layer over files. Each binary sequence is a
  21. 2,176 downloads
    content_directory (0.1.2) Content Directory is a lightweight replacement of Content Management System. It provides structur...
  22. 1,739 downloads
    contentdm (0.1.20) Module providing access to structured metadata in CONTENTdm collections
  23. 1,019 downloads
    content_driven (0.2.0) A clean, simple DSL for defining websites, no database required
  24. 139 downloads
    content_driven_sinatra (0.0.1pre) Sinatra integration for the Content Driven gem
  25. 1,209 downloads
    content-editing-movie-player (0.38.0) an EDL scene-skipper/bleeper that works with DVD's and files and online players like netflix instant
  26. 3,522 downloads
    content_engine (0.1.1) Extracted from shop2, site-rest
  27. 2,249 downloads
    contentflow (0.0.3) ContentFlow is a flexible CoverflowTM / ImageFlow like flow written in javascript, which can hand...
  28. 1,846 downloads
    content_focus (0.1.0) This is a little gem that allows you to input raw HTML and extract the most relevant piece of con...
  29. 10,395 downloads
    content_for_in_controllers (0.0.2) Enables use of content_for in controllers
  30. 694 downloads
    contentfree-is_it_mobile (1.3.1) TODO