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  1. 808 downloads
    csv-check (0.0.1) Lets you verify that cells in a CSV files match formats you expect
  2. 482 downloads
    csv_class_maker (0.2.1) 'csv_class_maker will create a class out of your csv's headers, and provide some methods for find...
  3. 1,068 downloads
    csv_combine (0.1.0) The combined CSV file is read.
  4. 4,771 downloads
    CSV-datagen (0.1.1) A free tool for generating random data for testing purposes.
  5. 4,433 downloads
    csv_db (1.0.2) Backup a db table to a csv or push csv content to a database table
  6. 905 downloads
    csv_export (0.0.1) Painless csv export in Ruby on Rails
  7. 5,384 downloads
    csv_filter (0.4.1) Filters CSV or TSV files (default) by column names
  8. 578 downloads
    csv-format-guesser (0.0.2) Guess format and encoding of .csv/.tsv files to generate options compatible with ruby CSV class. ...
  9. 1,119 downloads
    csv_from_table (0.1.0) Ruby library that spits out CSV from given HTML table, so you can use the view helpers when forma...
  10. 4,164 downloads
    csvgen (1.0.2) a simple lib oriented towards CSV generation only (no parsing)
  11. 3,279 downloads
    csvget (0.4.0) Super easy to use (but lots of dependencies :/) parser
  12. 4,820 downloads
    csv-hash (0.1.3) A gem for interacting with the MTA APIs
  13. 1,621 downloads
    csvify (0.1.0) Add a to_csv (similar to to_xml method) method to Array class for Active Record results
  14. 1,214 downloads
    csv_import (0.0.1) Use this Rails 3 plugin to easily import data via csv files
  15. 1,702 downloads
    csv-import (0.0.1) converts multiple formats of csv data into hashes with a normalized format
  16. 6,429 downloads
    csv_importer (0.0.4) Ever needed to import csv files where every row needs t...
  17. 2,347 downloads
    csv_in_zip (0.0.3) extract all csv files in a zip and run each row in a block
  18. 2,030 downloads
    csvision (0.2.0) Gives Hash the ability to be turned into csv files
  19. 5,244 downloads
    csvkit (0.1.4) Rack middleware to convert a <table> into a csv
  20. 5,658 downloads
    csv_lazy (0.0.8) A small CSV lib that skips whitespace-format-bugs and more.
  21. 471 downloads
    csv-machine (1.0.0) A machine for csv parsing
  22. 1,249 downloads
    csv_madness (0.0.4) CSV Madness removes what little pain is left from Ruby's CSV class. Load a CSV file, and get bac...
  23. 7,111 downloads
    csv_magic (0.3.3) Provides controller actions, views and field mapping for data from a csv file.
  24. 3,327 downloads
    csvmapper (0.0.4) CSV to Ruby class mapper
  25. 1,267 downloads
    csv_mapper (0.0.2) Provides a controller action and views for uploading, mapping and importing data from a csv
  26. 36,698 downloads
    csv-mapper (0.5.1) CSV Mapper makes it easy to import data from CSV files directly to a collection of any type of Ru...
  27. 1,234 downloads
    csv_monster (0.2.0) A set of utils for working with CSV files
  28. 889 downloads
    csv-monster (1.1.0) CSV parsing gem
  29. 1,567 downloads
    csv_mysql_importer (0.7) Import CSV Data into MySQL, Using Sequel as MySQL Adapter
  30. 1,481 downloads
    csvobj (1.0) CSVobj provides a legible and maintainable mechanism to manipulate CSV files by creating an array...