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  1. 569 downloads
    controller_scaffolder (0.1.0) Easily scaffold RESTful controllers
  2. 1,865 downloads
    controller_scaffolding (1.4.0) Creates controller and extended scaffolding for the model specified.
  3. 2,878 downloads
    controller_support (0.2.1) An extension of ActiveSupport::Concern to create smart and beautiful controller mixins
  4. 1,358 downloads
    controller-usage (0.0.1) Track usage of controllers and actions.
  5. 10,865 downloads
    controls (1.7.12) This gem interfaces to Rapid7's **controls**insight API.
  6. 2,254 downloads
    control_tower (1.0) Control Tower is a Rack-based HTTP server designed to work with MacRuby. It can be used by ca...
  7. 2,131 downloads
    contxtlservice (0.1.1) The ContextualService library makes it easy to manage and set services to a single, global resou...
  8. 8,559 downloads
    conv (0.0.4) Mainly testing gemcutter deployment
  9. 987 downloads
    convenient-actionpack (0.0.1) Convenient functionality for actionpack.
  10. 18,879 downloads
    convenient_scopes (0.10.2) Dynamic scopes by convention for ActiveRecord 3
  11. 11,581 downloads
    conventional_models (0.3.0) Generate ActiveRecord models automatically with basic relationships based on conventions.
  12. 90 downloads
    converge (0.0.1.pre.alpha.2) Data merger
  13. 195 downloads
    convergence (0.0.2) DB Schema management tool
  14. 8,727 downloads
    conversational (0.4.2) Allows you to instansiate conversations based on keywords
  15. 4,010 downloads
    conversations ( Conversations is a messaging system that enables users of devise-based Rails applications to exch...
  16. 21,019 downloads
    converse (1.0.26) Converse provides Broker/Translator classes to facilitate communication across an API by means of...
  17. 3,272 downloads
    conversio (0.1.2) Renders plain text files with Markdown syntax to XHTML pages. User can define their own Ruby ERB...
  18. 3,480 downloads
    conversion (0.1.1) Conversion module obviously allows object conversion and extends attr_writer/accessor
  19. 10,549 downloads
    conversions (1.4.6) A Ruby on Rails plugin that adds conversion capabilities to numeric objects
  20. 1,132 downloads
    conversocial (0.1.1) Ruby gem that wraps the conversocial api in an ORM pattern
  21. 7,448 downloads
    convertable_values (0.1.2) Convertable Values provides a simple unit conversion library and pattern for transparently storin...
  22. 454 downloads
    convertcurrency (0.0.0) A simple gem
  23. 10,020 downloads
    Converter ( Add attr_converter to maps attributes to another object, and this allows you to copy, convert and...
  24. 405 downloads
    convert_font (0.0.1) A CLI tool to convert fonts.
  25. 2,258 downloads
    convert_global_env (1.0.3) This module translates a string like $FOO/bar into the corresponding ENV variable, i.e. E...
  26. 2,652 downloads
    convertible (0.0.2) is a universal document conversion web service.
  27. 166 downloads
    convert_memory_engine (1.0.0) When i use rspec to do a lot of test, each time database is inserted data and truncate table, wh...
  28. 959 downloads
    convert_pdf_to_text (1.0.1) This library is called convert_pdf_to_text. It will try to convert a .pdf file to a ...
  29. 8,025 downloads
    convertr (0.1.1) Convertr works with database and handles converting tasks. It fetches files from remote sources a...
  30. 6,967 downloads
    convert_theme (0.3.1) Use any HTML template as a theme generator for your Rails app. Installs an HTML template, and it...