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  1. 1,260 downloads
    csv_monster (0.2.0) A set of utils for working with CSV files
  2. 927 downloads
    csv-monster (1.1.0) CSV parsing gem
  3. 1,612 downloads
    csv_mysql_importer (0.7) Import CSV Data into MySQL, Using Sequel as MySQL Adapter
  4. 1,492 downloads
    csvobj (1.0) CSVobj provides a legible and maintainable mechanism to manipulate CSV files by creating an array...
  5. 11,447 downloads
    csv-omg (1.1.8) CsvOmg easily lets you map CSV to objects. Inspired by happymapper.
  6. 3,524 downloads
    csvparser (0.1.1) An enumerating, streaming CSV parser that has ORM-like features.
  7. 324 downloads
    csv_parser (0.0.1) CSV parser with advanced error reporting
  8. 46,484 downloads
    csv_pirate (5.0.9) CsvPirate is the easy way to create a CSV of essentially anything in Ruby, in full pirate regalia...
  9. 3,881 downloads
    csv_query (1.0.3) CSV Query allows you to run SQL queries against data stored in CSV files.
  10. 9,379 downloads
    csv_rails (0.7.0) The csv_rails gem provides a download csv file with rails.
  11. 1,427 downloads
    csv_reader (0.0.2) CSV Reader
  12. 10,314 downloads
    csv_record (2.1.2) CSV Object-relational mapping for Ruby
  13. 1,477 downloads
    csv_renderer (0.0.1) A Rails3 renderer for the Comma Seperated Value (CSV) format. Thank-you to @josevalim for his ex...
  14. 3,245 downloads
    csv_report_generator (0.4.1) Makes generating CSV reports easier
  15. 4,975 downloads
    csvscan (0.1.0) This is a packaged version of CSVScan, written by MoonWolf. If you can read Japanese, checkout RE...
  16. 11,015 downloads
    csvscan-enphase (0.1.1) This is a packaged version of CSVScan, written by MoonWolf. If you can read Japanese, checkout RE...
  17. 5,572 downloads
    csv_schema (0.0.3) This validator is intended to be run on csv files that are updated and received on a regular basi...
  18. 16,823 downloads
    csv_shaper (1.0.0) Creating CSV files in Ruby is painful! CSV Shaper makes life easier! It's ideal for conv...
  19. 330 downloads
    csvstack2 (0.0.1) Stack CSV files on top of each other. Unlike csvstack, checks column names and reorders if necess...
  20. 2,392 downloads
    csv_store (0.1.1) Gem that helps with structuring CSV content
  21. 2,473 downloads
    csv_streamer (0.0.3) CSV template handler for Rails. Enables :format => 'csv' in controllers, with templates of the f...
  22. 5,405 downloads
    csv_to_object (1.0.4) Takes a CSV file and returns a a collection of objects generated by that CSV file.
  23. 3,647 downloads
    csv_to_sqlite (0.0.3) This is a tool to create SQlite database from a CSV file.
  24. 2,431 downloads
    csv_validator (0.0.3) A CSV validator for Rails 3. See homepage for details:
  25. 1,391 downloads
    cta-api (1.0.1) An easy way to access the Chicago Transit Authority API via the Ruby programming language
  26. 1,020 downloads
    ctags-bundler (0.0.1) Generate ctags for bundler projects
  27. 2,374 downloads
    ctags_bundler_rails (2.0.0) Add rake task for generating ctags from bundler
  28. 1,511 downloads
    ctags.rb (1.0.18) ctags.rb exposes exuberant-ctags to Ruby
  29. 452 downloads
    ctags_reader (0.0.1) Ctags "tags" files provide a treasure trove of information on the locations of symbols in...
  30. 464 downloads
    ctags_ruby (0.0.2) Wrapper for ctags