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  1. 581 downloads
    cortexio-grammar (1.0.0) A proof-of-concept CortexIO Query Language grammar using Ruby and citrus.
  2. 36,498 downloads
    cortex-reaver (0.3.1) A dangerous Ruby blog engine, with a photographic memory.
  3. 7,689 downloads
    corto (0.99.0) CORTO - your url shortner gem ----------------------------- - Yet another url shortner? corto...
  4. 31,146 downloads
    corundum (0.3.9) A corundum is a synthetic gemstone - including synthetic rubies. Ergo: a tool for synthesizing...
  5. 1,319 downloads
    corus (0.1.0) Use this gem to define what is not nullable related to an ActiveRecord backed class
  6. 10,930 downloads
    corx (0.1.7) Handful set of extensions to core ruby classes. NOT TESTED. CONTAINS BUGS.
  7. 100 downloads
    coryodaniel-merb_meta (0.0.4) A plugin for the Merb framework that provides easy access to setting per-page meta tags.
  8. 107 downloads
    coryodaniel-merb_threshold (1.0.0) Merb plugin that provides resource access rate limits and captcha'ing
  9. 112 downloads
    coryodaniel-methopara (0.3.0) Method#parameters for ruby-1.9.1
  10. 1,749 downloads
    coryodaniel-milton (0.3.7) Rails file and upload handling plugin built for extensibility. Supports Amazon S3 and resizes ima...
  11. 1,703 downloads
    coryodaniel-stories (0.1.4) Write Stories and User Acceptance Tests using Contest, the tiny add on to Test::Unit that provide...
  12. 117 downloads
    coryodaniel-ws-dummy (1.5.0) A gem for testing WarningShot's Gem Resolver.
  13. 205 downloads
    coryosborn-j_background (0.2.0) A wrapper for using Java's Thread Pools for asynchronous tasks
  14. 439 downloads
    cory-rubyflashbake (0.1.8) A Ruby project inspired by Thomas Gideon’s python Flashbake project
  15. 1,283 downloads
    cosby (0.0.2) They listen to the rap music, which gives them the brain damage.
  16. 2,043 downloads
    cosell (0.0.2) Cosell is a minimal implementation of the 'Announcements' observer framework, originally introduc...
  17. 540 downloads
    cosine-active_record_encoding (0.9.5) Library to monkey-patch ActiveRecord and add some Unicode awareness
  18. 210 downloads
    cosine-advanced-fileutils (0.0.3) Advanced FileUtils contains more methods you might have wished were in FileUtils.
  19. 203 downloads
    cosine-brush (0.0.2) Brush is intended to be an interactive shell with the power of Ruby. As it is in its infancy, it...
  20. 651 downloads
    cosine-fast_hammer (0.1.6) Provides a C-based algorithm for quickly plowing through SHA1s and calculating hamming distances.
  21. 111 downloads
    cosine-quacks-like (1.0.0) QuacksLike is a module for RSpec to add matchers that test if an object is fully duck-typed to pr...
  22. 6,374 downloads
    cosm (0.0.7) Cosm CLI
  23. 927 downloads
    cosmicrawler (0.0.1) Cosmicrawler is crawler library for Ruby. It provides scalable asynchronous crawling by (http|fil...
  24. 3,402 downloads
    cosmo (0.2.0) Makes running things on multiple machines easy
  25. 6,595 downloads
    cosmos (0.0.6) A service-orientated approach to web applications.
  26. 3,324 downloads
    cosmos_authentication (0.0.3) A client for the cosmos authentication service.
  27. 22,243 downloads
    cosm-rb (0.2.09) A library for communicating with the Cosm REST API, parsing and rendering Cosm feed formats
  28. 615 downloads
    cospace_styles (0.0.1) Shared assets gem
  29. 17,507 downloads
    cossincalc (1.0.10) CosSinCalc is a web application able to calculate the variables of a triangle. The live site is l...
  30. 18,733 downloads
    costagent (0.2.4) costagent is a Ruby gem that provides lightweight access to the projects/timeslips part of the Fr...