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  1. 17,041 downloads
    cookbooks (0.0.75) The Cookbooks Project is a collection or recipes, or cookbooks if you so will, over vari...
  2. 94 downloads
    cookery (0.0.1alpha) some cool chef tool
  3. 2,738 downloads
    cookie_alert (0.0.4) Display a visual warning on your site to let visitors know that you use Cookes. Primarily intende...
  4. 4,011 downloads
    cookie_crypt (1.2.2) ### Features ### * User customizable security questions and answers * Configurable ma...
  5. 7,257 downloads
    cookie_cutter (0.3.6) Provides a way to define the structure, lifetime, and other properties of a cookie all in one place.
  6. 3,183 downloads
    cookie_extractor (0.2.0) Extract cookies from Firefox, Chrome or Chromium sqlite databases into a wget-compatible cookies....
  7. 1,100,703 downloads
    cookiejar (0.3.2) Allows for parsing and returning cookies in Ruby HTTP client code
  8. 636 downloads
    cookie_jar (0.0.1) For Rumpus and CookieJar Integration.
  9. 10,343 downloads
    cookieless (0.3.0) Cookieless is a rack middleware to make your application works with cookie-less devices/browsers ...
  10. 795 downloads
    cookieless_sessions (1.0.1) cookieless_sessions implements a fallback mechanism for keeping Session-IDs (via GET-Parameter) o...
  11. 1,299 downloads
    cookiemonster (0.0.1) A library for working with Set-Cookie data in Ruby
  12. 4,389 downloads
    cookie_monster (0.1.5) A simple gem to encrypt cookies for ruby applications.
  13. 1,294 downloads
    cookie-proxy (0.0.1) Allows a rails application to act as a proxy for another server which utilises cookies.
  14. 1,668 downloads
    cookie_requirement (0.1.0) Ensure cookies are enabled in a Rails app.
  15. 6,565 downloads
    cookies_eu (1.0.11) Displays a cookie consent
  16. 325 downloads
    cookie_slasher (0.0.1) Use this gem as an extra layer of protection if your system has any HTTP accelerators in front of...
  17. 12,804 downloads
    cookies_manager (0.3.0) Simple cookies management tool for Rails that provides a convenient way to manage any kind of dat...
  18. 510 downloads
    cookie_store (0.1.2) A Ruby library to handle client-side HTTP cookies
  19. 2,730 downloads
    cookie_tracker (1.2.0) The cookie_tracker easily synchronizes settings stored in cookies with instance variables of the ...
  20. 7,936 downloads
    cooking (0.1.1) This package is originally units but since i can't find the project to fork on github, I made a g...
  21. 2,670 downloads
    cookler (0.3.3) Cookler is a Ruby library that provides spidering and analysing features. It helps you to...
  22. 1,802 downloads
    cool_debug (0.1.0) Nicer debug in rails views
  23. 2,658 downloads
    cooler (0.0.3) Mini ORM, agnostic to key value store databases
  24. 20,894 downloads (0.2.10) A Rails plugin
  25. 1,866 downloads
    cool_extensions (0.0.2) Some interesting extensions to your favorite ruby object types
  26. 1,371 downloads
    cool_faker (0.0.3) Perfect for filling in tables to test how program treats data
  27. 2,759 downloads
    coolie (0.2.0) A tiny library for spawning worker processes
  28. 624 downloads
    coolify (0.0.5) Here would go another longer description.
  29. 670 downloads
    coolify_gem (0.2.1) This gem was created thanks to a YouTube tutorial by user Lasse Bunk.
  30. 176,077 downloads (1.2.4) provides a high performance event framework for Ruby which uses the libev C library