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  1. 488 downloads
    crud_generator (0.0.1) CRUD generator generates CRUD dynamically in controllers
  2. 10,153 downloads
    crudify (0.0.7) Crudify is a dynamic resource controller for Rails 3. The idea is skinny controllers with powerfu...
  3. 2,576 downloads
    crud_menu (0.0.4) Quickly generate a CRUD menu description
  4. 789 downloads
    crud_methods (0.0.1) design pattern that allows order-independent class-level definition of action-dependent controlle...
  5. 3,803 downloads
    crud-service (0.0.9) A basic library for automatic CRUD services using only Sinatra, MySQL and Memcache
  6. 7,926 downloads
    crudspec (0.2.0) Generate specs for CRUD controllers
  7. 1,738 downloads
    crudtree (0.1.2) A resource helper mainly for usher, but may be adapted for other routers as well.
  8. 3,375 downloads
    CRUDtree (0.1.1) A resource helper mainly for usher, but may be adapted for other routers as well.
  9. 933 downloads
    cruft (0.0.1) Keeps a cruft.txt file in the app directory, which collects #cruft: notes from the app source cod...
  10. 296 downloads
    cruisecontrolrb_to_hipchat (0.0.2) A simple daemon to report last build status of projects and activities from cruisecontrol. Inspir...
  11. 1,758 downloads
    cruiseface (1.0.1) CruiseFace arms to give a friendly Cruise Pipeline dashboard info for developers.
  12. 16,066 downloads
    cruisestatus (1.3.2) Allows scripts and applications to check the status of your project's build.
  13. 158 downloads
    cru_lib (0.0.1) Collection of common ruby logic used by a number of Cru apps
  14. 24,210 downloads
    crumble (0.1.3) How did these breadcrumbs in your Rails application? Oh right, with this plugin!
  15. 1,807 downloads
    crumbs (1.1.2) Adds a handy crumbs variable available in your views.
  16. 3,312 downloads
    crumby (1.1.2) A simple breadcrumb plugin for rails
  17. 153,293 downloads
    crummy (1.8.0) Crummy is a simple and tasty way to add breadcrumbs to your Rails applications.
  18. 1,729 downloads
    crunch (0.0.0) Crunch is an alternative MongoDB driver with an emphasis on high concurrency, atomic update opera...
  19. 1,229 downloads
    crunch-api (0.0.2) A Ruby interface to the Crunch Accounting API
  20. 14,263 downloads
    crunchbase (0.4.0) Ruby wrapper for CrunchBase API
  21. 102 downloads
    crunchbase-api (0.1.0) Wrapper for Crunchbase API v2
  22. 326 downloads
    crunchpipe (0.0.1beta1) Using the data-pipeline pattern loosely-based on dataflow programming, CrunchPipe helps you to wr...
  23. 3,025 downloads
    crunchr (0.0.4) Crunch statistics
  24. 6,673 downloads
    crunchyroll (0.9.5) Find and get infos about series airing on Crunchyroll.
  25. 2,820 downloads
    crusade (0.8.2) push notification gem
  26. 1,966 downloads
    crusade-apns (0.8.2) APNS pluging for crusade
  27. 503 downloads
    crusade-gcm (0.8.2) Google Cloud Messaging plugin for crusade
  28. 1,447 downloads
    crusade_rails (0.8.2) Add push notification support via crusade to your rails rails application
  29. 9,593 downloads
    crush (0.3.3) Crush is a set of Tilt templates for the various JavaScript and CSS compression libraries in Ruby.
  30. 16,701 downloads
    crusher ( A scriptable, multiprocessing load generator designed to bring web applications to their knees