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  1. 3,234 downloads
    couchrest_changes (0.1.1) Watches the couch database for changes and triggers callbacks defined for creation, deletes and u...
  2. 9,646 downloads
    couchrest_extended_document (1.0.0) CouchRest::ExtendedDocument provides aditional features to the standard CouchRest::Document class...
  3. 2,710 downloads
    couchrest_localised_properties (0.1.1) Add support to CouchRest Model for localised properties.
  4. 46,648 downloads
    couchrest_model (2.0.3) CouchRest Model provides aditional features to the standard CouchRest Document class such as prop...
  5. 557 downloads
    couchrest_model_cloudant (0.1.0) Extends couchrest_model to provide support for creating and querying Cloudant Search indexes.
  6. 13,150 downloads
    couchrest_model_config (0.2.2) Simple, environment-based server and database configuration for couchrest_model.
  7. 1,650 downloads
    couchrest_model-radiant (1.0.0) CouchRest Model for radiantcms-couchrest_model
  8. 9,906 downloads
    couchrest_model_search (0.0.6) Add couchdb-lucene search support to CouchRest Model
  9. 3,740 downloads
    couchrest_model_slug (0.0.3) A simple gem to generate slugs using couchrest model, based on mongoid_slug.
  10. 1,554 downloads
    couchrest_model_thought (1.0.0.beta9) CouchRest Model provides aditional features to the standard CouchRest Document class such as prop...
  11. 10,974 downloads
    couchrest_session_store (0.2.4) A Rails Session Store based on CouchRest Model
  12. 8,774 downloads
    couchrest-uniqueness-validation (0.2.1) adds uniquness validation by using a design doc view
  13. 5,136 downloads
    couch_scheduler (0.2.1) Create a publishing system that allows you to schedule your documents for publication.
  14. 12,109 downloads
    couch-shell (0.0.8) A shell to interact with a CouchDB server.
  15. 3,534 downloads
    couchsphinx (0.2) A full text indexing extension for CouchDB/CouchRest using Sphinx.
  16. 5,181 downloads
    couch_surfer (0.3.4) CouchSurfer provides an ORM for CouchDB, as well as supporting association and validation declara...
  17. 328 downloads
    couchsurfing_client (0.0.1) Unofficial Couchsurfing client
  18. 270 downloads
    couch_tap (0.0.2) Couch Tap provides a DSL that allows complex CouchDB documents to be converted into rows in a RDB...
  19. 12,132 downloads
    couch_tomato (0.2.0) Ruby persistence layer for CouchDB, inspired by and forked from Couch Potato
  20. 18,251 downloads
    couchup (0.1.0) Command line interface to a couchdb deployment.
  21. 7,755 downloads
    couch_view (0.1.1) Modular, de-coupled views for CouchDB.
  22. 5,890 downloads
    couch_visible (0.2.0) Specify whether or not a document is visible.
  23. 8,345 downloads
    couch-warmer (2.0.0) couchdb view generation could take a while. you could build temp views, then copy them in one shot
  24. 2,742 downloads
    couchwatcher (0.1.1) This gem provides a simple library to watch a couchdb database or specific documents and to recei...
  25. 271 downloads
    cough-rails (0.0.0) CoughSyrup adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.
  26. 277 downloads
    cough-syrup (0.0.0) Ruby CoughSyrup is a bridge to the JS CoughSyrup transpiler.
  27. 276 downloads
    cough-syrup-source (0.0.0) CoughSyrup is a shallow fork of CoffeeScript.
  28. 34,906 downloads
    coulda (0.7.1) Behaviour Driven Development derived from Cucumber but as an internal DSL with methods for reuse
  29. 11,606 downloads
    coulda_web_steps (0.6.8) Provides reusable steps for Coulda acceptance testing of Rack/Rails applications
  30. 5,404 downloads
    coulis (0.2.6) Simple but powerful CLI Wrapper