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  1. 22,802 downloads
    css_grid (2.7.14) Provide CSS grid stylesheet and CSS grid helpers
  2. 5,030 downloads
    css_image_embedder (0.3.0) Css Image Embedder puts your background files directly into corresponding CSS file. Thanks to tha...
  3. 7,206 downloads
    css_inliner (0.3.2) inline CSS from external file(s) and/or style elment(s) in head element into style attib...
  4. 3,137 downloads
    css-lightbox (0.2.0) a css-only lightbox implementation for compass
  5. 5,222 downloads
    css_lint ( Lint your CSS.
  6. 267 downloads
    css-lint (0.0.1) CSS linter for the modern day developer
  7. 643 downloads
    csslint_ruby (0.0.2) Provide an interface to lint css with CSSLint from ruby
  8. 1,439 downloads
    csslint-source (2012.03.16) A RubyGem packaging of the CSSLint code quality utility.
  9. 7,363 downloads
    cs_sln_graph (0.0.6) Generates dependency graphs using GraphViz from C# solution files
  10. 3,105 downloads
    cssmenu (0.1.0) This is a set of functions to simplify management of a CSS based menu system.
  11. 146,869 downloads
    cssmin (1.0.3) Ruby library for minifying CSS. Inspired by cssmin.js and YUI Compressor.
  12. 527 downloads
    cssmin-cli (1.0.2) Command line tool for minifying CSS. Based on CSSMin library.
  13. 1,152 downloads
    cssmin-ebtd (1.0.3) Ruby library for minifying CSS. Forked from cssmin by ebaytoday's team.
  14. 17,533 downloads
    cssminify (1.0.2) The CSSminify gem provides CSS compression using YUI compressor. Instead of wrapping around t...
  15. 3,578 downloads
    css_naked (1.0.2) This plugin makes a Rails application strip off the stylesheets during the CSS Naked Day event. I...
  16. 32,859 downloads
    csso-rails (0.3.4) Invoke the CSSO from Ruby
  17. 1,143,571 downloads
    css_parser (1.3.5) A set of classes for parsing CSS in Ruby.
  18. 1,680 downloads
    css_parser_1.1.0 (1.1.0) A set of classes for parsing CSS in Ruby.
  19. 1,859 downloads
    css_parser_master (1.2.4) Parse a CSS file and access/operate on rulesets, selectors, declarations etc. Includes specificit...
  20. 2,173 downloads
    cssplop (0.1.1) Inline CSS declarations into HTML element attributes.
  21. 32,427 downloads
    csspool (4.0.0) CSSPool is a CSS parser. CSSPool provides a SAC interface for parsing CSS as well as a document ...
  22. 12,619 downloads
    csspool-st (3.1.2) Fork of CSSPool. CSSPool is a CSS parser. CSSPool provides a SAC interface for parsing CSS as we...
  23. 6,458 downloads
    csspress (0.0.4) Strip white space and comments from CSS as well as a little optimization.
  24. 12,377 downloads
    css_press (0.3.2) Ruby gem for compressing CSS
  25. 3,273 downloads
    css_primer (0.2) Takes in a markup file (html/xml) and creates a CSS file with a reference to classes/ids.
  26. 728 downloads
    cssquirt (0.0.1) Embeds images (or directories of images) directly into CSS via the Data URI scheme.
  27. 1,341 downloads
    css_selector (1.0.0) Filtering STDIN by CSS Selector
  28. 1,295 downloads
    css_shapes (0.8.0) SCSS library for shapes. Sources:, ...
  29. 3,084 downloads
    css-slideshow (0.2.0) a css-only slideshow implementation for compass
  30. 4,160 downloads
    css-snippets (0.0.3) Gem contains stylesheets and rails helpers which provides simple way to add useful css snippets t...