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  1. 2,674 downloads
    count (0.0.6) Code Line Counter. Now support Swift/C/C++/Obj-C/Ruby/Python/C#/Haskell/Scala/SML/PHP/JavaScript/...
  2. 523 downloads
    countable-rails (0.0.1) Countable is a script to allow for live paragraph-, word- and character- counting on an HTML elem...
  3. 1,265 downloads
    count_by (1.0.0) Enumerable#count_by
  4. 1,690 downloads
    countdown (0.1.0) A command line utility to show bus arrival times at bus stops in London. Like the countdown board...
  5. 6,544 downloads
    countdowner (0.2.6) Countdown announcer for site maintenance etc.
  6. 30,616 downloads
    countdownlatch (1.0.0) A synchronization aid that allows one or more threads to wait until a set of operations being per...
  7. 2,552 downloads
    countdownobj (0.0.3) An object base on Time that'll let you know how much time is left until the deadline. Count Down ...
  8. 7,992 downloads
    counted_each (0.0.4) Array#each with status output
  9. 8,142 downloads
    counter (0.5.31) count things, either as a one-off or aggregated over time
  10. 1,833 downloads
    counter2000 (0.0.4) add 1 to a count, resets count to zero, return current count
  11. 562 downloads
    counter-cache (0.0.2) This makes it easier.
  12. 3,222 downloads
    counter_cachier (0.0.3) Counter cache on steroids - requires a bit of configuration, but then simply saves counter data.
  13. 36,046 downloads
    counter_culture (0.1.25) counter_culture provides turbo-charged counter caches that are kept up-to-date not just on create...
  14. 4,030 downloads
    counterfeit (0.0.3) Easy Money gem integration for rails 3.
  15. 743 downloads
    counterman (0.0.3) Fast and furious tracking system using Redis hash operations
  16. 13,125 downloads
    counters (1.3.1) Using the provided API, record metrics (such as number of hits to a particular controller, bytes ...
  17. 7,933 downloads
    counter_server (0.0.8) Count things, saves in Redis
  18. 36,212 downloads
    countloc (0.4.0) LOC metrics generation script implementation in Ruby.
  19. 1,299 downloads
    count_loc (1.4.0) Count and total lines of code in a given set of files or from directories. Different languages su...
  20. 573,193 downloads
    countries (0.9.3) All sorts of useful information about every country packaged as pretty little country objects. It...
  21. 9,752 downloads
    countries_and_languages (0.2.0) Countries and languages in I18n.locale for select_tag or output in 85 languages
  22. 617 downloads
    countries_and_statesjs-rails (1.0) This is a simple javascript file that includes an object with countries as keys and arrays of sta...
  23. 2,055 downloads
    countries-phone_numbers (1.0.3) Find countries by phone numbers
  24. 3,050 downloads
    countries_ru (0.1.0) All sorts of useful information about every country in russian language. Data from
  25. 1,655 downloads
    country (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  26. 200 downloads
    country_code (0.0.1) Now you can find the country code by country name. There are lots of gem available but those not ...
  27. 5,282 downloads
    country_codes (0.1.0) Lookup country related metadata
  28. 7,197 downloads
    country_code_select (1.0.1) A simple country code select helper. Works exactly the same as country_select but uses country co...
  29. 2,468 downloads
    country-code-select (0.2) country-select compatible gem which uses country codes
  30. 339 downloads
    country_continent (0.0.1) A very simple Gem to look up continents from a country ISO code. The IP geolocation data is provi...