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  1. 3,475 downloads
    css_views (0.5.3) Allow you to create css.erb views, and use helpers and the like in them
  2. 11,539 downloads
    csswaxer (0.0.9) CSS Waxer refactors CSS files bringing the focus on properties, rather than on selectors. Typical...
  3. 1,710 downloads
    csteamer (0.1.0) CSteamer "steams" your content for data you can use in an organized way, such as a summary/first ...
  4. 1,221 downloads
    cstore_workplace (0.1) A generator of import file from yaml to end csv.
  5. 23,916 downloads
    cstruct (1.0.1) CStruct is a simulation of the C language's struct.
  6. 790 downloads
    cstub (0.0.3) Simple C stub generator.
  7. 1,440 downloads
    csun-student-affairs-supermodel (0.1.5) In memory DB using ActiveModel
  8. 413 downloads
    csv2api (0.1.0) Auto-create json & xml APIs endpoints from csv files.
  9. 2,610 downloads
    csv2hash (0.2.1) DSL to map a CSV to a Ruby Hash
  10. 7,021 downloads
    csv2json (0.3.0) handy for converting xls files to json
  11. 575 downloads
    csv2other (0.0.4) A tiny gem to convert CSV files to other format with template
  12. 2,503 downloads
    csv2plist (0.0.2) Takes a comma-separated variable (CSV) file and generates a Property List (PLIST) file from it st...
  13. 6,069 downloads
    csv2qif (1.0.2) Command line tool csv2qif
  14. 8,478 downloads
    csv2sql (0.3.070927135848) Csv2sql provides an easy way to convert comma separated files to sql
  15. 771 downloads
    csv2sqlite (0.0.7) if ssconvert from gnumeric is installed it can convert xls and xlsx as well (single sheet)
  16. 2,142 downloads
    csv2strings (0.2.4) ruby script converts a CSV file of translations to Localizable.strings files and vice-versa
  17. 611 downloads
    csv2xlsx (0.0.1) Creates an Excel file from one or more CSV files, one sheet per file
  18. 5,917 downloads
    csvash (1.1.2) Simplify CSV to Model mapping and vice versa.
  19. 1,771 downloads
    csv-as-map (0.0.1) A package for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 address space.
  20. 1,031 downloads
    csv-autoparser (1.1.0) Can parse a CSV file automatically given a user specified header row.
  21. 78,058 downloads
    csv_builder (2.1.1) CSV template handler for Rails. Enables :format => 'csv' in controllers, with templates of the f...
  22. 922 downloads
    csv-check (0.0.1) Lets you verify that cells in a CSV files match formats you expect
  23. 1,166 downloads
    csv_class_maker (0.3.0) 'csv_class_maker will create a class out of your csv's headers, and provide some methods for find...
  24. 1,176 downloads
    csv_combine (0.1.0) The combined CSV file is read.
  25. 109 downloads
    csv_content_validator (0.0.1) Validate the content of well-formed CSV files on server and client side
  26. 382 downloads
    csvconv (0.0.2) CSV converter to JSON, YAML, LTSV
  27. 5,106 downloads
    CSV-datagen (0.1.1) A free tool for generating random data for testing purposes.
  28. 4,843 downloads
    csv_db (1.0.2) Backup a db table to a csv or push csv content to a database table
  29. 184 downloads
    csv-diff (0.1) This library performs diffs of CSV files. Unlike a standard diff that compares l...
  30. 1,017 downloads
    csv_export (0.0.1) Painless csv export in Ruby on Rails