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  1. 3,793 downloads
    couchrest_model_slug (0.0.3) A simple gem to generate slugs using couchrest model, based on mongoid_slug.
  2. 1,565 downloads
    couchrest_model_thought (1.0.0.beta9) CouchRest Model provides aditional features to the standard CouchRest Document class such as prop...
  3. 11,305 downloads
    couchrest_session_store (0.2.4) A Rails Session Store based on CouchRest Model
  4. 8,861 downloads
    couchrest-uniqueness-validation (0.2.1) adds uniquness validation by using a design doc view
  5. 5,202 downloads
    couch_scheduler (0.2.1) Create a publishing system that allows you to schedule your documents for publication.
  6. 12,252 downloads
    couch-shell (0.0.8) A shell to interact with a CouchDB server.
  7. 3,569 downloads
    couchsphinx (0.2) A full text indexing extension for CouchDB/CouchRest using Sphinx.
  8. 5,237 downloads
    couch_surfer (0.3.4) CouchSurfer provides an ORM for CouchDB, as well as supporting association and validation declara...
  9. 347 downloads
    couchsurfing_client (0.0.1) Unofficial Couchsurfing client
  10. 294 downloads
    couch_tap (0.0.2) Couch Tap provides a DSL that allows complex CouchDB documents to be converted into rows in a RDB...
  11. 12,253 downloads
    couch_tomato (0.2.0) Ruby persistence layer for CouchDB, inspired by and forked from Couch Potato
  12. 18,493 downloads
    couchup (0.1.0) Command line interface to a couchdb deployment.
  13. 7,842 downloads
    couch_view (0.1.1) Modular, de-coupled views for CouchDB.
  14. 5,959 downloads
    couch_visible (0.2.0) Specify whether or not a document is visible.
  15. 8,470 downloads
    couch-warmer (2.0.0) couchdb view generation could take a while. you could build temp views, then copy them in one shot
  16. 2,776 downloads
    couchwatcher (0.1.1) This gem provides a simple library to watch a couchdb database or specific documents and to recei...
  17. 294 downloads
    cough-rails (0.0.0) CoughSyrup adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.
  18. 298 downloads
    cough-syrup (0.0.0) Ruby CoughSyrup is a bridge to the JS CoughSyrup transpiler.
  19. 298 downloads
    cough-syrup-source (0.0.0) CoughSyrup is a shallow fork of CoffeeScript.
  20. 35,258 downloads
    coulda (0.7.1) Behaviour Driven Development derived from Cucumber but as an internal DSL with methods for reuse
  21. 11,738 downloads
    coulda_web_steps (0.6.8) Provides reusable steps for Coulda acceptance testing of Rack/Rails applications
  22. 5,515 downloads
    coulis (0.2.6) Simple but powerful CLI Wrapper
  23. 2,789 downloads
    count (0.0.6) Code Line Counter. Now support Swift/C/C++/Obj-C/Ruby/Python/C#/Haskell/Scala/SML/PHP/JavaScript/...
  24. 551 downloads
    countable-rails (0.0.1) Countable is a script to allow for live paragraph-, word- and character- counting on an HTML elem...
  25. 1,292 downloads
    count_by (1.0.0) Enumerable#count_by
  26. 1,734 downloads
    countdown (0.1.0) A command line utility to show bus arrival times at bus stops in London. Like the countdown board...
  27. 6,665 downloads
    countdowner (0.2.6) Countdown announcer for site maintenance etc.
  28. 31,076 downloads
    countdownlatch (1.0.0) A synchronization aid that allows one or more threads to wait until a set of operations being per...
  29. 2,607 downloads
    countdownobj (0.0.3) An object base on Time that'll let you know how much time is left until the deadline. Count Down ...
  30. 8,075 downloads
    counted_each (0.0.4) Array#each with status output