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  1. 5,947 downloads
    crisp (0.1.0) a tiny lisp-like language written in ruby using treetop.
  2. 211 downloads
    crispy (0.1.2) Test spy for any object in Ruby. It makes mocks obsolete so you don't have to be worried about wh...
  3. 11,941 downloads
    crispy-grid (0.5.0) In short, Crispy Grid closes the gap between easy-to-use grids for simple web pages and doing eve...
  4. 1,248 downloads
    crispy-mobile (0.1.0) CSS Media Requeries are a nice idea but don't cut down payload size. Serve only what is needed fo...
  5. 3,556 downloads
    criteria (0.0.3) An object-orientated approach to assembling complex criteria for querying ActiveRecord.
  6. 5,542 downloads
    critique (0.2.0) critiques your code
  7. 1,079 downloads
    critsend_events (1.0.0) Accepts Critsend events with Ruby on Rails
  8. 486 downloads
    crl_watchdog (1.0.0) Checks if an OpenSSl certificate revocation file expires within a given amount of days
  9. 764 downloads
    crm (0.0.1) An abstraction layer to help deal with crm in applications.
  10. 7,517 downloads
    crm114 (1.0.3) CRM114.rb is a Ruby interface to the CRM114 Controllable Regex Mutilator, an advanced and...
  11. 466 downloads
    crm_client (0.0.1) This is client library for PADMA CRM API.
  12. 2,065 downloads
    crm_integration (0.0.3) A simple CRM integration for test
  13. 136 downloads
    crnixon-active_files (0.1.0) TODO
  14. 132 downloads
    crnixon-appjour (0.1.1) Announce an app over bonjour
  15. 3,523 downloads
    crnixon-jekyll (0.5.2) Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.
  16. 257 downloads
    crnixon-mongomapper (0.3.4) Awesome gem for modeling your domain and storing it in mongo
  17. 133 downloads
    crnixon-tap_provision_server (0.1.0) tap_provision_server
  18. 4,346 downloads
    cro (1.1.3) A ruby gem that allows you to easily integrate with the Irish Companies Registration Offices API.
  19. 256 downloads
    croaker-aws-s3 ( Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API
  20. 1,837 downloads
    croc (1.0.0) Croc indexes your locally installed rdocs and generates an HTML page with a quick search box. The...
  21. 727 downloads
    crochet (0.0.1) Hook into and/or monkeypatch any Ruby class- or instance-method. Provides 'before' and 'after' ho...
  22. 440 downloads
    crochets (0.1.0) Easy setting of hook chains on Ruby methods calls in rubtime
  23. 1,368 downloads
    crock (0.1) Crock is a tiny implementation of JSON serialization in pure Ruby.
  24. 467 downloads
    crocker (0.0.1) Simple client api validator
  25. 165 downloads
    crocodile (1.0) A simple worker to run Ruby jobs periodically
  26. 13,974 downloads
    crocodoc (1.0.2) The Crocodoc API lets you upload documents and then generate secure and customized viewing sessio...
  27. 37,705 downloads
    crocodoc-ruby (0.0.1) Ruby library for interacting with v2 of the Crocodoc API.
  28. 1,368 downloads
    crocoduck (0.0.5) Crocoduck is a Resque job system that seeks to model the pattern of mutating MongoDB documents.
  29. 522 downloads
    crohr-docapi (0.1.4) RDoc template for generating API documentation.
  30. 521 downloads
    crohr-restfully (0.2.2) Experimental code for auto-generation of wrappers on top of RESTful APIs that follow HATEOAS prin...