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  1. 2,647 downloads
    cuke_profiles (0.0.3) Run your Cucumber features multiple times within one Cucumber invocation
  2. 3,199 downloads
    cuke_puke (0.1.0) Uses the OS X 'say' command to inflict verbal diarrhea on all around!
  3. 3,396 downloads
    cukeq (0.0.1.dev5) Cucumber features distributed using AMQP.
  4. 5,325 downloads
    cukeregator (0.1.3) aggregates many cucumber results files into one summary page
  5. 13,052 downloads
    cukesalad (0.8.2) CukeSalad allows you to focus on the tasks at hand - expressing examples, the roles involved in t...
  6. 75,416 downloads
    cuke_sniffer (0.0.8) A ruby library used to root out smells in your cukes.
  7. 15,750 downloads
    cukesparse (2.1.8) A simple command line parser to pass arguments into Cucumber
  8. 762 downloads
    cukestep (0.1.1) Cukestep exposes your system's Gherkin steps through a Rails Engine. It comes coupled with a java...
  9. 2,587 downloads
    cuke-step-bm (1.0.1) cucumber steps benchmark
  10. 433 downloads
    cuke-steps (0.0.1) Cucumber Steps and Tags documentation generator.
  11. 15,192 downloads
    cuketagger (1.5) batch tagging of cucumber features and scenarios
  12. 1,851 downloads
    cuke-test (0.0.1) Packaging some Cucumber steps as a gem? Test them with Cuke Test.
  13. 1,424 downloads
    cuke_writer (0.0.1) A custom Cucumber formatter which collects steps and generates serialized sets of Cucumber featur...
  14. 14,919 downloads
    cuki (0.0.12) Pull acceptance criteria from a Confluence wiki page into a Cucumber feature file
  15. 2,895 downloads
    cukunity (0.1.2) cukunity is a tool inspired by the principles of Behaviour Driven Development. Cukunity is a port...
  16. 757,024 downloads
    culerity (0.2.15) Culerity integrates Cucumber and Celerity in order to test your application's full stack.
  17. 34,335 downloads
    cul-fedora (1.0.3) Columbia-specific Fedora libraries
  18. 5,166 downloads
    cul-fedora-arm (0.6.0) Tools for dealing with Cul ARM specification
  19. 3,433 downloads
    cul-handles (0.2.0) Columbia client to deal with handle server
  20. 12,040 downloads
    cul_image_props (0.3.5) Library for extracting basic image properties
  21. 2,236 downloads
    cullender (0.0.5) Create reverse queries and add them to elasticsearch to trigger an event any time a new record ma...
  22. 1,675 downloads
    culler (0.0.1) Culler is a tool for finding and removing duplicate files on disk. It offers a number of comparis...
  23. 20,610 downloads
    cul_scv_hydra (0.19.1) Hydra implementations for CUL Staff Collection Viewer
  24. 4,780 downloads
    cultome_player (2.0.0) A console music library explorer and player
  25. 683 downloads
    culturecode-acts_as_taggable (0.2.3) Simple record tagging
  26. 85 downloads
    culturecode-cancan (2.0.0.alpha) Simple authorization solution for Rails which is decoupled from user roles. All permissions are s...
  27. 76 downloads
    culturecode-holidays (1.0.7.pre) A collection of Ruby methods to deal with statutory and other holidays. You deserve a holiday!
  28. 323 downloads
    culturecode-sunspot_solr (2.0.0.pre) Sunspot::Solr provides a bundled Solr distribution for use with Sunspot. Typical deployme...
  29. 3,204 downloads
    culturegrid (0.1.2) Simple access to the CultureGrid API
  30. 3,517 downloads
    cumber (1.0.10) UIAutomation tool that bridges the gap between cucumber tests and XCode Instruments