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  1. 6,276 downloads
    custerd (0.1.5) makes the error callbacks on your rails forms a bit prettier when you are using the bootstrap css
  2. 2,420 downloads
    custodian (0.0.2) Custodian is a lightweight resource monitor that is easy to use and augment
  3. 1,377 downloads
    custom555 (0.0.2) custom555, will provide some of the useful math functionalities like add, substract, multiply, di...
  4. 119 downloads
    custom_associations (0.1.0.pre) This ActiveRecord plugin add very basic support custom associations, without any syntactic sugar ...
  5. 1,371 downloads
    custom_attributes (0.1.0) CustomAttributes allows you to add custom attributes to ActiveRecord objects, optionally scoped b...
  6. 31,325 downloads
    custom-attributes (0.2.27) Easy management of extra model attributes. Can store fields in the model if provided
  7. 1,337 downloads
    custom_audience (0.0.2) Easy FB custom audience creation
  8. 5,061 downloads
    custom_benchmarks (0.0.3) Easily allows custom information to be included in the benchmark log line at the end of each requ...
  9. 9,354 downloads
    custom_boolean (0.1.5) Handrolled if/else expressions with customizable truthiness
  10. 1,319 downloads
    custom_captcha (0.1.0) A simple and custom captcha for Rails3.
  11. 1,423 downloads
    custom_change_messages (0.2.0) Change history for ActiveRecord models in a customisable format, making user friendly logging for...
  12. 14,465 downloads
    custom_configuration (0.0.2) Custom configuration storage for Rails
  13. 14,943 downloads
    custom_counter_cache (0.1.2) Custom counter_cache functionality that supports conditions and multiple models.
  14. 1,452 downloads
    custom_emails (0.1.0) CustomEmails add a few models and helpers to allow email content administration.
  15. 1,318 downloads
    customer_ext (0.0.1) Allows IVO::Core to handle customers
  16. 55,204 downloads
    customerio (0.5.1) A ruby client for the event API.
  17. 34,978 downloads
    custom_error_message (1.1.1) This plugin gives you the option to not have your custom validation error message prefixed with t...
  18. 1,805 downloads
    custom_error_messages (0.1.0) This plugin allows you to omit the attribute name for specific messages. All you have to do is be...
  19. 812 downloads
    custom_error_pages (0.1.30) Rails gem to create custom error pages. Captures exceptions using "exception_app" callback, routi...
  20. 7,725 downloads
    custom_errors_handler (0.2.5) Custom Errors Handler is intended as an easy alternative to manage showing/rendering exceptions t...
  21. 1,750 downloads
    custom_field_error (1.0.0) allows you to set field_error_proc from witihin the model's file, and seperately for each model.
  22. 57,340 downloads
    custom_fields (2.3.2) Manage custom fields to a mongoid document or a collection. This module is one of the core featur...
  23. 5,135 downloads
    custom_fragment_cache (0.0.1) Define your custom fragment caches
  24. 4,116 downloads
    customizable_bootstrap (0.10.5) Customizable bootstrap is designed to get you up and running with a customizable version of boost...
  25. 8,808 downloads
    customize (0.0.8) easy customize your domain model, including: characterize; inherit; formula
  26. 14,588 downloads
    customize_admin (0.0.13) CustomizeAdmin it is simple way to customize your admin view.
  27. 14,697 downloads
    customized-mongomapper-search (1.0.3) Easily integrate Mongo Mapper with with Solr search. Please view the CHANGELOG file found on the...
  28. 90 downloads
    customized_piwik_analytics (1.0.4) The customized_piwik_analytics gem provides an easy way to include Piwik into your applicatio...
  29. 5,060 downloads
    custom_layout (0.0.4) Quickly add a nice layout
  30. 2,292 downloads
    custom_logs (0.0.7) Add your logs to standard output