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  1. 613 downloads
    cute (0.0.1)'s gem
  2. 1,228 downloads
    cuted (1.0.0) A simple single-machine batch queueing system.
  3. 6,619 downloads
    cutep (1.0.0) "Cute p" provide more human readable "p" function.
  4. 226 downloads
    cute_print (0.2.0) Write debug output to stderr. Optionally print the source filename and line number, or the sourc...
  5. 35,244 downloads
    cutest (1.2.1) Run tests in separate processes to avoid shared state.
  6. 4,828 downloads
    cutest-cj (1.8.0) Run tests in separate processes to avoid shared state.
  7. 1,652 downloads
    cutest-report (0.0.1) Beautiful reports for Cutest.
  8. 7,864 downloads
    cuts (1.1.0) Cuts is an expiremental implementation of cut-based AOP for Ruby written in pure Ruby.
  9. 33,074 downloads
    cutter (0.8.9) Ruby tracing gem
  10. 3,952 downloads
    cuttlebone (0.1.5) Cuttlebone helps you creating shell-alike applications.
  11. 1,802 downloads
    cuttlefish (0.0.2) Tools for Grouper's Cuttlefish contest
  12. 153 downloads
    cut_to_files (0.0.1) Handy when generating massive amounts of code and need a way to split the output into separate files
  13. 6,511 downloads
    cuuid (0.5.0) Ruby wrapper for the uuid library in your OS.
  14. 12,075 downloads
    cuukie (0.3.1) A drop-in replacement for the "cucumber" command. It shows running features on a web page.
  15. 9,044 downloads
    cv (0.0.7) The goal of this gem is to build a resume or portfolio based on a YAML file and running on top of...
  16. 840 downloads
    cv4r (0.0.1) Create your CV in PDF format by using a YAML file.
  17. 1,911 downloads
    CVEasy (1.0.0) CVEasy is a ruby interface for the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database at http://...
  18. 2,298 downloads
    cve_scraper (0.0.5) Scrape CVE details
  19. 3,337 downloads
    cvg (0.2.2) Like jq or grep for csv. Combine one or more CSVs while filtering on fields with regular expressi...
  20. 1,220 downloads
    cvnotes (0.0.3) Simple notes app
  21. 6,651 downloads
    cvss (0.99.0) cvss is a rubygem for parsing cvss vector and calculate cvss score given some parameter.
  22. 1,916 downloads
    cvstools (0.9.0) Cvstools : provide object bindings on CVS SCM
  23. 6,433 downloads
    cv-user-agent (1.1.0) user-agent is a user agent parser support most of the commonly used browsers today.
  24. 378 downloads
    cvut_mi_rub_nodes_distance_solver (0.0.1) A gem that is used to compute distances between all nodes in graph
  25. 413 downloads
    cwbot (0.0.1) Chatwork API wraped by ruby
  26. 2,537 downloads
    cw_condition ( Allows one to "merge" condition hashes used in active record in a safe and uniform manner. Origin...
  27. 1,344 downloads
    cw_condition_merge (1.0.0) Allows one to "merge" condition hashes used in active record in a safe and uniform manner. Origin...
  28. 764 downloads
    cwflash (0.0.2) Flash card will play a game with you. It plays cw and you type the character(s). Flash cards are ...
  29. 1,335 downloads
    cwgem-eventpublisher (0.0.1) A simple mix-inable module to provide Publisher/Consumer style event handling
  30. 1,346 downloads
    cwgem-selectserver (0.2.0) A basic TCP server that uses multiplexing