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  1. 1,011 downloads
    caching_mailer (1.0) Uses ActionController to provide fragment caching to ActionMailer
  2. 3,393 downloads
    caching_matcher (0.1.1) An rspec custom matcher to assert Rails action and fragment caching.
  3. 1,259 downloads
    caching_with_tags (0.0.1) Realisation of cache tagging for rails
  4. 4,889 downloads
    cacho (0.0.3) HTTP client that understands cache responses and stores results in Redis.
  5. 15,639 downloads
    cachy (0.4.0) See which gems depend on your gems
  6. 1,087 downloads
    cackle (0.0.4) Sync cackle's comments with local database and render with page for SEO optimization.
  7. 4,116 downloads
    cacophony (0.0.4) Cacophony is a small program that broadcasts notifications via a variety of mechanisms, such as g...
  8. 9,219 downloads
    cactu (0.1.2) Cactu is a CSS library created to help any developer to create web pages very quickly and an easy...
  9. 3,208 downloads
    cactus (0.2.1) Cactus is a CSS testing framework. It ensures that you always have the same CSS styling for DOM e...
  10. 730 downloads
    cada (0.0.1) Loop through dates (every day, every week, every month, etc)
  11. 1,173 downloads
    cadbury (1.0.0) Cadbury.gems() to get colorful gems or on the CLI cadbury <count> :0) inspired by the chocolate c...
  12. 3,996 downloads
    cadence (0.0.2) Track counts and compute rate of iteration. Set up callbacks for various intervals such a...
  13. 2,254 downloads
    cadenero (0.0.1) An Engine tha use Warden and OAuth for authenticate users using a RESTful API
  14. 4,185 downloads
    cadenza (0.8.0) Powerful text templating language similar to Smarty/Liquid/Django
  15. 4,320 downloads
    cadet (0.1.4-java) ruby wrapper to Neo4j java API
  16. 373 downloads
    cadinsor (0.1.0) Cadinsor provides OAuth like authentication to validate requests from your client apps to your ba...
  17. 6,036 downloads
    cadmus (0.5.0) Why deal with setting up a separate CMS? Cadmus is just a little bit of CMS and fits nicely into...
  18. 1,837 downloads
    cadove (0.1) Domain Object Verifier compares Java domain objects to their corresponding XMI representations.
  19. 5,615 downloads
    cadre (0.3.1) Three things: An rspec formatter that triggers libnotify on completion. An rspec formatter...
  20. 23,749 downloads
    cadun (0.6.3) A wrapper for the's authentication/authorization API
  21. 1,562 downloads
    caesar (0.3) A simple Caesar Cipher ruby implementation
  22. 205 downloads
    caesarcipher (0.0.1) set a shift and encrypt your text like caesar did
  23. 1,569 downloads
    caesar_cipher (0.0.2) Is a simple Caesar Cipher ruby implementation
  24. 1,327 downloads
    Caesar.rb (1.0.1) A simple implementation of the Caesar Cipher in 22 lines of Ruby.
  25. 41,604 downloads
    caesars (0.7.4) Rapid DSL prototyping in Ruby.
  26. 1,735 downloads
    cafe (0.20.5) Cucumber Websteps, Helpers and Executable for Web Test Automation
  27. 2,797 downloads
    cafe24_sms (0.0.3) 카페24 sms 사용을 위한 gem
  28. 411 downloads
    cafe-cucumber (0.0.1) Business IDE For Cucumber
  29. 406 downloads
    cafe-jira (0.0.1) JIRA Integration for CAFE
  30. 1,865 downloads
    cafepress-alpha (0.0.1) Makes the CafePress Web API easy to use!