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  1. 725 downloads
    droonga-engine (1.0.4) Droonga engine is a core component in Droonga system. Droonga is a scalable data processing engin...
  2. 2,646 downloads
    droonga-message-pack-packer (1.0.1) This MessagePack packer packs time values into W3C-TDF format string automatically. Because it is...
  3. 1,698 downloads
    drop (0.1.0) drop is a simple command line utility to help you upload files
  4. 66,619 downloads
    dropbox (1.3.0) An easy-to-use client library for the official Dropbox API.
  5. 1,601 downloads
    dropbox-aliix (1.1.0) An easy-to-use client library for the official Dropbox API.
  6. 34,064 downloads
    dropbox-api (0.4.2) To deliver a more Rubyesque experience when using the DropBox API.
  7. 542 downloads
    dropbox-api-kilgore5 (0.3.3) To deliver a more Rubyesque experience when using the DropBox API.
  8. 1,117 downloads
    dropbox-api-petems (0.4.2) To deliver a more Rubyesque experience when using the DropBox API (forked by petems).
  9. 884 downloads
    dropbox-archive (0.0.2) Automatically upload files to dropbox and remove them from the local filesystem when they are add...
  10. 1,118 downloads
    dropbox-dotfiles (1.1.2) This gem provides a binary called dropbox-dotfiles that can be used to synchronize your dotfiles ...
  11. 7,245 downloads
    dropbox-folder-sync (0.0.8) Sync Dropbox folder with local directory
  12. 115,466 downloads
    dropbox-sdk (1.6.4) A library that provides a plain function-call interface to the Dropbox API web en...
  13. 1,140 downloads
    dropbox_server_backup (0.1.0) Backs up stuff from your server to your Dropbox account
  14. 3,901 downloads
    dropboxstrg (0.0.8) Ruby plugin that installs the Dropbox driver for the Cloudstrg system
  15. 1,573 downloads
    dropbox-sync (0.0.1) This tool will create symbolic links in the Dropbox folder to synchronize paths outside of it...
  16. 1,697 downloads
    dropboxuploader (0.0.1) A simple Dropbox library to upload files, with no other gem dependencies.
  17. 1,669 downloads
    dropbox-utility (0.0.6) A Ruby client for Dropbox.
  18. 3,018 downloads
    dropcam (0.0.4) Access Dropcam account and cameras
  19. 4,936 downloads
    dropcaster (0.0.4) Dropcaster is a podcast feed generator for the command line. It is most simple to use with Dropbo...
  20. 4,223 downloads
    dropcloth (0.2.1) Dropcloth provides a set of base styles for Drupal theming.
  21. 488 downloads
    dropdown (0.8.1) A simple blog engine that reads blog posts from a Dropbox source. ...
  22. 1,145 downloads
    dropgit (0.0.2) Automagically put on git version control system a Dropbox folder
  23. 47,752 downloads
    dropio (1.7.8) A Ruby client library for the API ( Please email with...
  24. 1,823 downloads
    dropkick (0.1.2) Friendly wrappers to Open3#popen3 aiming for secure command execution
  25. 2,081 downloads
    dropkick-rails (1.0.1) The DropKick JS dropdown styling library packaged for the rails 3 asset pipeline
  26. 266 downloads
    droplet (0.0.1) Write a gem description
  27. 329 downloads
    droplet_manager (0.0.0) A gem for managing a Digital Ocean droplet from the Interactive Ruby Shell
  28. 270 downloads
    droplets (0.0.1) Write a gem description
  29. 740 downloads
    dropmyemail-openstack (1.0.9) API Binding for OpenStack. With Swauth authentication for Swift
  30. 509 downloads
    dropper (0.0.1) A tool to help automate server setup and project deployment.