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  1. 7,855 downloads
    dumon (0.2.8) Dual monitor manager for Linux with GTK2 based user interface represented by system tray icon's c...
  2. 5,811 downloads
    dump (1.0.3) Rails app rake and capistrano tasks to create and restore dumps of database and assets
  3. 3,833 downloads
    dumpable (0.2.7) Generate the SQL to insert a single record and all of its dependencies
  4. 3,972 downloads
    dumpdb (1.0.4) Dump and restore your databases.
  5. 30,392 downloads
    dumper (1.5.0) Dumper is a backup management system that offers a whole new way to take daily backups of your da...
  6. 3,411 downloads
    dump-parser (0.0.3) Provides an easy way to manage a huge amount of domain specific string2value conversions. Mostly ...
  7. 3,486 downloads
    dumpster (0.3.0) Abstraktions-Layer für Exporte im Tabellenformat
  8. 475 downloads
    dump_to_seeds (0.0.1) Dump model to seeds-like ruby code
  9. 137 downloads
    dump_truck (0.0.2) DSL to dump production data for developer use. Allows selection of data and obfuscation.
  10. 1,703 downloads
    dun (0.2.1) Dun help ruby programers focus on the problem domain directly when programing.
  11. 5,151 downloads
    dunder (0.3.0) For tasks that can be started early and evaluated late. Typically one might want start multipl...
  12. 5,775 downloads
    dungeon_master (0.0.6) Fuck gem descriptions.
  13. 3,377 downloads
    dunkstewart-blogbits (0.4.0) no really! that's it!
  14. 2,203 downloads
    dunkstewart-webbits (0.2.0) No really, that's all it is!
  15. 4,183 downloads
    duns-lookup (0.1.2) Provides a small wrapper around the Dun & Bradstreet website to retrieve business information fro...
  16. 1,167 downloads
    duo (0.0.2) Check out for more info
  17. 4,013 downloads
    duoconsole (0.2.0) Launch Rails development console with test environment as a child process
  18. 1,713 downloads
    duo-rest (0.0.2) Gem interface for Duo security rest api
  19. 2,455 downloads
    duo_security (0.0.2) Perform 2-factor authentication using
  20. 7,516 downloads
    duostack (0.5.0) Duostack command line client: create and manage Duostack apps
  21. 169 downloads
    dupa (0.0.1) Write a longer description. Optional.
  22. 656 downloads
    du-passifier (0.0.4) Generate Apple Passbook passes in Ruby
  23. 38,186 downloads
    dupe (1.0.1) TDD your services outside in by starting at the client, then working your way back to the server.
  24. 3,279 downloads
    dupe-magick (1.0.1) If you need to look for duplicates which can't otherwise be found via md5 checksums e.g. images o...
  25. 4,436 downloads
    dup_eval (0.1.4) see
  26. 3,046 downloads
    duple (0.0.4) Duple simplifies moving and processing data snapshots between development, testing and p...
  27. 2,897 downloads
    duplicate_it (0.0.3) A simple gem to duplicate a model instance, including its 'has_many' assocaitions. Added capabili...
  28. 6,978 downloads
    duplicati (2.0.1) Duplicati backup utility wrapper in Ruby with easier API and sensible configuration defaults.
  29. 208 downloads
    dup_spree (1.3.0.rc1) Spree is an open source e-commerce framework for Ruby on Rails. Join us on the spree-user google...
  30. 214 downloads
    dup_spree_api (1.3.0.rc1) Spree's API