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  1. 344 downloads
    doodoo (0.0.1) A set of tools to help with CanCan. Doodoo provides a module for use with Rails controllers that...
  2. 5,055 downloads
    doo-extras (0.0.4) doo-extras provides a base set of recipes for doo for building out common daemons and configurati...
  3. 6,308 downloads
    doohickey (0.2.2) Contains SASS mixins and a default SASS configuration for use in Ruby on Rails projects
  4. 174 downloads
    dookie-keywords_maker (0.2) A gem which returns the keywords related with your text. It's very relevant for webpages with art...
  5. 1,200 downloads
    dooly (0.1.1) Some helpful feature for rails
  6. 163 downloads
    doop (0.0.2) A question framework for govuk sites, inspired by the work GDS have done to standardize the cross...
  7. 4,516 downloads
    do_openedge (0.10.14-java) Implements the DataObjects API for OpenEdge
  8. 66,429 downloads
    do_oracle (0.10.14) Implements the DataObjects API for Oracle
  9. 6,799 downloads
    door_code (0.0.8) Rack middleware which requires that visitors to the site enter a 3-6 digit PIN code to gain access.
  10. 291,046 downloads
    doorkeeper (1.4.0) Doorkeeper is an OAuth 2 provider for Rails.
  11. 530 downloads
    doorkeeper-grants_assertion (0.0.1) Assertion grant extension for Doorkeeper.
  12. 1,149 downloads
    doorkeeper-logout_redirect (0.0.1) Logout before redirecting to authorized applications
  13. 1,753 downloads
    doorman (1.0.0) Super simple (aka stupid) white/black list manager
  14. 1,038 downloads
    doorway (0.0.1) Sane set of utility methods to provision remote servers over SSH and SCP.
  15. 19,492 downloads
    doozer (0.4.4) This GEM provides a small, barebones framework for creating MVC Rack applications.
  16. 320 downloads
    dopamine (0.0.2) Rest client for Dopamine API, a behavioral reward platform
  17. 2,616 downloads
    dope (0.0.3) A way to export Welo resources on Derailleur
  18. 440 downloads
    dopefish (0.0.1) Coming soon
  19. 6,653 downloads
    dopis_online_client (1.0.1) Klientská knihovna pro práci se službou Dopis Online České pošty
  20. 256,824 downloads
    do_postgres (0.10.14) Implements the DataObjects API for PostgreSQL
  21. 1,767 downloads
    doppelganger (0.8.0) Doppelganger helps you to find areas of your code that are good places to refactor. It does this...
  22. 3,387 downloads
    dopplr (0.2.0) A Ruby library for talking to the Dopplr API
  23. 154 downloads
    dorb (0.0.1.pre) Interact with the Digital Ocean API in an idiomatic ruby way.
  24. 289 downloads
    dor-fetcher (1.0.0) Wrapper for the Dor Fetcher Services RESTful API.
  25. 839 downloads
    do_riak (0.10.1.pre) This is a data objects adapter for Riak. It's builded on top of the generic rrriak adapter.
  26. 1,299 downloads
    dork (0.0.1) Instead of installing DOT everywhere and eating memory and CPU on those machines, make DOT availa...
  27. 1,520 downloads
    dormouse (0.0.1.a2) Build CMS's in a snap using just models.
  28. 4,622 downloads
    dorothy2 (1.2.0) A malware/botnet analysis framework written in Ruby.
  29. 608 downloads
    dor-rights-auth (1.0.0) Parses rightsMetadata xml into a useable object
  30. 729 downloads
    dorsal (1.0) Dorsal : Druby Objects's Ring Server as an simple Alternative to Linda