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  1. 263 downloads
    dtpformatter (1.0.0) use for recording dtp_workload case performance data
  2. 7,384 downloads
    dtr (1.1.0) DTR is a distributed test runner to run tests on distributed computers for decreasing build time.
  3. 3,257 downloads
    DTR (0.0.2) DTR is a distributed test runner to run tests on distributed computers for decreasing build time.
  4. 919 downloads
    dt-rake (0.0.3) Rake helper methods for dt deploy gem
  5. 607 downloads
    dtvcontroller (1.0.1) Allows control of DirecTV Set Top Boxes whoms Whole-Home -> External Device settings are set to A...
  6. 1,014 downloads
    dtv_tournaments (0.1.0) This gem fetches the portal and gives all availa...
  7. 4,457 downloads
    duality (0.0.5) a simple cache interface to setting and getting from two caches
  8. 15,806 downloads
    dub (1.0.0) This is a tool to ease the creation of scripting language bindings for a C++ library. It is c...
  9. 7,796 downloads
    dubai (0.0.6) Passbook pass generation and preview.
  10. 13,004 downloads
    dubdubdub (0.3.8) A library that provides web utility methods with proxification.
  11. 5,244 downloads
    dubious (0.0.3-java) Dubious is a web framework written in Mirah.
  12. 646 downloads
    dublin_bikes (0.0.1) Dublin Bikes gem
  13. 5,040 downloads
    duby (0.0.1) Duby is a customizable programming language featuring static types, local type inference and a he...
  14. 4,327 downloads
    duck (0.0.3) Duck is a simple DNS update client that use a diana server as the backend.
  15. 2,738 downloads
    duck_chain (1.1.2) A simple Rails 3 Gem that extends ActiveRecord. Let's you specify model attributes to dynamically...
  16. 8,152 downloads
    duck-duck-go (1.1.3) A Ruby library to access the DuckDuckGo Zero Click Info API.
  17. 607 downloads
    duck_duck_go_api (0.0.1) Duck Duck Go API for Ruby
  18. 660 downloads
    duck_form (0.0.1) Build arbitrary models to consistently use form_for syntax when building forms in rails
  19. 106 downloads
    duck-hunt (0.0.3) Dependency-free object validation library for Ruby 1.8.7+
  20. 951 downloads
    duckinator-fakefs (0.4.0) A fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.
  21. 1,208 downloads
    duck-installer (0.2.2) Duck takes a configuration and generates a bootable initramfs that gives over to a minimalistic i...
  22. 2,458 downloads
    ducklink (0.0.3) Decorates URLs according to a format specification
  23. 5,386 downloads
    duck_map (0.9.4) Duck Map is a Rails 4.x compliant gem providing support for dynamically generating sitemaps and m...
  24. 1,279 downloads
    duckpond (1.2) Explicit duck-typing for ruby
  25. 4,321 downloads
    duck_proof (0.0.4) A gem to prove the entire gem building and deploying process
  26. 960 downloads
    duck_puncher (0.0.4) Duck punches Ruby with some of my favorite class extensions
  27. 543 downloads
    duck_punching (0.0.1) Ever wanted to monkey patch some Ruby code but hate the name "monkey patching"? Have no ...
  28. 830 downloads
    ducksauce (0.0.0) DuckSauce handles duck type boilerplate so you don't have to.
  29. 11,185 downloads
    ducksboard (0.1.6) Ruby API wrapper for ducksboard realtime dashboard using HTTParty
  30. 1,207 downloads
    duckstrings (0.0.3) Hardcore docstrings for Ruby.