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  1. 5,078 downloads
    double_auth_engine (0.0.5) Authlogic and Declarative Authorization Engine for Rails 3
  2. 14,384 downloads
    double-bag-ftps (0.1.2) Provides a child class of Net::FTP to support implicit and explicit FTPS.
  3. 727 downloads
    double_booked (0.0.2) Double-entry accounting issues credits and debits, calculates balances, allows for summary accoun...
  4. 3,934 downloads
    doublecheck (0.3) Check URLs in a sitemap to make sure you have not introduced any issues.
  5. 20,335 downloads
    double_doc (2.0.0) A simple framework for writing and generating beautiful documentation for your code
  6. 7,132 downloads
    double_double (0.2.8) A double-entry accural accounting system
  7. 3,543 downloads
    doubledrones-annotate ( Annotates Rails Models, routes, fixtures, and others based on the database schema.
  8. 1,643 downloads
    doubledrones-i18n_routing ( I18n_routing is a plugin for Ruby on Rails that lets you easily translate your routes trough the ...
  9. 1,412 downloads
    double_entry (0.6.0) Tools to build your double entry financial ledger
  10. 1,762 downloads
    doublehelix (1.0) doublehelix obfuscates Ruby codes in Double-helix style. This is inspired by Perl's Acme::DoubleH...
  11. 2,328 downloads
    double_make_sure (0.0.2) DoubleMakeSure adds redundant testing and execution methods that allow you to use redundant tests...
  12. 1,560 downloads
    double_rainbow (1.0) Rainbows. Twice as good.
  13. 12,480 downloads
    doubleshot (1.0.7-java) Doubleshot will download dependencies on demand, compile your Java sources and let you spend most...
  14. 6,267 downloads
    double_trouble (0.2.1) Adds nonces to your Rails' forms
  15. 1,224 downloads
    doubleVision (0.0.1) Allows you to create magic PNG images that display differently in the browser than in thumbnails.
  16. 2,793 downloads
    double_write_cache_stores (0.1.2) pre-warning(double write to cach store and other cache store) cache store wrapper. will switch c...
  17. 3,667 downloads
    douche (0.0.4) What is this for!
  18. 130 downloads
    doufuru ( Simple wrapper for Douban API v2
  19. 140 downloads
    doug (0.0.1) Write a longer description. Optional.
  20. 290 downloads
    dougal-base58 (0.0.3) Base58 is a Ruby library for converting ints to and from base58.
  21. 469 downloads
    dougbarth-actionwebservice (2.3.4) Adds WSDL/SOAP and XML-RPC web service support to Action Pack
  22. 1,610 downloads
    doug-chargify (0.2.5) Ruby wrapper for the SAAS and billing API designed to be thread safe
  23. 760 downloads
    dougcole-friendly_id (2.0.6) A comprehensive slugging and pretty-URL plugin for Ruby on Rails.
  24. 920 downloads
    dough (0.1.0) Dough is An object store
  25. 5,767 downloads
    doughboy (0.1.0) Doughboy is a Ruby library that strives to enable developers to easily make subprocessed shell ca...
  26. 683 downloads
    dougjohnston-devise_invitable (0.4.rc) It adds support for send invitations by email (it requires to be authenticated) and accept the in...
  27. 1,013 downloads
    douglas-ne-checks (0.1.0) Read and convert Douglas County NE check dumps to something more useful.
  28. 3,550 downloads
    douglas_peucker (0.0.1) A Ruby implementation of the Douglas–Peucker algorithm
  29. 1,731 downloads
    dougmcbride-fleximage (1.0.3) Fleximage is a Rails plugin that tries to make image uploading and rendering super easy.
  30. 6,387 downloads
    dougo_layout (0.0.4) Simple layout manager