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  1. 9,109 downloads
    duplicati (3.0.0) Duplicati backup utility wrapper in Ruby with easier API and sensible configuration defaults.
  2. 221 downloads
    dup_spree (1.3.0.rc1) Spree is an open source e-commerce framework for Ruby on Rails. Join us on the spree-user google...
  3. 231 downloads
    dup_spree_api (1.3.0.rc1) Spree's API
  4. 226 downloads
    dup_spree_cmd (1.3.0.rc1) tools to create new Spree stores and extensions
  5. 232 downloads
    dup_spree_core (1.3.0.rc1) Required dependency for Spree
  6. 216 downloads
    dup_spree_dash (1.3.0.rc1) Required dependency for Spree
  7. 218 downloads
    dup_spree_promo (1.3.0.rc1) Required dependency for Spree
  8. 227 downloads
    dup_spree_sample (1.3.0.rc1) Required dependency for Spree
  9. 244 downloads
    dura (0.0.1) A durable queueing system
  10. 1,224 downloads
    durable_call (0.1.0) Invoke methods DRY and safely with parameterized retries, timeouts and logging
  11. 9,907 downloads
    durable_decorator (0.2.2) Allows method redefinitions while maintaining *super*
  12. 4,800 downloads
    durable_decorator_rails (0.2.4) Ties durable_decorator to rails and provides a few helpful utility rake tasks that rely on the Ra...
  13. 1,959 downloads
    durable_hash (1.0.1) Maybe you want something that acts like a hash but is backed by ActiveRecord.
  14. 1,955 downloads
    duraflame (0.2.0) Generate pisg (Perl IRC Statistics Generator) stats on Campfire conversations
  15. 1,643 downloads
    duran (0.1.0) Embedded Ruby client and FFI bindings for the DyanoRIO dynamic binary translation library.
  16. 35,370 downloads
    duration (0.1.0) Duration is a library for manipulating timespans. It can give you readable output for a timespan...
  17. 1,026 downloads
    duration_time (1.0.1) This module provides a method for calculate the duration time from a date \nlike reg_date, which ...
  18. 4,740 downloads
    durb (0.3) durb is a smarter du(1). It's a CLI ruby utility which intelligently displays disk usage under a ...
  19. 1,799 downloads
    durran-carrierwave (0.4.3) * RDoc Documentation {available at Rubyforge}[]. * Source co...
  20. 74,602 downloads
    durran-validatable (2.0.1) Validatable is a library for adding validations.
  21. 3,555 downloads
    dusel (0.1.2) A tiny DSL to create, if desired temporary, structures of nested folders and files
  22. 10,160 downloads
    dusen (0.4.10) Comprehensive full text search for ActiveRecord and MySQL
  23. 338 downloads
    dusk (0.0.1) This is a placeholder in case I will rename codesake-dusk
  24. 7,405 downloads
    dust (0.1.6) Dust is an add on for Test::Unit that allows an alternative test definintion syntax.
  25. 1,311 downloads
    dust_albums (0.0.2) Albums and photos for Dus CMS using paperclip and Uploadify
  26. 1,520 downloads
    dust_assets (0.0.5) Compile Dust templates in the Rails asset pipeline.
  27. 1,327 downloads
    dust-ckeditor (3.5.0) CKEditor is a WYSIWYG editor to be used inside web pages
  28. 1,329 downloads
    dust-cms (0.0.07) Drop in Rails CMS : `bundle` and run `rake dust:init`
  29. 83,155 downloads
    dust-deploy (0.16.6) when puppet and chef suck because you want to be in control and sprinkle just cannot do enough fo...
  30. 27,564 downloads
    dust-generators (0.3.3) Generators such as Uploadify Albums and Photos, and Location or facilities