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  1. 1,161 downloads
    dreamcat4-braid (0.534) A simple tool for tracking vendor branches in git.
  2. 296 downloads
    dreamcat4-geokit (1.3.1) Geokit Gem
  3. 1,039 downloads
    dreamcat4-libxml-bindings (0.2.1) Dreamcat4's bindings on libxml-ruby. Convenience methods for extending the core classes.
  4. 288 downloads
    dreamcat4-libxml-ruby-dc4 (0.1.0) Dreamcat4's extensions for libxml-ruby. This gem provides convenience functions for parsing and c...
  5. 718 downloads
    dreamcat4-moonshadow (0.0.5) Rails deployment and configuration management done right. ShadowPuppet + Capistrano == crazy deli...
  6. 296 downloads
    dreamcat4-rerun (0.3.2) Restarts your app when a file changes
  7. 1,725 downloads
    dreamcatch (0.0.1) A simple way to add and remove git repos on dreamhost webdav
  8. 1,491 downloads
    dreamcatcher (0.0.2) Catch exceptions and send email notifications with context.
  9. 3,174 downloads
    dream_cheeky (0.3.1) Ruby Interface to Dream Cheeky(TM) USB Devices
  10. 218 downloads
    dream-cheeky-led (0.0.1.pre) Control the Dream Cheeky LED Message Board with ASCII art.
  11. 6,365 downloads
    dream_gens (0.6.3) Dream Generators provides rapid rails development with testing!
  12. 382 downloads
    dreamhost-personal-backup (0.1.0) Provides functionality to perform personal backups (on Linux or OSX) to a Dreamhost personal back...
  13. 1,699 downloads
    dream_template (0.4.4) Rapid rails development template (haml, sass, compass, rspec, remarkable, factorygirl, and more!)
  14. 619 downloads
    dreamwords-oauth2 (0.8.1) A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol built with a similar style to the original OAuth gem.
  15. 5,131 downloads
    dreamy (0.5.3) A Ruby library and command line tool for accessing DreamHost's API
  16. 1,360 downloads
    drebs (0.1.0) drebs: Disaster Recovery for Elastic Block Store. An AWS EBS backup script.
  17. 1,321 downloads
    dredd (0.0.4) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  18. 5,799 downloads
    drei_schichten_modell (0.0.6) dieses rubygem berechnet den perfekten altersvorsorge mix aus allen drei schichten. und gibt anga...
  19. 3,461 downloads
    drep (0.3.4) DRep is a simple data collector and report generator. It can collect data through a specific data...
  20. 3,318 downloads
    dress (0.0.2) Inspired by the horror of XSLT
  21. 32,034 downloads
    dress_code (1.0.2) Dress Code extracts comment blocks from your stylesheets and creates a styleguide using your CSS.
  22. 2,903 downloads
    dresser (0.0.3) Simple gem that changes paths for views and assets
  23. 500 downloads
    dressing (0.0.1) A Capybara driver for Sauce Labs
  24. 4,900 downloads
    dressmaker (0.0.3) Application templating in ruby. Define beautiful patterns and cut them out.
  25. 1,444 downloads
    dress_up (1.0.1) Dress Up allows you to specify named sets of method overrides that you can selectively enable and...
  26. 1,122 downloads
    drewda_delayed_job (3.0.3) Delayed_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer tasks in t...
  27. 1,103 downloads
    drewda_delayed_job_active_record (0.3.2) ActiveRecord backend for DelayedJob, originally authored by Tobias Luetke
  28. 4,810 downloads
    drewda-railroad (0.5.3) A DOT diagram generator for Ruby on Rail applications
  29. 1,215 downloads
    drewda_rails_admin (0.0.1) RailsAdmin is a Rails engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your data.
  30. 151 downloads
    drewolson-block-chainable (0.1.1) == DESCRIPTION: BlockChainable is a module to aid in the creation of Domain Specific Languages u...