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  1. 82 downloads
    databound (0.0.3) This is the Ruby on Rails backend part for the Databound javascript lib.
  2. 1,889 downloads
    databox (0.1.2) Ruby Gem for Databox - Mobile Executive Dashboard.
  3. 8,144 downloads
    databrick (0.2.4) Not all things in this world may be blessed with lovely ascii art, json, yaml, and other funky fo...
  4. 4,576 downloads
    data_broker (0.5.0) A simplified implementation of the data mapper pattern
  5. 6,854 downloads
    databrowser (1.0.1) Rails DataBrowser helps you in development providing an easy to use interface to access your data...
  6. 974 downloads
    datacalc (0.0.1) Some data calculation/manipulation for Transparency Toolkit.
  7. 7,044 downloads
    data_calendar (0.1.3) Generates the data needed to represent a given schedule a calendar.
  8. 1,854 downloads
    data-calendar (0.1.0) Generates the data needed to represent a given schedule a calendar.
  9. 1,914 downloads
    datacash (0.1.0) This library provides an idiomatic interface to the DataCash gateway.
  10. 59,662 downloads
    datacatalog (0.4.22) A Ruby client library for the National Data Catalog API
  11. 42,786 downloads
    datacatalog-importer (0.3.1) This framework makes it easier to write importers for the National Data Catalog.
  12. 226 downloads
    datacenter (0.0.1) Manage and monitor servers and processes
  13. 5,960 downloads
    data_cleaner (0.0.4) A Ruby library to aid in removing sensitive data from objects
  14. 6,848 downloads
    data_cleansing (0.6.1) Data Cleansing framework for Ruby with additional support for Rails and Mongoid
  15. 387 downloads
    datacom_active_directory (1.5.7.datacom) Datacom NZ fork of ActiveDirectory. Uses Net::LDAP to provide a means of accessing and modifying...
  16. 2,884 downloads
    data-com-api (0.2.1) Ruby bindings for API ( Salesforce, ex Jigsaw )
  17. 189 downloads
    datacom-net-ldap (0.5.0.datacom) Net::LDAP for Ruby (also called net-ldap) implements client access for the Lightweight Directory ...
  18. 734 downloads
    data_container (0.0.4) DataContainers store global/configuration values used throughout a project, but not belonging to ...
  19. 2,820 downloads
    data_contract (0.0.6) Data Contract Library
  20. 25,227 downloads
    data-converter (0.1.7) Convert hash and array into HTML Element.
  21. 524 downloads
    data_depo (0.0.2) DataDepo is data depository utility for testing, etc.
  22. 3,769 downloads
    data_doc (0.2.0) Complex documents can be challenging to author, and time-consuming to achieve high levels of int...
  23. 1,876 downloads
    datadoctorwrapper (0.0.2) "DataDoctorWrapper is a wrapper for DataDoctor,which is a product by Better Technology Labs LLP."
  24. 116 downloads
    datadog (0.1.0.alpha) A client library for Datadog interactions
  25. 485 downloads
    datadoge (0.0.2) This gem is notified of basic performance metrics for a Rails application, and sends the measurem...
  26. 1,401 downloads
    datadog_proxy (0.0.6) A proxy to datadog API server.
  27. 101 downloads
    data-driver (0.1.0) A simple way to consume CSV and XLSX test data for use in your tests.
  28. 1,695 downloads
    data_dumper (1.0.0) From within your tests, if you can't understand what's going on, maybe you need to dump your data...
  29. 34,246 downloads
    data_fabric (1.3.3) Sharding and replication support for ActiveRecord
  30. 3,566 downloads
    data_factory (0.2.0) Generates data to insert into database tables, allowing columns to be defaulted or overriden. Int...