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  1. 1,966 downloads
    datastory (0.0.5) Tell stories about data and share your work.
  2. 116 downloads
    data_structure (0.0.1.rc0) Programatically declare your data structures for various contexts.
  3. 2,845 downloads
    datastructures (0.3.0) useful data structures implemented in pure Ruby for my data structures challenge.
  4. 748 downloads
    data_structures (1.0.0) Data Structures that I decided to implement.
  5. 2,680 downloads
    data_sync (1.0.2) Rake tasks to sync data between development and production environments (servers).
  6. 3,178 downloads
    datatable (0.2pre6) A Rails plugin for the jquery.datatables library
  7. 45,063 downloads
    data_table (0.4.13) Simple data preparation from AR/Mongoid to the jQuery DataTables plugin
  8. 2,929 downloads
    data-table (1.0.1) data-table is a simple gem that provides a DSL for allowing you do turn an array of hashes or Act...
  9. 2,515 downloads
    datatables (1.0.0) Datatables is a Rails 3 plugin that enables the easy creation of dynamic datatable views on top o...
  10. 12,493 downloads
    data_tables (0.1.22) DataTables for Rails
  11. 10,768 downloads
    datatablesnet (1.1.7) Component abstraction for
  12. 119 downloads
    datatables-plugins-rails (0.0.1) Add DataTables Plugins (api, integration and features) to Rails assets.
  13. 9,446 downloads
    datatables_rails (0.1.5) A sane API for working with datatables data structures and javascript output
  14. 2,221 downloads
    datatables-rails-bs3 (0.0.6) datatables bootstrap 3 for rails
  15. 142 downloads
    datatables_server (0.0.1) DatatablesServer will receive a number of variables from a Datatables client and it will perfor...
  16. 182 downloads
    data_task (0.0.3) DataTask provides dependency-based programming for data workflows on top of the Rake build tool.
  17. 2,394 downloads
    data_tasks (0.2.0) Adds a second migration phase to a Rails project for data migrations. Just like migratio...
  18. 2,653 downloads
    data_tools (0.6.6) Data-munging utilities, including extensions to Array, Hash, String, Symbol plus data conversions...
  19. 12,924 downloads
    datatrans (3.0.2) Datatrans Integration for Ruby on Rails
  20. 13,209 downloads
    data_transformation (2.0.4) To keep the necessity of changing data out of migrations, transformations keep track of that
  21. 126 downloads
    data_transformer (1.0.0) Declarative transformations for objects and object collections
  22. 1,303 downloads
    data_translation (1.1.0) Provides a means to write data translation maps in Ruby and transform data from a source object.
  23. 1,664 downloads
    data_transport (0.3.3) A gem for importing and exporting large quantities of data.
  24. 12,985 downloads
    data_uri (0.1.0) URI class for parsing data URIs
  25. 1,324 downloads
    data-uri (0.0.1) Read / Write Data URI
  26. 7,753 downloads
    data_validator (0.1.1) DataValidator has almost active_recorde validation methods.
  27. 8,021 downloads
    dataview (0.3.1) Data View is a library that creates a view of a data model. The view can transform the data of th...
  28. 3,704 downloads
    data-writer (1.0) Normally you can only read from DATA but with data-writer you can also write to it. This allows y...
  29. 2,644 downloads
    date_age (0.0.2) Calculate age with Date class
  30. 1,369 downloads
    date_and_time_input (0.0.2) DateAndTimeInput is a Rails extension, providing a form input for DateTime attributes arranged as...